October 17, 2021 

Gold Enters Major Bull Market


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 By bluejay

11/09/2010  5:51AM

Gold $1418.70 UP 8.50
Silver $28.47 UP 0.71

Gold has entered Mr. Martin Armstrong's indicated resistance zone of 1440 to 1480 with its high earlier this morning at 1423.40.

In Mr. Armstrong's mid September article, "An 11 Year High for 2010?," he speaks of this area as being overhead resistance in the form of converging trendlines including the top of gold's monthly ascending channel. In the report he discusses the probability for a normal reaction following contact with this area.

Mr. Armstrong's caveat is that 'if" gold trades right through this zone, it will never look back. As a comparison of what can happen, he posted a chart configuration of similiar convering trendlines, including the monthly top channel line on the Dow Jones Average chart from 1985. When the DOW bettered this almost identical trendline set-up as gold now finds itself in with its 1440 to 1480 area, the DOW moved from its breakout point at 1,700 to 14,000 over two decades.

As oddly as it may sound, gold could be a better buy higher if it fails to take a normal reaction following its recent run than buying in here as it makes contact with a very important milestone. If a reaction sets in, there will be opportunities to buy the metal lower. If a reaction fails and gold does surmount this suspected barrier, it will be well worth paying the insurance as the rewards will be spectacular.

Just heard on Bloomberg that Goldman Sachs is forecasting 1650 gold. It seems, by using a little contrary reasoning, Goldman may be setting up the market for a short term drop as it touts the metal going higher. When is the last time Goldman Sachs did the public any favors? Goldman reads Martin Armstrong as do others.

Just as a side note, Mr. James Sinclair was the first one who predicted $1650 gold and that's when it much much lower.
 By bluejay

11/08/2010  9:50AM

Check out the latest educational video from: http://inflation.us/videos.html
 By bluejay

11/08/2010  9:37AM

Does anyone have any doubt that gold and silver is the place to be as a hedge against your wealth destruction while the Fed continues to debase our currency?

Gold $1406.40 UP 12.30
Silver $27.56 UP 0.80
 By bluejay

11/07/2010  1:23PM

Weekly closes:

Gold 1,394.10
Silver 26.76

It seems quite apparent that the price suppression schemes in gold and silver of past years have for at least, temporarily, ended. What has been observed is that the cartel is slowly throwing in the towel by covering their short sales at losses and rethinking their current outstanding short positions.

What may well prove to be, IMO, the tip of the iceberg of deceit is coming to light as just this past Tuesday, November 2, 2010, in a U.S. District court of New York two silver market participants, J.P. Morgan and HSBC, are being accused of conspiracy to manipulate metal prices in a class action suit over the past three years, starting in June of 2008.

Aside from this topic, I recently learned that a depositor with his savings at a HSBC bank in New York City requested $20,000 one day. The branch told him he could not get it all. At the end of the day, he had to go to a total of six different HSBC branches in NYC for his money.

What's going on here? Are the branches out of cash? My mother in Canada had the same problem on a request for $12,000 from her Canadian bank. It would certainly appear that people are pulling there funds out of the banks and as a result, some of the banks have a cash shortage. Just imagine, what would happen if someone wanted to close their account and take their $100,000 or more with them?

In some background to the price fixing suit; in the month of June of 2008 gold was readying for another attempt at breaching the $1,000 level. At about the same time silver was trading in the range between $18 and $20 an ounce. What better time for the market crooks to start manipulating prices lower from these psychological round numbered areas? Apparently, this is exactly what took place not only by J.P. Morgan and HSBC but, probably, other banks, as well. Remember, the Glass Steagal Act was ablolished by Clinton as a result of prodding by the banksters so they could get back into the stock trading business and begin rolling the dice again.

In the general period from June of 2008 to October of 2008, gold collapsed from over $1000 to just about $700 per ounce. Silver fared worse, spiralling down abruptly from about $20 to just under $9.

The cruel part of this alleged price fixing scheme did not really end with the gold and silver prices but continued with more devastation with the related leveraged plays: options on the metals, the gold and silver shares along with their options.

During this period the XAU Index (Philadelphia Gold and Silver Index) was beaten down from just above 200 on the chart to 62, a drop of 70% while gold was off some 30% and silver got dripped up in the excess of 50%. The little explorers fared far worse, one of my holding took a savage beating of about 94% during this period.

