January 20, 2018 

Gold Enters Major Bull Market


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 By bluejay

11/09/2009  11:51PM

Last on gold is $1098.30.

In The News Today
Posted: Nov 09 2009 By: Jim Sinclair Post Edited: November 9, 2009 at 10:50 pm

Filed under: In The News

Dear CIGAs,

My friend, former partner, respected colleague and ace floor trader Yra Harris today said:

"Oh the birds are singing, the hills are alive with the sounds of music and the carry trade is in full swing. Today was the paradigm of the easy funding for the world for if you were an asset class that could not rally you must have been tied to causing the existence of flesh eating bacteria. With the G20 shown to be a paper tiger, the IMF giving its seal of approval to the debased dollar carry trade – the animal spirits ran wild. The dollar was down against everything but the yen for the yen is the second favorite funding currency with similar fundamentals to the dollar."

My comment is simple.

The floors of the dollar’s downward elevator are about to open up wide.

The freefall is near. Armstrong’s few days are just around the corner.

The Winter is going to be very cold for the US dollar Be advised. Take precautions immediately if you have not already.
 By bluejay

11/08/2009  9:36PM

Last on gold is $1104.50.

In the link below Ronald Rosen presents the case for gold dropping to the $640 to $650 area by 10/20/10. All I can say is that the metal is in a bull market. Could Ronald be right? Mr. Jim Sinclair says around April of 2011 gold will hit $1650. Jim Sinclair also said that there will be wide swings in this market going forward. Personally, I've mentioned recently that there is an outside chance of gold trading lower on a reaction to around $935 or so, to reaching higher to $1200 on this move.

I think it makes sense to have some extra funds always available "just in case" during this bull market. As a long term investor in this sector mainly since 2003, I'm going to remain about fully invested until much higher levels arrive with, sharp intermediate declines or not.

 By bluejay

11/08/2009  8:17PM

Gold is pushing higher tonight, last is $1104.60.
 By bluejay

11/06/2009  10:16PM

Gold closed out the week at $1096.90 after briefly passing $1100 earlier today. The media attributed the metal's strength to the Labor Department's disclosure that unemployment had passed the 10% level to 10.2%.

http://www.jsmineset.com carried today an advertisement from John Williams of Shadow Government Statistics out of Oakland, California that shows from his research in chart form that the real unemployment figure is over 22%.

Jim Sinclair from time to time quotes the widely respected John Williams.

If it's still available on the jsmineset website, Jim has provided a link to the recent thoughts of Martin Armstrong. Martin Armstrong may be one of the most brilliant minds in the world today.

Both John Williams and Martin Armstrong are patriots who both call it the way it is, as opposed to our elected officials who, I suspect, just make it up as they go along for whatever benefits them.
 By bluejay

11/05/2009  9:36PM

Last on gold is $1091.40

I know this might be a touchy subject for some but I believe the time has come to be more specific in identifying the nature of our business in our corporate title.

Here are a few thoughts:

16 to 1 Gold Mining and Exploration

Alleghany Consolidated Gold

Thinking of names could be endless. The point is we need GOLD in our name. The day is coming when the public will start their research for small gold and silver related companies. There was once a company, years ago, on the American Stock Exchange with gold in its name. The company had nothing to do with gold mining but each time the gold shares rallied this one always went up in sympathy.

Isn't it ironic that our stock does nothing with new highs on gold everyday while another company that has gold in its name but is not a gold affiliated company just might go up?

The lack of the word gold in our corporate title is another one of our untapped assets.
 By Rick

11/05/2009  5:57PM

As should be done first...read directly below.

Next....the battle between private sector autonomy in operating this mine vs. regulatory theives will become more and more evident as this mining gem continues to attract attention and somehow goes further along un-noticed by the private sector.

