September 19, 2020 

Gold Enters Major Bull Market


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 By bluejay

07/13/2010  8:08PM

Last on gold is $1211.50.

In The News Today
Posted: Jul 13 2010 By: Jim Sinclair Post Edited: July 13, 2010 at 9:26 pm

Filed under: In The News

Thought For The Evening

You pulled the rock over your hole in the ground when the BS was flying in gold and all the top callers were out of their cages. What you saw there was and will remain pleasing.

Gold is going to $1650 on this move with all the outrageous drama common to this market.

To our men out there, man up if you want to be in gold on pay day. The ladies seem never to whine.
 By bluejay

07/11/2010  4:13PM

Weekly closes:

Gold $1211.40
Silver $18.15
DOW 10,198.03

The stock market is finally showing signs of its traditional summer rally. In the past four days it has advanced nearly 600 points from close to the 9600 level. According to Martin Armstrong armed with his historic cycles studies research, August the 2nd will be turning point for the market in continuing its intermediate fall.

Ted Butler in his weekly metal's wrap-up with Eric King at King World News states, that both gold and silver gained in relative strength last week. Gold is now at the 70-75% probable point of going higher, while silver remains better placed with a 90% ranking. Gold has now improved by 20% from last week's mark in resuming its upward trend and is at its best probability mark for strength in many months.

Ted Butler is an expert on silver and gold and follows closely the commitment of trader's changing positions in gold and silver on the Comex Exchange.

All Commitment of Trade categories internally improved except for the shorting by J.P. Morgan and their other few banking buddies. These are the same miscreants that brought us the metal's collapse in 2008. Morgan, by far, is the greediest money monger around. These people are so obsessed concerning money making schemes that they may know "no boundries."

They even try their hand at spinning the pending possible worst ecological event in earth's history as being good for the economy with their ongoing half-ass clean-up efforts. Never mind that they(the puppet of the Rothchild's)are the largest shareholders in British Petroleum along with the Queen, their arrogance and lack of REAL concern demonstrates that the English are back with their treacherous ways in disrespecting the well being of inhabitants of this land, all in the name of Satan.

Go gold!
 By bluejay

07/01/2010  8:28AM

Gold $1221.90 OFF $20.50
Silver $18.02 OFF $ 0.60

Dow Jones Industrial Averages OFF 131.12 at 9642.90

The widely followed DOW has smashed below support in the 9800 area and appears destined for some shaky months ahead. It appears that moving ahead into the infamous September/October time period, the market could well be considerably lower. What is bothersome is that chances of a summer rally developing are lessening with each passing day of weakness.

The dollar is also weak this morning as the shorts in the Euro are getting squeezed with higher prices. It seems the gold price wants to sell-off based solely on the Euro's strength as opposed to following a weak dollar with usually expected higher prices.

The dollar is off 1.32% at 84.92 while the Euro is up 1.70% at 124.53. Volatility in all markets seems to be the order of the day with the major banks being involved in trading as their main source of income these days.

Heaven help depositors and us all if the banks get on the wrong side of the market, again. Next time, there will be no bail-outs or as some call it, stealing from the public via their paid cronies in Washington.

Last on gold now is $2215.70. I wonder, where will the next great daily buying opportunity be? The key will not always be perfect as buying the metal at exact low points, but just keep buying it into weakness and you might get a low here and there.
 By bluejay

06/24/2010  8:08AM

Last on gold is $1242.70 UP $5.40
Last on silver is $18.57 UP $0.06

Gold continues backing and filling with an upward bias following a suspected attack by the cartel after breaching $1260 some days back. The current daily uptrend shows about $1220 as support with resistance coming in at around $1320.

China has been downplaying gold's strength from one of their many spokesmen as being in a bubble and having no interest in this volatile metal. Quite interesting as one of their gold producers just signed a deal to purchase about 50% of the gold production from Coeur d'Alene's new Kensington Mine in Alaska.

