October 17, 2021 

Gold Enters Major Bull Market


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 By bluejay

04/18/2010  3:37PM

Gold closed out the week on a weak note at $1136.80. The propaganda machine started up last Monday while almost all senior gold shares were right up against their individual chart resistance areas. The miscreants couldn't have picked a better spot to start up their short term ambitions again.

Then on Friday came the news of the SEC's fraud charges being lodged against Goldman Sachs for their inappropriate dealing with CDO's. The spin doctors started telling the news outlets that this event was gold negative which it wasn't.

It's suspected that next week will bare a softer tone in gold, silver and related shares. I stand ready to add to positions on any follow through from last week.

We'll have to wait a week or so for expert opinion from Martin Armstrong concerning the Goldman Sachs charges. This is mentioned for the reason that Goldman along with Morgan market the governments debt and are their pet bullion banks in attempting to keep a lid on gold.
 By bluejay

04/13/2010  10:13AM

Last on gold is $1150.80.

The propaganda machine is being turned on again. It started Monday as Goldman Sachs reduced their projections for gold. The Street.com got into the act today with the following headline: "Gold Prices Cave, Break $1150." How foolish these miscreants are with their misplaced words.

The scary part is the employees at the Treasury and Fed are totally lost at trying to figure out the mess they put us all into. Creating service oriented positions with borrowed money is not the answer. The answer is creating jobs that produce something real which will enable the economy to grow.

I read the other day that we are importing silver while mines and workers are idle, especially in Idaho. What a joke these public service employees are. When will they get it: rules and regulations destroy companies and cost taxpayers needless amonts of money.

In another light, Whwn I recently saw Hank Paulson getting off a plane in China as one of our representatives I knew our goose was cooked.

All currencies will fall against gold and silver and there is nothing that our leaders are willing to do to stop it.

Their game is up. It now remains just a matter of time untill the next big crisis hits. Martin Armstrong, who has an outstanding track record, states the next really big one arrives in the time period from 2011 to 2012 with another following in 2015 to 2016 period. Heard recently that real estate prices may come down another 50% from current levels.

You can count on a couple of things in the time period ahead: Your money will continue to buy less and gold will continue to protect your buying power.

As Dan Norcini recently generally stated at jsmineset.com, the currency that we exchange with each other represents only someone else's debt with little to nothing behind it. Just be sure that when the music stops your're not left standing there wondering who took your seat because no one will be offering you one.

Being on your own with pockets full of pretty colored bills with lots of zeros will soon be forgotten. Remember the words, "Not Worth A Continental?"

You wealth will always be determined by how many ounces of gold it equates into.

Gold is insurance and anytime you can buy more of it at lower prices the more secure your future becomes. Don't let lower prices bother you, meet them head on by gathering up what you can.
 By bluejay

04/09/2010  2:50PM

Gold is closing out the week at around $1162.00 an ounce.

We are all going to be hit, one way or the other, by an eventual soveriegn debt collapse. Maybe, they just won't tell us the truth but just give us a new currency of some sorts to cover it all up. Times are very serious as the link below to Martin Armstrong's latest missive indicates.

Martin is currented confined to the hole for assisting an inmate with his legal matters. He has to sleep on concrete and has very few writing materials.

It looks very much the case today with gold and silver that the precious metals market is ready to repeat what happened in 1979. This time it won't be 100% inflation oriented. People around the world are scared to death and are dumping soveriegn debt for hard goods.

When the failure of soveriegn debt really starts, it will be an historical event. What we will witness is a series of dominos flipping over and over while destroying public wealth and creating massive amounts of new poor.

Our politicians have sucked the system dry. It is a disgrace that we have permitted the hired help to take charge of our lives and now they are the boss. As Rick has said so many times before, we still have our vote. When the time comes, make your vote count.

We have all been ruled and regulated like serfs in the excess by these fools who see nothing wrong in their behavior. They are no more than sociopaths. As Gerald Celente has stated, they interpret Justice as "Just Us."


