March 31, 2020 

CDAA Conduct


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 By Rick

07/29/2002  10:43PM

For at least two years running, I've written occasional segments on the Forum Page delineating my concern for the private sector enduring undue harrassment toward the Original Sixteen to One Mine by the very government agencies created for the purpose of protecting the mine and miners themselves.

Harrassment has been witnessed at length by those of us who have the strength of character to focus on the precise issue: appointed hacks at the National level and now the State level have been granted political power to wage social, economic and now criminal warfare upon the backbone of Freedom...upon free enterprise itself.

In response to this most recent debacle in which a direct assault on propriety and safety concerns is now engaged, the President of the company, Michael Miller, delineates a basic truth: our freedoms (not only ours as individuals protected by the U.S. and State of California Constitutions, but in this latest case those of the management of the Original Sixteen to One Mine) are now blatantly subject to the unaccountable and the facist (yes, I said that) whims of corrupt "public" interests.

If it were tea, it would be thrown in the Bay.

If it were trees, they would be climbed and lived in.

If it was an endangered species....

If it happens to be a convenient target: take cover, because no entity is secure from political motivation (and now, the farce of the stinky sector of the legal profession.)

If we are to believe there was no "Concern for the Miner" exhibited at the scene of Mark's death, I implore anyone reading this to look in the mirror and suggest that your own parent or child or best friend's death didn't mean anything to you.

Such arrogance stinks. He didn't go down there just because he had no pride.

Otherwise, we'd be politically motivated lawyers...not rugged individualists as we are.

Government lawyers mine miners; miners mine pride.

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