Major gold inside a mine with major highgrade history, untapped potential...given the trend, I see the road-blocks that have been thrown down in the pursuit of the historic success of this endeavor soon to be relegated to the dust pan.
 By Michael Miller

11/05/2009  3:06PM

Gold mining for us little guys has always been a mystery for many smart people to grasp. Years ago for my own amusement (since my first, middle and last names begin with M) I wrote an essay about the Three M’s of mining. They are Men-Money-Minerals. Its printed on this web site or published somewhere in some article. The writer Bluejay mentioned below hits this theme. I’m sure others will follow because that is the way with the flock of analysts joining this modern gold rush.

Our company has two of his requirements for evaluating a strong junior mining operation. There really is gold in the gold that we own outright, it is proven by past gold production and it is readily accessible without spending years getting permits, building a mining infrastructure of trying to figure out how to mine the yellow stuff.

Intelligent manpower is available to the Company with deep geological knowledge about practical methods of mining the rich and rare ore body known as the Sixteen to One mine in the famous Alleghany Mining District.

I disagree with him about exploration and would prefer to seek out actual gold producers. They are few and far between amongst the many gold juniors in existence.

So, with gold basing itself around $1,000 per ounce, why is this proven profitable gold mine living its current life in a maintenance mode? The last M…money. It is not at hand. A very imaginative and worthwhile limited partnership became available on November 1, 2009 for ten investments of $100,000 and ten investments of $50,000. It will not be printed on the internet. MMM is working to solve this last deficiency.
 By bluejay

11/05/2009  6:47AM

Last on gold is $1088.40 after hitting a high of $1095 earlier in London.

The following is an excerpt from David Vaughn's 11-03-09 kitco.com article entitled, "Are Safe Deposit Boxes Safe? No"

C. S. Lewis

Ready To Start Speculating In Gold Mining Stocks?

How do you know which junior mining stocks are quality and worth buying? While there are many who believe management is the most important asset to a quality mining company…I say it’s whether or not they have the gold in the ground.

Sure, management is extremely important, but so is the fact of whether or not the company has discovered an economically viable deposit.

I have seen many top notch managers who maybe find one good deposit in their lifetime. A few who have repeated their success. But why guess a mans yet undetermined future success? Look for the company that has already proven they have the yellow stuff in the ground. If it’s that good a find there is even the additional good chance the company may be bought out by a major for a premium.

Jim Sinclair – “As gold makes its way past $1000 to $1650 and beyond, the order up to now has been Major Producers and the top half of Junior Producers benefiting…” “Watch closely now as a shift takes place.”

”…I anticipate that the bottom half of Junior Producers and the viable companies in Gold Exploration entities to outperform the top half of Junior Producers and Major Producers as the price of gold continues higher in late 2009 and 2010.” ”History tells us this is how it has always happened, and I believe it will again.” Respectfully, Jim Sinclair
 By Dave I.

11/04/2009  2:11AM

The answer is a thought that as long as humanity grows and life gets longer it will grow. The relationship between the resources and quality of life is the true value of money. I think.
When humanity stops growing, then greater wealth will be left for the few.
 By bluejay

11/03/2009  9:41PM

Last on gold is $1084.70.

Total U.S. unfunded obligations in trillions:

2009 $104.0

2008 99.2

2007 87.9

2006 83.9

2005 79.2

2004 72.0

Any thoughts on how this one ends?
 By bluejay

11/03/2009  9:20PM


Zimbabwe went to US dollars as their country's currency due to the failure of their money to function as a result of the effects of hyperinflation.

Maybe, laws or not, our currency dealings may be in Chinese Yen someday when we find ourselves in the throws of our own coming hyperinflation as a result of unbridled massive quantitative easing(letting the printing presses run day and night). Contrary to the spoken word in Washington, IT'S COMING.

I'm preparing myself for transactions in the future by acquiring Franklin silver half dollars, Washington silver quarters and Roosevelt silver dimes.
 By Dave I.

11/03/2009  2:32PM

Hi every body,
I some time come up with some goofy ideas. I thought I would run this buy this forum,
Is there a law that All our natural resources mined in America, to include Hydrocarbons, and agriculture, be paid for in US dollars?
 By bluejay

11/03/2009  11:06AM


Gold is rocketing, last sale is $1085.
 By bluejay

11/02/2009  10:42PM

Last on gold is $1063.80.