Billions and billions of dollars were stolen by the suspected involved banks from the public, one the biggest heists of all-time, and who went to jail for this suspected crime against mankind? Well, you tell me.

If history is any indication of how this massive heist by the dark side works itself out against the unbeknowst unprepared public, then the yet to be convicted miscreants will just end up with a slap on their wrists and a small fines. Or, will the courts do the right thing?

Don't expect much as most judges and our representatives in government are plainly, just paid ranch hands controlled by puppet pulling strings from behind the curtain .

You protect yourselves against these evils by holding gold and silver and never, never let the fear of sell-offs effect your thinking as long as gold and silver remain in their bull markets.

Oh by the way, the October 2008 5 cent stock now sells for $1.32. Methodically take advantage of dips in gold and silver and their related shares as opportunities to buy more.
 By bluejay

11/04/2010  1:10PM

Gold selling for all-time high, last $1393.10.

Silver getting much stronger at $26.26, up $1.42.
 By bluejay

11/04/2010  12:01PM


The widely followed gold stock index, HUI, has bettered a connecting line of historical yearly highs. It strongly appears the corral gate has been opened and the herd is poised to stampede higher.

The timing couldn't be better for a news release to advise the world that are heart is still beating which will bring in buyers to positively effect our low share price.

Let's get OSTO moving!
 By bluejay

11/03/2010  7:15PM

A follow-up to the wild action is gold and silver today as Jim Sinclair was interviewed by Eric King:

With the Fed announcement today and the resulting tremendous volatility in gold and silver, King World News interviewed the legendary Jim Sinclair. When asked about the action in gold Sinclair responded, “We had two periods today where the offerings were being made in huge amounts and the bids were running for cover. I mean it’s your standard manipulation. But you can be sure that there is a designed effort to hold the dollar and to oppose gold going to the positive side so that the action of the Federal Reserve will not be analyzed as extreme, even thought it is.”
November 3, 2010

Jim Sinclair continues:

“I think the most salient point of what has taken place today is not the number but more so the fact that the Fed took a stand in the face of both national and international, in fact fierce international criticism of the policy.”

How did you know that there was going to be a large number for QE?

“Well you have to get a feel from people who do business with the Fed on a day to day basis, and what they found unusual was that Bernanke actually came out well before the meeting and gave an indication of exactly what he had intended to do. Now you have to look at what the cost would be of backing off from that. And you really wonder whether or not Bernanke actually set up all of this criticism, to come out and look for the first time like a very strong Fed, even if their direction might be misguided.

I don’t think QE is good, and I wouldn’t defend the economics of it but I don’t think there was any alternative. The need for the QE basically to infinity and that’s I think what you can call today as a watershed event, the need basically is because the balance sheets of the financial community are all a product of FASB’s permission to value assets that don’t exist, that aren’t there, that are entirely fabricated.

The Fed has a better picture of the financial condition of US entities than any central bank anywhere. The Fed has the entire picture of what it’s holding on its balance sheet, the Fed knows the extent and difficulty of the problem. The Fed has kicked the can down the road one more time because there is no other choice.

If the Fed hadn’t acted to bail out the international investment banks when the over the counter derivative meltdown first came, you would have had a roll over you wouldn’t believe. So you are stuck between a rock and a hard place, it isn’t right what they are doing but there is no other alternative.”

Why was QE reported at $600 billion when it is really $900 billion?

“Because that’s management of perspective economics.”

Are we in a depression?

“We are in unchartered waters with business folding over. We don’t know what the name will be for this. One thing we do know is it’s not dollar positive and that the only insurance out there that would react positively to things we can’t control such as Fed decisions is gold.”

Is it ok to let gold run in a day or two?

“I don’t think you can really control it. I think that gold will run but as of today, whenever the boss speaks, we’ll call him the financial boss, there is always intervention to make the boss look good. It’s never failed, it will always be so, and it is so today.”

When asked about the US dollar Sinclair responded, “72 right now is the price objective, then I think some modest strength, and then into the sixties.”

Jim Sinclair also mentioned the dollar index, “could eventually fall to 56.”

But theoretically if we can hold in that level and that’s the low, it’s not the end of the world?