Another one of their spokesmen indicated some months ago that their plan is to acquire, within 10 years, a total of 10,000 tons surpassing the stated 8,000 plus tons that the U.S. holds. Unfortunately, there's not many folks around that believe that we have nearly that much in hand lacking any recent audits. The Treasury reclassified their gold holdings sometime back as being in "Deep Storage," whatever that means.

One thing is for sure, China continues to downplay gold as it quietly works behind the scenes to tie up physical gold while the bullion banks representing the Treasury continue hurting it with paper sales on the Comex Exchsnge in N.Y.

This game between the two will continue playing out with gold making new continuous highs as the cry babies of a dying fiat monetary system continue throwing mud at it following each price surge with no lasting effect.
 By bluejay

06/20/2010  6:38PM

California Numismatic Investments (CNI) - Englewood, California

Go to All the info you require is there. In order to avoid tax and insured shipping charges you'll have to spend 2M.

These folks have, overall, the best prices that I've seen. I've dealt with them for years. These people are very professional.
 By Rick

06/19/2010  9:18AM

BlueJay, refresh my memory please...what is the best way/place to buy physical gold (not paper) ?
 By bluejay

06/18/2010  2:05PM

Speaking of a all-time high of gold today, one needs to consider the following along with silver's current price:

From John Williams subscriber comments today.

"Gold and Silver Highs Adjusted for CPI-U/SGS Inflation. Despite another recent all-time high in the price of gold, in the current cycle, gold and silver prices have yet to approach their historic high prices, adjusted for inflation. Even with the June 8th historic high gold price of $1,246.00 per troy ounce, the earlier all-time high of $850.00 (London afternoon fix, per of January 21, 1980 was not breached in terms of inflation-adjusted dollars. Based on inflation through May 2010, the 1980 gold price peak would be $2,384 per troy ounce, based on not-seasonally-adjusted-CPI-U-adjusted dollars, and would be $7,595 per troy ounce in terms of SGS-Alternate-CPI-adjusted dollars."

"In like manner, the all-time high price for silver in January 1980 of $49.45 per troy ounce (London afternoon fix, per has not been hit since, including in terms of inflation-adjusted dollars. Based on inflation through May 2010, the 1980 silver price peak would be $139 per troy ounce, based on not-seasonally-adjusted-CPI-U-adjusted dollars, and would be $442 per troy ounce in terms of SGS-Alternate-CPI-adjusted dollars."

Also from John Williams today:

"The general outlook on the economy and the markets is unchanged. For those with assets at risk, circumstances continue to suggest looking at actions for long-range wealth preservation. Despite any severe near-term volatility in the markets, physical gold and silver, assets outside the U.S. dollar (such as the Canadian dollar, the Australian dollar and Swiss franc) and assets outside the United States, offer long-term hedges against the severe loss ahead in U.S. dollar’s purchasing power."

Current gold and silver prices in "funny money" combined with skewed government reporting of our real inflation rate make these metals the most under-valued assets on the planet.
 By bluejay

06/18/2010  8:58AM

Gold hits all-time high of $1262.30

Last on gold is $1260.70 UP $15.50
Last on silver is $19.23 UP $0.50
 By bluejay

06/15/2010  9:48AM

Last on gold is $1234.00
Last on silver is $18.62

Remember May 6, 2010, the day the market crashed 1000 points within minutes? Remember the paper's reporting that some order entry person submitted the wrong dollar amount to liquidate?

Well, get ready for a real education.
 By bluejay

06/09/2010  12:29AM

Words from Jim Sinclair:

I know for certainty that gold will trade at $1650 on or before Jan 14th, 2011, but Armstrong thinks higher and before the end of June 2011.
 By bluejay

06/08/2010  2:46PM

Gold closed off its high today at $1253.30 with a current last of $1234.80. This action could well be a very short term high point but never the less, an all-time high was established this Tuesday.

The following link is to a ratio of the DOW to gold, showing the great weakness it has experienced over past months. Richard Russell, when the Index was much higher predicted, the Index would continue lower until the DOW and gold were at the same level. The chart is courtesy of Dan Norcini at who recentled moved from Houston to Idaho in getting away from big city life.
 By bluejay

06/07/2010  9:54PM

Egon von Greyerz from the below article appeared on CNBC today. When he started to make a forecast of much higher gold prices the CNBC crew attempted to discredit him.