IMF sells 200 tons of gold to India. It appears all of the over 400 tons of gold that is to be sold by the IMF will directly go into the coffers of central banks, bypassing the market as predicted by Mr. James Sinclair months ago.

 By bluejay

11/02/2009  7:19PM

Last on gold is $1064.70

Gold is firming tonight on news from the jsmineset.com site concerning the central bank of India wanting 200 tons of the proposed sale of IMF gold.

Linked below is an excellent article from Harper's that clearly infers, Wall Street is still in charge and our representatives continue to be influenced by them.

 By Rick

11/02/2009  5:36PM

Dave, I'm sorry, sincerely....thanks for clarity It is my mistake! Sorry for the slight.
 By Dave I.

11/01/2009  7:18PM

I was not aware that I caused any disrespect for those who fought in World War II. I had both a brother and a brother in law who did. If my words were miss understood than I recommend you look up the "Great Depression" in Wikipedia.
 By Rick

11/01/2009  5:35PM

Dave, with honest due respect....your WWII anology and subsequent citation of the real reason for recovery back then holds no water in today's market. (It's also an affront to those who fought that war. Shame on you.)

Analyze the motive of the American spirit then vs, now.
You will find a vast difference in invested spirit.

By the way, Dave, you dodged the math I put forth regarding the fake GDP growth model, by suggesting "wheel grease" makes the engine work.

Wrong. When graft and corruptions are the basis of greese, no-one but the holders of corrupt fruit can prosper. To wit: no one (trust your own soul0...would you invest in the fraud?
 By Dave I.

11/01/2009  2:51PM

I recommend that a review of Wikipedia's assessment about the history of the great depression. Our nation did not recover from this depression until the advent of World War II. The economic growth was supported by debt to pay for the war machine to defend the free world at the time. That was the economic stimulus at the time. The whole world was caught up in the great depression. The same thing is much the same today. With out putting stimulus funds into our nation, as well as other nations, the deflation and the lack of investment to drive growth will once again raise the prospect for bankrupting the world. The misery index will be fruit for discontent of the people, to take up arms and conquer those who have the wealth.
 By bluejay

11/01/2009  1:40PM

The following excerpt is from a commentary by Roger Wiegard on kitco.com entitled, "Zombie Government Reality Check."

Artificial Growth Courtesy Of Government Taxes Take a minute and think about what propels these so-called recovery markets.

The phony, positive GDP growth rate announced on October 29 is a bald-faced lie. John Williams at Shadowstats.com, our trusted and very accurate source of numbers, says the annual GDP rate is sinking at -5.7% and we would agree.

We’ve previously reported that when a nation’s GDP-to-debt ratio surpasses 6% it can never recover; that is historical fact. The USA’s today is projected at 13% and getting worse. Since statistical distortion is the name of the game even the government hasn’t a clue whether its 6, 13 or 30. One thing we know for sure; it’s much worse than imagined.

Consumers’ primary assets are cars and houses. Cash for Clunkers was a clunker that cost taxpayers $28,000 per car as one analyst reported. Further, it took paid-for cars and trucks off the road and sunk these new vehicle owners into payments they cannot afford. Look for those new vehicles to be repossessed in few months.

Consumers’ residential loan failures are legendary. New homes are being produced at a rate of 400,000+ per year with a normal year being 1,700,000. It that a recovery? That’s a disaster! Other used home sales seeming to be perking-up are those of new buyers getting free down payments from the government. How long are those loans any good?

John Williams tells us durable goods, the hard, expensive stuff like furniture and appliances fell to a 1997 order level. He also told us help-wanted advertising for jobs sits at a 58 year low. Is that a growing economy?

These broken consumers need jobs and credit and have neither. As governments and central banks steal more taxes and print more currencies in this low interest environment, hyper-inflation seems inevitable to us.

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