“I don’t think it has to be the end of the world, I think it’s the end of doing business as has been done. I think it’s the tail end of the darkest period we have ever had in finance and the dollar will reflect that.”

When asked about how his father Bert Seligman and his business partner Jesse Livermore would be trading gold going forward Sinclair responded, “I believe firmly that Bert would have considered it (today) a bottom, and now they (Bert and Jesse) would be looking to pick it up on any dips.”

Well there you have it from one of the greats, gold has bottomed. Assuming Sinclair is correct, for all of you dip buyers, if you blinked you missed it.

Eric King
 By bluejay

11/03/2010  2:16PM

Gold $1348.60
Silver $24.87

The gold and silver markets were subject to volatility in today's session with two dive bomber attacks conducted by the usual price suppressing culprits followed by assertive "right back in your face" buying. Whoever instigated these selling waves, they failed miserably which speaks loadly to the strength of these markets.

The selling waves took gold from 1365 to 1330 and from 1345 to 1325. Regarding silver, the metal traded lower from 25 to 23.95 and again from 24.73 to 24.32.

Sorry boys, no cigar today.
 By bluejay

10/23/2010  11:44PM

Gold $1327.70
Silver $23.29

The gold price has been easing since hitting $1388 or so some days back as the $1400 plus area seemed to be a logical area to pause. Just above $1400 is a major intermediate resistance level posed by the top of an ascending trend channel line. Martin Armstrong has stated that if this channel line is broken with higher prices then gold would be expected to advance sharply following a minor reaction back to the point of penetration. Even though gold could easily remain weak for a while as it catches its breathe, there has been some stirring of interest in a few companies with gold interests in California.

Since Rockroby's mention of North Bay Resource's October 4th acquisition of the Ruby Mine, a few of the companies holding gold properties in the State have been reviewed.

1) Emgold Mining Corp(EMR-TSXV) $0.22 Canadian appears preparing to advance into a new uptrend from the $0.18 to $0.22 area. In a recent interview of its president it was stated that he is committed to securing all permits for bringing back the Idaho-Maryland Mine to production, again.

2) The Sutter Gold Mining Company(SGM-TSXV) $0.21 Canadian in Amador County continues to receive permits which is very likely to result in gold mining at the Lincoln-Comet section of the Lincoln Project. In the past few weeks SGM has advanced about 100% from near to the $0.10 level.

3) In a surprise, http://www.bigcharts.com has elected to return the Original Sixteen To One Mine Inc. to its list of followed stocks. Big Charts had not carried OSTO stock trading statistics from the Pink Sheets for some years now. Looking over the grossly under-valued Pink Sheet trading data, the shares recently moved above the 1000 day average of their's at the $0.175 area with a last of $0.18.

One only has to understand how OTC traders pay their mortgages, they make most of it on shorting low priced shares which our company qualifies under. While our market at the mine office is $0.50 bid with an offering of $0.89 with 3,000 shares wanted and 5,000 offered, the OTC dealer continues to ignore our higher bid.

It is sad that public sell orders at the market never see the light of day of a superior bid that conflicts with the intention of the OTC dealer to keep our shares low for his profit motive, or agenda to steal money from the unsuspecting public selling our shares.

All the company would have to do to partly correct this unfairness would be to issue a press release quoting the company's geologist as to the potential of our mining properties.

We are now entering a period of increasing public interest in the gold sector. There are potential investors checking out ALL companies gold related now and it would be nice by issuing a news release concerning the company so to inform them that our heart is still beating.

Even North Bay Resources(NBRI-OTC) $0.027 U.S. shares responded with increased volume to its recent news release which aided in stimulating public awareness to its existance. Even NBRI's chart is indicating that an important bottom has been established. The stock is certainly very low priced but looks attracrive on any reaction into the $0.019 to $0.021 range.

No one knows exactly where this current gold price weakness will end but scale down buying on ANY gold reaction since 2001 has proven the winner.
 By bluejay

10/03/2010  2:05PM

While Ben Bernanke continues to burn the house down by employingh his euphemism of "Quantative Easing" for expanding the money supply, it's taking more and more dollars to purchase the same old ounce of gold while our currency continues to be debased. All the metal ever produced could fill a swimming pool. How many super tankers can be loaded up with all the fiat money that has recently been created out of thin air by the Fed?