The direct link to the video interview can be accessed from
 By bluejay

06/07/2010  9:27PM

Last on gold is $1238.20.

The following linked article, "Sovereign Alchemy Will Fail" by Egon van Greyerz describes the world financial condition from February 11, 2010. At the end of the article is a John Williams' real CPI adjusted gold chart which will shock you.

Not surprising, we never saw this chart on financial TV, in newspapers or mentioned in other media outlets except on the Internet.
 By bluejay

06/06/2010  12:33PM

Governments, whether they be federal, state or foreign, are financial imbeciles. It might take a little time, but they are all coming to their citizens through wealth confiscation to bail them out and keep their jobs.

We are at the cusp of a complete financial breakdown. Currently, all combined debt, government and personal included, in this country is runnung at 840% of national GDP according to Mr. Ron Arnott chairman of Research Affiliates. How will this be sustainable with increasing debt obligations as Obama and company keep borrowing more? This is complete insanity.

Marc Faber a follower of the Austrian school of economics states, "We are all doomed."

You and your neighbors will be bailing out these fools for a long time to come. Confiscation comes in many ways: States like California will dismandle the social support apparatus along with taxing property owners and taxing everyone for EVERY financial transaction. The barter system will make a major comeback. The federal ambitions are simple: Destroy our purchasing power by significantly expanding our money supply so they can repay the debt in cheaper dollars.

According to Martin Armstrong, when the people have had enough witnessing the continuing destruction of their purchaing power they will hoard by dumping their debased currencies as fast as possible. When this starts to appear we will be in hyperinflation. Hyperinflation will practically wipe-out everyone's wealth unless you are protected. This is why it is so essential to hold a good portion of your family's wealth in gold, some silver along with gold producers and explorers.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

The predatory beast of the OTC weapon of mass financial destruction, the CDS, is now consuming its next meal.

One by one the fiat currency system is unraveling while others are making trillions in the process.

Gold is the ONLY answer. If you do not own it you perish. If you trade it odds suggest you will not be fully positioned on payday.

Sovereign Credit-Default Swaps Surge on Hungarian Debt Crisis
By Kate Haywood

June 4 (Bloomberg) — Credit-default swaps on sovereign bonds surged to a record on speculation Europe’s debt crisis is worsening after Hungary said it’s in a “very grave situation” because a previous government lied about the economy.
 By bluejay

06/05/2010  2:35PM

A rare interview with the Hugo Salinas Price of Mexico concerning gold and the possible reintroduction of silver peso coins back into general circulation. Put that into your pipe and smoke it J. P. Morgan.
 By bluejay

06/05/2010  10:45AM

Hi Rick

I look forward to responding to your question. Can you please be a little more specific?
 By Rick

06/04/2010  8:40PM

Bluejay....what do you think of what is written below this topic?
 By bluejay

06/04/2010  3:28PM

Last on gold $1220.10......up $12.30
Last on silver $17.38....down $0.57
Gold/Silver ratio 70.21
Gold/XAU ratio 7.22

It appears central banks had an orchestrated plan to support the Euro today but market forces overwhelmed them. Prior to New York's opening, gold was forced lower to $1195 in London trading. The Euro was a little firmer to $1.2070 following the NY opening but started eroding and continued for the balance of the day, closing at $119.64 - off 1.69%. Over the day, gold continued steadily higher.

The real news today is J.P. Morgan's efforts to take the monetary shine off silver which they are heavily short by relating it to Copper's weakness in hammering it lower with more paper sales. The copper price broke critical support earlier in the day at the $2.95 to $3.00 a pound area. The metal closed at about $2.825. Silver closed off $0.57 at $17.38.

As everyone here knows, gold and silver have been used for money since practically the beginning. Now, we are witnessing Morgan helping it down along with copper, as gold ascends. For all practical purposes, silver's usage as an industrial metal has been growing along side historical buying by the public as a hedge against their eroding purchasing power.