P.S. The government put Mr. Armstrong in jail because he didn't want to cooperate in sharing his analytical computer software with a certain government agency as well as telling the truth concerning Goldman Sachs' global ambitions.
 By bluejay

04/08/2010  10:03AM

Last on gold is $1151.60

More on the gold and silver shortage.

The Latest Gold Fraud Bombshell: Canada's Only Bullion Bank Gold Vault Is Practically Empty
Submitted by Tyler Durden on 04/07/2010 10:30 -0500

Bank RunCommodity Futures Trading CommissionHong KongMorgan StanleyPrecious Metals

Continuing on the trail of exposing what is rapidly becoming one of the largest frauds in commodity markets history is the most recent interview by Eric King with GATA's Adrian Douglas, Harvey Orgen (who recently testified before the CFTC hearing) and his son, Lenny, in which the two discuss their visit to the only bullion bank vault in Canada, that of ScotiaMocatta, located at 40 King Street West in Toronto, and find the vault is practically empty. This is a relevant segue to a class action lawsuit filed against Morgan Stanley, which was settled out of court, in which it was alleged that Morgan Stanley told clients it was selling them precious metals that they would own in full and that the company would store, yet even despite charging storage fees was not in actual possession of the bullion. It appears that this kind of lack of physical holdings by all who claim to have gold in storage, is pervasive as the actual gold globally is held primarily in paper or electronic form. Lenny Organ who was the person to enter the vault of ScotiaMocatta, says "What shocked me was how little gold and silver they actually had." Lenny describes exactly how much (or little as the case may be) silver was available - roughly 60,000 ounces. As for gold - 210 400 oz bars, 4,000 maples, 500 eagles, 10 kilo bars, 10 one kilogram pieces of gold nugget form, which Adrian Douglas calculates as being $100 million worth, which is just one tenth of what the Royal Mint of Canada sold in 2008, or over $1 billion worth of gold. As Orgen concludes: "The game ends when the people who own all these paper obligations say enough and take physical delivery, and that's when the mess will occur."

Also note the interesting detour into what Stephan Spicer of the Central Fund Of Canada, said regarding his friend at a major bank, who wanted access to his 15,000 oz of silver, and had to wait 6-8 weeks for its to be flown in from Hong Kong.

It is funny that central bankers thought they could take the ponzi mentality of infinite dilution of all assets coupled with infinite debt issuance, as they have done to fiat money, and apply it to gold, in essence piling leverage upon leverage. They underestimated gold holders' willingness to be diluted into perpetuity - when the realization that gold owned is just 1% of what is physically deliverable, you will see the biggest bank run in history.
 By bluejay

04/07/2010  10:52PM

Last on gold is $1146.00, earlier it had been trading over $1150.00.

The gold and silver price rigging scam by fiat currency managers will be over soon. Jim Sinclair has recently stated that you won't be able to buy gold after year's end. Why? Because there are 100 times more ounces committed to all sorts of paper products saying that there is gold behind them, when in reality, it is an untruth.

China has quite a serious problem: If it buys gold outside of its own country's production what guarantees will be good enough for them to insure delivery?

The game will soon be up when the media is forced to report the real news when delivery failures can't be hidden from the public any longer when the Genie escapes from the bottle. Right now, the press is keeping the lid on it all concerning the fact that there is only one ounce of physical gold available for every hundred that have been promised. Concerning silver, it has to be worse with large US banks continuing to be naked short.

If you haven't already got the facts from kingworldnews.com then you should go to their site and listen to Eric King's past few interviews.

The days are becoming limited for gold and silver acquisition as more and more people are beconing aware of this great tradegy. Eric King has stated that this fraud is the greatest financial fraud ever to be experienced in the history of the world.

Before the bubble explodes and criminals identified, it's quite apparent that everyone needs to have gold and silver in some form plus "in your own personal possession".