"The most important thing about money is to maintain its stability...You have to choose between trusting the natural supply of gold and the honesty and intelligence of members government. With due respect for these gentlemen, I advise you, as long as the capital system lasts, to vote for gold. -- George Bernard Shaw, 1928.

"The public will believe anything, so long as it is not founded on truth." Edith Sitwell (1887-1964)

I've been expecting the miscreants to go on the attack against gold, as they are known for, but it now seems that their powder has gone water logged for an unknown extended period of time ahead.

The politicians and their banking buddies seem only concerned with their own welfare as they steer us into a sea of poverty. Gold and silver buys you a mighty financial ally during these messed up uncertain times. For the tomorrows ahead, it matters little what you pay for these metals, tomorrow's wealth determining factor, IMO, will be, how many ounces of each do you own?
 By Michael Miller

10/01/2010  2:32PM

While “gold” continues its bullish trend,(undeniable,) gold as known by active gold miners continues to mystify investors. Gold is our product. It is a commodity with changing value. I’m not surprised that our understanding differs for others. The phone calls from individuals interested in becoming a gold miner continue to increase. Interest is bullish and the want-to- be enthusiasts seem like honest legitimate guys; however they are bitten by a gold bug, naive, rather lazy in their study and research habits or just plain foolish. Notice I don’t call them stupid. They are not stupid. They see a high and growing price for gold, very few gold mining operations in a land with an amazing history of containing gold and an opportunity to risk dollars for gold.

There are few primary gold producers in the world for such an important global commodity. The world wide production of ounces is not growing into a “bubble” panic. Gold is not intellectual property, whereby its holder must continue to worry about competition for his product. Gold price appears to be increasing in relationship to the dollar because it is in demand.

Now comes a caution on spot pricing for an ounce of gold. The supply vs. demand scenario that appears to be hovering over the world is affected when individual buyers buy beyond their cash flow and liquidity needs. In these cases (which I have experienced locally with buyers) a true believer in the value of gold and its prospects in the future, become sellers, thereby increasing supply. There is no measuring equipment for small gold holders to exchange gold for bread to feed a hungry stomach. A cash conversion must take place: gold for dollars for cash for bread. Trading like this increases supply with no new mine production.

Big volume participants in the supply/demand marketplace have additional players to call on that are not readily available to the rest of us. They have banking institutions and government agencies, both with power, competitive history and more. I have noticed over a lifetime of trading that it is easier to create a rush (panic sometimes) with falling prices than with rising prices. What surprises me about spot gold now is how quickly the downward pressure abates.
 By bluejay

10/01/2010  1:06PM

Gold $1318.60
Silver $22.10

Gold continues higher with strong buyers taking out offerings in a slow and methodical way with concurring all-time highs being set practically every day. Buyers are having a difficult time acquiring the metal on reactions as declines are only intra-day events with the exception of two times since the strong push from $1175 to $1321 started in late August.

This move has advanced unabated during the period and looks as impressive as the start-up move of the 1979 push that doubled gold's price in six weeks into early 1980 from $400 to over $800.

My monthly coin purchase program paid the equivalent of $1315 this morning. Found some great prices at onlygold.com out of Phoenix on some Australian Lunar 2010 gold Rabbit fractional pieces.

Looks like Bob Chapman, along with others, know exactly what they are speaking of when they have been saying gold is about ready to "roll." Check out youtube.com for Chapman's past comments that have been spot on.
 By bluejay

09/28/2010  10:08PM

Gold $1311.50
Silver $21.86

Gold fooled everyone today and stepped over the $1300 level. Silver continues to be strong as it nears the $22 level.

The brilliant Martin Armstrong speaks his mind concerning our freedoms in the following linked article with emphasis on cycles in the gold market.

 By bluejay

09/25/2010  3:43PM

Gold $1297.00
Silver $21.46

Owning gold is the way to go.