Currently, you can trade in one ounce of gold for 70 ounces of silver. In the last year buying silver each time the ratio exceeded 70 has been a good time to exchange some of you Federal paper for it. On the conclusion of this missive, the phone will be picked up and an order placed for more silver one ounce Canadian Maple Leafs.

Will Morgan's apparent effort for a disconnect between gold and silver last? I guess you would have to ask the CFTC how many more short positions in the metal they will permit Morgan to hold.

According to west Texas Mike from radio at 10.07 PM Sunday nights, our recessionary spiral is deeping. This will probably effect silver demand to some extent.

A pertinent question is, will the -growing lack of confidence- in governments around the world motivate enough people to make up for the extra available supply of silver with additional purchases due to the expected lessening of demand from industry? Take your pick.

India used to import 700 to 800 tons of gold a year. Last year when gold spiked higher their demand was cut back to 200 tons. This year it is expected that they will import 422 tons. The people of India are bargain shoppers when it comes to their precious metals needs. Silver is in a declining mode with bargain basement prices almost here according to the Gold/Silver ratio. It will be interesting to watch the clash between paper short sellers in silver by Morgan and friends along with a suspected increasing demand for the physical metal from this section of the world.

A quick few words concerning the Gold/XAU ratio. The ratio at 7.22 is clearly favoring gold over the gold and silver related shares. The trend is firmly entrenched for this continuing, at least, over the short term. If the ratio continues higher, possibly approaching the 8 level, it is suspected that it will have gone too far and will be ready for a decline. When it reacts, the precious metal stocks outperform gold.

Got your gold?
 By Rick

06/02/2010  5:46PM

Simply put, debt accumulation without a foundation is doomed to fail. This is so simple I wonder why some believe in the tooth fairy.

Ah... This brings up the explanation: people do believe in the tooth fairy, and the reason why Bluejay cites his sources. (I remember getting 10 cents for a tooth and then wondering what the scam was all about...I did the practical thing and asked my parents why they were wasting a dime. After all, what good was a tooth when it was unable to bite?)

When debt has no backbone, nor teeth, it is a recipe for riff-raff to eff with the whole balance.

This was all spelled out when we first heard of "Build a house upon sand vs. upon rock."
 By bluejay

06/01/2010  8:00PM

Last on gold is $1223.40.

Price analysis in markets has always been a difficult art to master. It involves three important factors: fundamentals, technical observation of the charts and historical perspective.

It has recently been accepted by a minority that historical perspective is more important than simply reviewing current charts and fundamentals.

Martin Armstrong from has been one of the pioneers in this area but others have preceded him. Millions and millions of dollars along with untold exhaustive hours have been spent over recent years in understanding what motivates markets to change.

Mr. Armstrong's research results can be accessed by reading all his commentaries from the above linked website.
Instead of going into his conditional premises for predicting the future, it is advised that each one of his articles be read and digested. If you don't get it all in your first effort, read it again until it completely gets absorbed.

Take for example the housing bubble that has popped: the politicians and the media state that a turn is just around the next corner. This is a lie. According to historical perspective provided by Mr. Armstrong the declining home values will continue until the year 2012 then rebound to some extent until 2015. Following in time, expect values to decline to new lows and flatten out, maybe, in seven years of so.

So what the government, the politicians or the media speculate about concerning home prices prior to 2012 is all BS. Being able to state this is the direct result of being educated by Mr. Armstrong.

Since this is the gold market section, Mr. Armstrong has stated that gold is pushing up against a glass ceiling, which means we are pushing up against the upper channel in an established ascending trend formation. He expects gold to push through this ceiling then decline back to the break-out point then following, the metal will put in some sizable gains.

Mr. Armstrong has some enlightening words in his last few articles concerning the U.S. stock market that will give you some cause to be concerned if you are invested in this area.

The State and Federal politicians plus the big New York banks have plans for our wealth. An education being provided free of charge to you by Mr. Armstrong will quite possibly insure your family's financial survival.

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