News out today states that 6,900 people file for bankruptcy each day. For the month of March, 158,000 filed for bankruptcy protection. Some people don't even have enough money to file as it costs anywhere from $1500 to $3500 for the bankruptcy attorney.
 By bluejay

04/02/2010  6:14PM

If You Are Not Committed To Gold and Silver, You Are In More Trouble Than You Think.

Select GATA March 31, 2010 for all the information if the link below doesn't come up from King World News.

The imbalance between physical gold and silver and what paper contracts say is there, ????, is the greatest in the history of the world and is presumed to worsen until the bubble from all the years of perpetuated fraud explodes.

According to Bill Murphy, there is a slow fuse burning.

 By bluejay

03/24/2010  2:03PM

Gold is off $16.90 at $1085.90. The dollar is benefiting from weakness spilling over into the Euro and the Pound which are both breaking below short term support levels today.

The volatility in the currency markets as a result of growing sovereign debt is expected to increase. Today it's all about putting funds into the dollar while withdrawing them out of western European currencies for safety. Safety?

Most currencies will eventually be unable to escape the coming contagion of debt default and all are expected to go south against gold in due course. It's just a matter of time.

In the meantime, gold suffers a little as the dollar is the prettiest girl at the dance in the eyes of currency traders and institutions as it remains, for the most part, the world's reserve currency.

I've been going over a 10 year chart of gold. What I see is that smart money is entering the precious metal each time it approaches its 40 week average, or the 200 day moving average line. With the exception of the banker's raid on gold and silver in 2008, all have been perfectly timed. The 40 week average currently stands at 1045.72.

If I were operating China's unannounced gold buying program, I would have been buying all day and looking forward to lower prices for the rest of the week and beyond. Whether they get their wish at these levels down to about $1046 is anyone's guess.

Martin Armstrong has stated beginning next month through October of this year gold will be strong. Mr. Armstrong has a track record that surpasses the great majority of market followers. I guess we'll find out soon enough if he can do it again.
 By bluejay

03/15/2010  10:39PM

Last on gold is $1111.90.

Idaho Bill Permits State Taxes Be Paid With Silver

By The Associated Press 03/15/10 - 02:48 PM EDT

BOISE, Idaho (AP) ¬ó Idaho lawmakers are backing a plan that would allow state tax bills to be paid down with silver medallions instead of cash.

The bill approved Monday is intended to encourage the use of silver as a form of currency and reinvigorate Idaho's silver mining industry, which has been in decline for decades.

Athol Republican Rep. Phil Hart told the House State Affairs Committee that consumers should rely less on money printed by the federal government because inflation will diminish its value. His bill reignites a long-standing debate about the value of paper money not backed by commodities.

Hart's measure also includes tax breaks for any company that agrees to process silver ore for the medallions.

Lawmakers in Georgia considered allowing citizens to pay taxes with gold and silver last year.
 By bluejay

03/15/2010  2:57PM

Last on gold is $1108.80. Is the recent price activity in the general 1100 area etching out enough support as a base in preparation for a new intermediate move higher or do we have to wait a little longer? Remember, playing the waiting game in any major bull market is the same as watching its battery getting recharged for its next expected energy burst forward.

Years ago when gold traded higher above its very long term declining 5000 day moving average line in 2002 or so at around $350, it was acknowledged here that the tide had turned. Nothing is yet seen on the horizon that would even slightly indicate that this bull has terminally exhausted itself, contrary to what George Soros said about gold being in a bubble. What is quite clear is that this monster of a bull market has many more charges left in it that will span years ahead of us.

Got your gold? In addition, it may be added that holding pre-1965 silver coins is an excellent idea as well. If our fiat currency is no longer accepted for one reason or the other and since no other world reserve currency exists currently, silver coins will regain their past status as the people's currency.

China is collecting "in ground" precious metals along with copper hoping the markets remain tame while they methodically exchange their reserve currency dollar holdings. The Chinese are sly liquidators of dollars while at the same time they publicly support the currency and demean gold from some official circles.

