October 17, 2021 

Gold Enters Major Bull Market


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 By bluejay

02/21/2011  7:19PM

Gold $1404.70
Silver $33.87

Gold and silver are continuing to drive higher aided by disturbances in many Middle East countries.

The following link is to an Eric King interview at King World News from last Saturday where he speaks with two top analysts: one in coins and the other in the gold and silver.

 By bluejay

02/18/2011  11:43AM

 By bluejay

02/18/2011  10:32AM

Gold $1390.50 UP $5.90
Silver $32.80 UP $1.02

The 50 day average on gold at $1373 has been bettered. Depending on Martin Armstrong's bearish projection for the metal over the short term(the next four months or so) combined with continuing public protests in the Mideast, has caused a misjudgment in gold's short term forecast within this continuing on-going bull market. Personally, I took some funds out of the shares but would never reduce gold and silver bullion positions.

It's just been part of the game to expect government intervention with scary sell-offs. It looked like the miscreants were readying a forced sell-off when prices remained under the 50 day average but the only thing that really happened, with gold moving higher, was that their ability to control prices lower during the current reactive phase was much weaker than originally suspected.

In order for gold to make another push higher to all-time highs on this move, prices will have to remain above, generally, the 1373 area in the weeks ahead. There is the possibility that the government can still come up with some new smoke and mirror tricks to pressure gold lower, but the longer gold stays above the key 1273 level the better it will be for us.

Silver made a new 30 year high this morning just shy of $33. Its last reactive low was just north of of the $26 level some weeks ago. This market is very strong with possible reactions being opportunities to add to existing winning positions.
 By bluejay

02/13/2011  3:29PM

From agoracom.com/ECU website

This is a new one on me:

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 02/10/2011 11:36 -0500

Perhaps the most stunning example of what may be in store for asset managers and pension funds (and possibly retail holders) who dare to challenge central bank monetary authority comes from the Netherlands, where we have just witnessed the 21st century equivalent of Executive Order 6102. The story in a nutshell (and as translated loosely from the primary source presented below): the glassworkers pension fund (SPVG) was ordered by De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB, or the equivalent of the Dutch central bank), that it has to sell the bulk of its gold assets. After the SPVG refused to comply with the order, the DNB went to court and the decision has come out, siding with the central bank, ordering the SPVG to sell the required gold within two months. The pension fund, which invests for 1142 employees, in late 2009 had gold bars worth 34.6 million euros, or about 1400 kilograms. The total fund assets amounted to 288 million euros at that time. The DNB argued gold is a commodity and holding 13 percent was overweight in comparison to the 2.7% average that pension funds are invested in commodities. DNB has found that such a large proportion of gold is inconsistent with the interests of the participants. SPVG sees gold as a medium of exchange, such as euros, but DNB believes that the price of gold fluctuates too much for it to be classified as an investment. Translation of the translation: the central bank has now directly ordered a fund how to allocate its gold assets, because it explicitly disagreed with the fund's statement that gold is money, claiming instead that it is nothing but a very volatile commodity. Very soon no pension funds in the Netherlands will be allowed to hold any amount of gold more than the merely nominal. This latest gold confiscation equivalent event is most certainly coming to a banana republic near you.
 By bluejay

02/13/2011  10:29AM

Gold $1356.80 OFF $6.70
Silver $29.91 OFF $0.30

It was back in October of 2008 when gold hit a low point of about $670 an ounce. Prior to this event, gold had been struggling for a number of months to better the 1000 mark.

Today, following almost a 100% advance from that $670 low to a high of about $1430 in early December of last year, signs are coming into view that the metal over-did itself this run and may need some more continuing convalescence. This, more than likely, will be accomplished by price retracement.

For almost six weeks now, gold's price has been below the 50 day moving average line at $1372.74. For the past 11 trading days, from about a $1310 low, the metal has rallied but in the past four sessions refuses to attack the $1372.24 area. This could be one sign that the internal health in this market is more suspect than most followers would be willing to admit.

Martin Armstrong a few months back mentioned that gold's normal interpreted cycle was expected to make a high in 2011. Well, it looks like it did but, a bit earlier in December. In checking further for Armstrong's current analysis on gold, I located one of his recent articles where gold was mentioned with a supplied chart showing long term monthly price channels. Here it is:


Everyone should, especially, read Armstrong's section on gold. Mr. Armstrong is a pretty smart guy and apparently is giving us another sign that gold could be entering a period of rest accompanied by weakness.

The bottom line here is, we should be mentally preparing ourselves for price erosion, not to be frightened by it but to use it to our advantage. Remember, no one really knows for sure what will happen to gold's price over the immediate months ahead. It just might be best to go with the probabilities based upon the thoughts of experienced followers.

Gold remains in a long term bull market where methodical scale-down buying continues to be the "real winner."

Armstrong did indicate that the best days for gold are ahead of us, going into 2015. After we're finished with this current price detour, we're on our way to $5,000 gold, according to earlier price projections by Armstrong.
 By bluejay

02/08/2011  12:52PM

Gold $1363.80 UP $11.70
Silver $30.30 UP $ 0.86

The fireworks in the metals began when silver crosed its 50 day moving average at about $28.80. The manipulators tried to hold it there but were unsuccessful as the metal bolted free. In the process, gold traded higher.

Gold is currently acting lethargic following contact with its 100 day average in the 1362 to 1364 area. Gold has its work cut for itself as just higher is another minor trouble area at 1374, this time presenting expected resistance from its 50 day moving average line.

In time, both of these areas will be surmounted allowing the bull market to resume its upward march.
 By bluejay

02/06/2011  1:50PM

Are you ready?