The following quote is from Martin Armstrong's most recent article http://www.martinarmstrong.org/files/Gold%20an%2011%20Year%20High%20for%202010%2009-17-2010.pdf :

"The biggest problem we have is that we are moving too rapidly toward the END TIME from an economic perspective. As the debt crisis gets worse EVERY government turns against its own people. Everything then becomes the fault of the people and this leads to ECONOMIC TYRANNY marking the end of the government as we know it. In the immediate period, the U.S. will be the worst insofar as becoming ruthless against its own people and target them to raise money in a last desperate hope of clinging to power."
 By bluejay

09/16/2010  1:41PM

Gold $1274.70
Silver $20.79

David Levenstein reports from kitco.com this morning:

Last week the price for spot silver traded above $20/oz and the bullion banks increased their net short position to an almighty 61,798 contracts, or 309.0 million ounces of silver. The '4 or less' traders are short 256.0 million ounces. That means that for every ten cent increase in the silver price they incur a “paper loss” of $25,600,000! (Silver is now trading around $20.50)($20.79).

This surge in investor demand for silver signifies a resurgence of the importance of silver as a store of value. Silver was recognized as more precious than gold when bartering in ancient Egypt. Silver’s use as money in coin form began around 2600 years ago. The Lydian (present day Turkey) Trite is considered by many experts to be one of the first coins used as money. It was made of “Electrum”, a silver and gold mixture. Egyptian silver in coin form began appearing around 300BC.

Silver and gold have stood the test of time, as a medium of exchange, a store of value and a safe haven in times of turmoil while the history of fiat money has always been one of failure. Every fiat currency since the Romans started diluting the silver content of their Denarius has ended in devaluation and eventual collapse of both the currency and of that particular economy.

For the very first time in our history, all money, all currencies, are now fiat. The Federal Reserve first issued its debt based paper money in 1913. Since then the US dollar has lost 95% of its value.
 By bluejay

09/15/2010  9:54PM

Gold $1267.10
Silver $20.55

Bob Chapman made the following comments on the Gold Report a few hours ago:

If you look at the figures for the last seven years, you'll find that every currency in the world went down versus gold. In the first six months of 2010, most of the major currencies went down 12% or 13%. The final arbiter here is gold. The question is who's going to win? Is gold going to become the ultimate currency or is it the dollar or will it be another currency? It's hard for another currency to compete with gold with all the debt out there and all the problems the world's got when you have a fiat currency that's backed by nothing. The only currency out there that has a backing of gold is the euro; it used to be that 15% of the currency was backed by gold, but now it's about 7%.
 By bluejay

09/14/2010  8:45AM

The precious metals are having a good day:

Gold $1272.50 UP $27.50
Silver $20.46 UP $ 0.41

As these metals rise in price, one thing is for sure: our money is losing its value.
 By FranSix

09/14/2010  2:37AM

Sorry, quickest link here:


 By FranSix

09/14/2010  2:36AM

A good long-term forecast for gold prices comparing the Dax vs one ounce Gold. The accompanying videos explain the logic and the conclusions.(in german) By 2015, the Dax will have declined to 1500, and gold appreciated to €3000.

 By bluejay

09/13/2010  6:28PM

Gold $1248.70
Silver $20.13

Richard Russell:

What was the stock market telling us by handing us a decade of losses? The answer is that the stock market was telling us that the era of frivolity and good times in the US had come to an end. Something very fundamental had changed.

...To wipe out 10 years of stock gains is a most unusual feat. I think it means the end of equities as the magic and guaranteed road to riches. It's the end of Warren Buffet's thesis that you should "buy good stocks and hold 'em forever." What this means is that Americans can no longer be certain of their retirement. It means the end of the time-honored American dream that "My kids will have a better life than I had."

It may also herald the end of America's leadership on the world's stage. America will be just a republic as the Founding Fathers wanted it to be -- not an empire.

...In the big picture, I believe we're going to put fiat money to the test. Fiat money allowed the US to experience boom. Fiat money produced the tech bust, the equities bust and the housing bust. Fiat money is the vehicle that is created and sponsored by the world's central banks. Fiat money will prove to be a fraud. Out of the graveyard of fiat money will emerge real intrinsic money -- gold. But gold's time has not yet come.

The gold bull market is a very strange bull market. It's a bull market that has progressed without the participation of the US public. That will change. When it comes, we will finally experience the speculative third phase of the gold bull market.

...The more I see of Obama, Summers and Geithner, the more I want to have all my money in gold. The Washington establishment is a menace to this nation. Don't bother fighting them, just protect yourself. Remember, you can still swap fiat junk for real money.

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