The major problem for dollar holders is that the current exit point is very small and any pushing at this portal would cause a dam collape of historical proportions resulting in painful losses.

Words from Doug Casey concerning fiat currencies and the building debt behind them:

"A guy stuck with a dead manís IOU has nothing."

Fiat currecies come and go on a regular basis without one ever induring the test of time. On the other side of the coin, gold is eternal.

Think it can't happen here, think again.
 By bluejay

03/12/2010  10:04AM

Gold is below $1100.00 at $1099.30. What does today's weakness mean? According to John Williams at shadowstats.com in Oakland and close believers of him around the world, it means nothing.

John in February of this year said, it doesn't make any difference - in where gold is headed - if you are paying $700 or $2000 an ounce for it today.

The following is from Mike Maloney's Gold and Silver Report on March 9, 2010:

This money(speaking of extremely high inflation rates in Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil during the 80's) creation is unprecedented in the United States and shows no sign of slowing down. It may be new to us, but people from other countries can tell you from first-hand experience how it will turn out.

How many times do governments have to reprove that the formula of:

Slowing economy + increased currency creation does not equal long term prosperity for the country?

When this has happened in other countries there have been many losers, but the positive part of this equation is that there are also some individuals and families that win big with life changing wealth. Those who understand what is happening and take action, not only protect themselves but massively prosper in the final equation.

Mike Maloney - Rich Dad's Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver:

Gold and silver have revalued themselves throughout the centuries and called on fiat paper to account for itself. In doing so, gold and silver bring fraudulent money to justice. They've always done this, and they always will.

Once again, the accounting has begun, and it will not stop until the full accounting is completed.

The resounding answer we have come up with for ourselves and our families is holding physical precious metals either directly or in storage.

Examples in these other countries show that when this debasement of the currency happens there is a massive wealth transfer from those that hold the depreciating paper assets to those holding items of intrinsic value.

Are you ready?
 By bluejay

03/03/2010  3:44PM

Last on gold is $1139.60.

One very good reason for holding gold is the mistrust of the hired-hands, supposedly, who are safeguarding our welfare.

For a real eye-opener on what has been done to us and what continues, check out the attached article.

 By bluejay

03/02/2010  2:19PM

Last on gold is $1134.50. From a chart interpretation, gold has completed its recent weak spell that began soon after it passed $1200 in the beginning of December.

The $1300 to $1350 area seems reasonable to expect for an upcoming intermediate high point. If this range is bettered in the next three months or so, gold could well enter a ran-away phase like it did in 1979.

Don't forget silver, it will join in with gold's strength, possibly, to a much greater degree. Although gold continues to outperform it, this can all abruptly change if the precious metal's market gets hot.

Pre-1965 US coinage of dimes, quarters and halves is a sector of investment that continues to look quite attractive. Accomplished folks that I know who began their purchase program of these coins when silver was above $6, still continue to add to their hoard.

eBay continues to be the most competitive market for prospective buyers with an interest in these items. If payment is made through Pay-Pal your purchase is guaranteed.
 By bluejay

02/19/2010  1:05PM

Gold rallied today to a last of $1115.50 from just below $1100 following the increase in the discount rate that intially took it lower. Demand for gold in the $1080 to $1100 area appears preparing the metal for another thrust higher in the weeks ahead.

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis reported in kitco.com, http://www.kitco.com/ind/Lewis/feb172010.html that "COMEX has systematically created an even bigger problem for investors. The exchange allows investors to make good on their future positions with gold and silver ETF's rather than real assets, thus opening up the door for hugely distorted market prices."

First, the COMEX isn't referring to investors, they are referring to the likes of the big bullion banks like J.P. Morgan and Golden Sachs. When have you ever heard of an investor defined as someone who naked shorts gold and silver contracts? What a joke!

Physical gold and silver are disappearing from the market place, clear and simple. Basically the COMEX is saying, you can still bet on silver and gold prices but you can't take delivery and walk away with the specie.