 By bluejay

02/03/2011  11:32AM

Gold $1350.60 UP $15.60
Silver $28.75 UP $ 0.40

Gold has moved above a chart neckline formation at $1340 which attracted buyers. Gold still has to better its 50 day average at $1375.15 to continue higher. Silver at $28.75 is right at its 50 day average which is obviously being defended by the bear element, mainly the two big shorts in the market, J.P. Morgan and HSBC.

In the meantime, Bob Chapman on his website is bringing up the issue of the gold plated tungsten bars that had changed hands between a London depository and China. The real question is, who authorized the creation of these fake 500 ounce bars? For more of a background on the counterfeit gold bars go to the link below:

 By bluejay

02/03/2011  9:13AM

Gold $1351.30 UP $16.30
Silver $28.69 UP $0.34

The following gold predictions make the price of gold today seem extremely under-priced:

These 6 Analysts See Gold Price Going Parabolic to +$10,000
1. Mike Maloney: $15,000;
2. Ben Davies: $10,000 $15,000;
3. Howard Katz: $14,000;
4. Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: $7,000 $14,000;
5. Jim Rickards: $4,000 $11,000;
6. Roland Watson: $10,800
 By bluejay

01/29/2011  5:46PM

The experts comment on gold and silver plus a growing market shortage of silver.

 By bluejay

01/27/2011  11:16AM

Gold $1319.20 DOWN $26.90
Silver $27.04 DOWN $ 0.57

Everyone must have fun, so you little miscreant devils enjoy your day. Gold had a little rally yesterday but was stopped cold as it approached its 100 day average line at 1350. It appears the current move has another 35 or 40 dollars left in it to the downside. A wonderful opportunity to buy more gold and silver on a scale-down basis versus tomorrow's reality prices.

The following linked story is a great article that spells everything out, again.

 By bluejay

01/26/2011  10:55PM

Surprising comments from Jim Willie concerning gold and China from kitco.com today:

Whether Americans and Westerners in general like it or not, the Chinese have become and will remain the key drivers to many economic and financial market developments, progress, and averted wreckage. The intrepid lapdog US press, loyal to the syndicate, is a critical element to maintain distractions. Of course, China must adapt and react to their own stumbles and accidents, assured since for years they have maintained a tight link in monetary policy. Doing so has linked their asset bubble expansion and bust cycle to the deadly one in the United States, and filled their coffers with US$-denominated toxic debt securities. However, China has three advantages over the US that stand out. They have $2.65 trillion in savings, rainy day money in a war chest. They have a vast industrial base, courtesy of the US, the West, and Japan, which donated the technology for the fabled disastrous low-cost solution. They have an expanding middle class. Neither the US, the UK, nor Western Europe has anything remotely similar to these three benefit allowances. It is slowly becoming clear that the US granted the Most Favored Nation status to China in return for massive gold & silver swaps to the USGovt. The Wall Street fraud kings illicitly sold the leased bullion into the market, to sustain the American fiat paper congame, and thus a betrayal to the Chinese.

The Beijing leaders are highly motivated to unseat the Anglo bankers from their perched throne, emboldened by vengeance. The betrayal was to the American people also, since waves of jobs went to China from US shores, since the US sold not only its own Fort Knox gold inventory, but Western Europe's also, then China's to boot. Those who believe the USGovt has any gold reserves at all should donate their cerebrums to science while still alive, a euthanized suicide. The USGovt in all likelihood is in possession of less than zero gold, owing both Europe and China massive amounts. It is the American ticket to the Third World, paved by lost industry, locked by vast debt, assured by broken economic principles blessed by high priest heresy. The US banking leaders still believe the US can revive itself by the flood of more debt and stronger consumer spending, without a clue of what legitimate income means or where it comes from.
 By bluejay

01/25/2011  10:11PM

I just received this section of an email from Mike Maloney's company tonight:

 By bluejay

01/25/2011  9:36PM


Your friend along with other folks will be greatly enlightened by listening to or reading the works of Mike Maloney regarding gold and silver available on the Internet(YouTube).

Some of Mike's well thought out forecasts and researched facts concerning these two metals could shock you.
 By bluejay

01/25/2011  9:18PM


The most reputable dealer of gold and silver that I am aware of is:

 By Rick

01/25/2011  7:12PM

Bluejay...please write me back immediately with the vehicle web address for purchasing legitimate gold. I've a friend standing with me who needs to make his move NOW and I've miss-placed the link
 By martin newkom

01/25/2011  9:41AM

I'm told of a fellow who knows the value of precious metals. He himself has a whole safe full of
silver in various shapes inclu-
ding ingots.
 By Rick

01/24/2011  5:42PM

Yes, I've been $-averaging in each month as well, but with m-funds, not the real stuff. This is where I'll start.
 By bluejay

01/24/2011  5:39PM


I buy some gold and silver each month and have been doing so for some time, with silver receiving most of the allotment in the last two years.

I believe that's the best way to accumulate it. This is my insurance policy against the know-it-alls messing with our money.
 By Rick

01/24/2011  4:46PM

It wasn't that long ago when 'Gold Resting at $1345/otz' would have seemed like a headline from an outter-space movie.

No, I still haven't pulled the $$ from the market mutual-funds...but remember telling myself to do it if we bounced back to 10K on the Dow.

I guess the only thing keeping me from doing it is not doing it...because the title of this topic has survived for five years+ ....and there is nothing but impending inflation looming. (Okay, Bluejay, I am about 25% in gold..considering that move to 75%...so, why am I shy?)

Perhaps not shy of doing it...just not doing it. I know that when my $$ is sitting in the most valuable of hard assests this planet has ever known, I'll breath a sigh of relief.

Thanks Bluejay. Time to go.

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