Jim Willie has repeatedly warned that there is a growing physical gold delivery problem in London with some large Chinese interests boiling mad enough to employ an army of lawyers and auditors to retrieve their gold.

The fiat currency managers by the actions of COMEX are saying, we'll control the metal prices and prevent you from taking physical delivery but you can still play the game in our unbacked fiats.

The handwriting is on the wall for those willing to see it, the physical supply of gold and silver is running out. You better get your share before the supply channels start drying up.

COMEX's message is quite clear, the big gold and silver shorts are close to default. The bending of the delivery rules is just another bail out for these sociopaths. The CFTC should close this crooked exchange.
 By Dave I.

02/18/2010  6:00PM

The derivative market was the high lighted on "Front Line" of P.B.S. and the high flying free market. This is still a mysterious market, that was using the housing bubble to back their debt. the whole house of cards imploded just like the fall of the stock market in 1929, except bigger.
It was a time bomb that could have happened 10 to 20 years ago. The federal reserve was basically responsible for it. The Commodities market director was aware of it, but ham strung by the banking industry and the federal Reserve to stop the regulating of it.
Do not fear, time will heal all. Yes we will all have to pay for it. Life will go on. We will all figure out how to make a living or die trying.
Our nation is the bread basket of the world, so food should get cheaper. Housing will get cheaper. Retirement may become a lost cause, because the investment of that security went broke. We are a strong people,we will survive.
With out regulation of this derivative market, fraud and corruption ran out of control. We pay for it now.
 By bluejay

02/18/2010  1:55PM

Last on gold is $1121.50(now $1110.40) after trading under $1100 twice last night. Weakness developed soon after the close of the market in NY yesterday when the IMF, in an e-mail announcement, said that it would be selling the last of the 403.3 tons of gold, 191.3 tons, on the open market. This will never happen in the open market as it is against the IMF charter, conducting auctions would be more like it.

Releasing this information after NY hours would indicate an attempt to use black magic in order to get gold as low as possible in an illiquid market.

Unfortunately for the cabal, it was a dud. Just like when George Soros stated that gold was in a bubble in January. It turns out that since the Soros' statement he actually has been buying gold for his own hedge fund.


We are in the age of manipulation and extreme greed. Getting the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 passed bordered on another form of manipulation, this time by the bankers and not a hedge fund.

The Act was approved during the Christmas Holiday. The crucial vote came in the Senate on December 23, 1913, 68 members were in attendance while 27 were no-shows. The final vote for passage was 43 yeas to 25 nays. One wonders, how many of the yeas were bought and paid for by the big New York bankers?

The bankers had long planned for this privately owned central bank to subsidize them beginning with their infamous secret Jeckyll Island meeting that begun in November of 1910.


A quote from Robert Kiyosaki would seem appropriate here:

"This(Jeckyll Island get-together) is a murder mystery about the financial murder of the middle class."

Anyone who has ever read Ferdinand Lips' book, Gold Wars, is not surprised at what length the masters of fiat run currencies will do to support the continuing acceptance of those unbacked paper promises assisting the bankers in keeping us indebted to them as they both debase our wealth.

Gold is our only ally now as the real estate market has topped out for the long term, according to Martin Armstrong.

Armstrong also states, "the bottom comes in 13 years." This continuing real estate collapse is far more serious than we are being told. Las Vegas and Reno continue to be hard hit with little hope in sight. My son predicts that in the future a person will be able to purchase an average sized home in Nevada or Florida for one ounce of gold.

The only home values that I am aware of that have bottomed out are in Detroit. About 1/10th of a ounce will buy you a handful of homes. Check it out, go to realtor.com.
 By bluejay

02/16/2010  12:43PM

Gold is higher today at $1119.40.

The following linked interview between Eric King and Jim Sinclair is about 45 minutes of the most priceless listening time you may ever spend.


The financial sociopaths and serial bullies are just beginning to feel the wrath of the people they are attempting to destroy as the following news release suggests:


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ATHENS, Greece (AP) - Police in the Greek capital say a bomb has exploded at the offices of American financial services firm JPMorgan Chase & Co., causing no injuries.
The blast occurred early evening Tuesday in an upscale area of central Athens, following a warning telephone call to an Athens newspaper.
The extent of the damage was not immediately clear. 161811 feb 10GMT
 By bluejay

02/13/2010  11:23PM

China's Pressing Need To Buy More Gold.

This is an excellent article from December 29, 2009.

 By bluejay

02/07/2010  1:41PM

In speaking of buying gold coins on reactions in the past it was thought that folks knew where to go and get them. This may or not not be the case.

In past dealings of mine, and friends and relatives I have become aware of some outstanding sources for gold and silver coins:




In regards to ebay.com purchases have always been made from the top rated sellers using paypal. When using paypal all purchases are insured.

Numismatic coins can be purchased either professionally graded or not. I prefer some part of my coin's position to be in these graded coins as there is never a doubt to the condition of them and in the future can be sold sight unseen. The coins are slabbed in hard plastic with the grader's identification on it as well as the grade. The highest grade is MS 70 which is basically a flawless coin and carries the highest value in the series of MS ratings.

If anyone has an interest concerning the process of grading coins at PCGS which is my favorite there is a five minute video available from http://www.golddealer.com. When you get to the site go to "U.S. gold and silver PCGS certified." Next select either high bandwidth(Cable/DSL) or low bandwidth(Dial Up).

For simplicity purposes within the current bull market in gold I prefer to scale down coin purchases from the lower half of the ascending up trendline channel. To make purchases easy and methodical in the days and weeks ahead for those with an interest, lets just take the current range in round numbers in the channel from 900 to 1200 as a starting point to arrive at the median level, 1050.

At $20 lower intervals or so from 1050 you would purchase your selected coin varieties from the above mentioned sources or your own sources. Of the people I speak to, they hold 70% in gold and silver bullion coins and the balance in certified coins of their allotted percentage in their portfolio for coins.

For folks who do not like to store the bullion coins an excellent alternative is in buying and having certificates delivered to you of Central Fund of Canada(CEF-ASE). Of all the Exchange traded funds, IMO, this is the most secure. CEF holds 50% gold and 50% silver bullion in secure Canadian vaults.

I am not at all convinced that the current short term move lower in both gold and silver is over quite yet. As the earlier supplied article from Jim Willie states the current market weakness is being driven by paper gold sellers who don't necessarily have the physical metal but who are, anyway, affecting the physical price.

Mr. Willie states that this current weakness is an opportunity for physical buyers with the total collapse of the world's paper gold markets pending as he convincingly made his case for.
 By bluejay

02/05/2010  3:04PM

Gold closed on a strong daily note at $1065.00 rallying from an earlier low at $1042.50.

The following linked article by Jim Willie goes into the structural breakdown of the gold market in detail which may shock you:

 By bluejay

02/05/2010  10:30AM

Gold has become weaker faster than expected as it is now off $14.10 for the day at $1049.10, breaking short term support at $1060.

There is no question that the cartel wants the metal under $1000. They have succeeded in freightening the market which is one of their onerous trademarks. Manipulating the dollar higher makes the weakness more justified in the minds of market followers but it's the gold they want lower, not the dollar higher. Just because Euroland has their troubles the dollar is now the currency of choice? The fact of the matter is that all fiat currencies will erode in value against gold and this present playing off one currency against the other is just child's play when weighing in some serious consideration for real wealth preservation with gold.

The following linked video clearly states the case why the dollar will fall in value against gold when some day over the next five years it will take 15,000 dollars to buy one ounce of gold.

Continue buying and holding gold, it is your family's insurance policy against planned government mistakes that are more than likely being orchestrated by the owner of half the world's wealth from across the Atlantic.


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