October 17, 2021 

Gold Enters Major Bull Market


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 By emf

01/10/2008  12:29PM

This comment is posted on Jim Sinclair's site


It conncerns S.African mines being shut down for safety reasons. We know the gold is there...where's our financial angel?

These type of issues (see article below) are going to impact the supply side of the minerals industry for decades. There are very few new mines coming on stream and the ones that are producing are running full bore to capitalize on high metal prices.These mines are getting deeper, more dangerous to work in, and more expensive to operate, which is a scenario for production shortfalls in the future.

South African gold production has been declining steadily over the past few decades and if this trend continues it will soon lose its first place position - if it hasn't already. In 1970, South Africa accounted for two thirds of global output; now it's around 11%, the same as Australia. Since 1995, its gold production has dropped by half.

Anyone who feels that supply-demand fundamentals won't affect the gold market has got his/her head in the sand. We hear so much these days about oil shortages but nobody seems to pay attention to mineral commodities which underpin all industrialized economies. When you look at the price of mineral commodities today in real terms they are still relatively cheap by historical standards. There's still plenty of room for catchup and when that happens it will be a sight to behold.
 By Rick

01/09/2008  8:44PM

Rockroby, I'm putting your below-this entry back on top.
 By Rockroby

01/09/2008  5:12PM

Now if we could just get people interested in the positive aspects of the mine such as the people who run it know how to find gold & there is lots left to find and they are ready to get down in there and get it.The stock on the open market is at .75 cents & it's worth more then that,the need is to get people to start investing,the more people go to Yahoo MSN AOL Google and all the other financial browsers & just look at the OSTO stock it registers a hit then go to the message board and give it a strong buy with your reason why you think that and that will register hit,if enough people do it more and more people will look at it.
I left one on Yahoo on the 2nd & am still waiting for someone to rate it and even that would help.
The positive needs to be played up & i am convinced that the 16 to One will put California back on the map as a gold producing State.
Thank You
 By gfxgold

01/08/2008  10:50AM

At this moment, gold is at: $877.50. A new record. The Experts are saying that a triple threat is what's driving the price of gold up. The subprime fiasco, a soft dollar and hundred dollar oil. I like the idea of turning some soft dollars into hard gold. I think that's what the founding fathers had in mind when they wrote the constitution.
 By bluejay

11/21/2007  5:50PM

Gold $801.40
Silver $14.48
Gold/Silver Ratio 55.35
Gold/XAU Ratio 4.74

Dow Jones Industrial Average(DOW) 12,799.04 off 211.10

The DOW confirmed today that it has entered an intermediate bear market. The market just can not handle anymore writedowns from financial institutions.

The 200 day moving average line has been decisively broken to the downside by the DOW. Monday and Tuesday it appeared that aggressive hedge funds were unloading freight car loads of stock just under the 13,200 level.
 By bluejay

11/20/2007  2:57PM

Gold $803.40
Silver $14.71
Gold/Silver Ratio 54.62
Gold/XAU Ratio 4.67

What a difference a day makes!

Gold is up over $30 from late night's trading in the Monday Asian markets.

I don't know about you, but I'm starting to take offense watching the little tricksters, the bullion banks, jump to the tune of selling paper gold each time their handlers push the sell button.

All shareholders of gold mining companies in the U.S. have been severly damaged by the unethical exploits of the Fed and the Treasury Department to suppress the metal's price for some years now.

Gold should be selling for well over $2,000 an ounce and it's not and the gold mining companies hardly have a chance to produce profits because we are forced to transact our business in their rapidly depreciating fiat currency. The bottom line for us is, our costs are spiraling higher with no end in sight.

Jim Sinclair calls the CPI Index a cartoon. Keep reading jsmineset.com for current honest reporting of our financial system in meltdown that the media chooses not to cover.

The government has been trying to put the gold miners out of business for some time now. You just have to look north to Canada to see what our miners don't have. Quebec for example, totally supports their miners and actually pays a good portion of the company expenses for mineral exploration. Nothing like this in California, all we have is Darth Vader's dark legion of organized attorneys(CDAA).

Our U.S. Constitution clearly states that we are only to use silver and gold coins but the pimp money changers control the system. They make their own rules and no one stands up to them with any success.

GATA is one that tries for the miners. They currently have a lawyer attempting to disprove that our gold supply does exist at Fort Knox, West Point and in the vaults of Federal Reserve bank in New York so we can bring the government paid evil doers to justice.

Guess what? It's all gone to "deep storage." What's that? It's a trick to make us have to look for it in a maze in a place that doesn't exist.

The only way to save ourselves is to as quickly as possible convert our greenbacks into gold and silver coins. Gold and silver coins appreciate, unlike the greenbacks which are losing their value at a 20% clip this year.
 By martin newkom

11/20/2007  9:37AM

Some years ago in the Hall-
wood area adjacent to some
dredger tailings near Marys-
ville, a farmer drilled an
irrigation near his home and
the driller found Platinum
but not in paying amounts.
Tough luck!.
 By bluejay

11/18/2007  3:08PM

Gold $789.50
Silver $14.50
Gold/Silver Ratio 54.38
Gold/XAU Ratio 4.57

November 16, 2007

"One early-warning harbinger of inflation is the dilution of the dollar until it starts to lose exchange value against foreign currencies, and the dollar, with fits and starts, has been in a long-term bear market for several years."

"A falling dollar is inflationary, as it takes more and more dollars to buy increasing amounts of foreign-produced goods we are now buyings. Wal-Mart's soaring sales are a telling indicator, as they are China's biggest customer for cheap goods produced by cheap labor."

"Gold and oil are quoted in dollars, so up they go. And now the metals are rising, not just against the dollar, but against nearly all currencies as the metals grow in strength, with some dramatic retreats, WHICH ARE ONLY OPPORTUNITIES TO BUY MORE."

"The falling dollar explains early strength in the metals, and there is a lot more to come, as we continue to flood the international money markets, and now we don't even have to print them."

"This is now the Age of Cyber-money, when less than 5% of the dollars are minted or printed, but are only computer entries at banks. We don't even know how many dollars there are! The Fed has recently stopped publishing key money-supply numbers(M3) without explanation."

Howard Ruff
The Ruff Times

The day is slowly approaching where everyone's realistic wealth will be commonly valued, not in dollars, but in ounces of gold.
 By bluejay

11/16/2007  9:00PM

Gold $785.40
Silver $14.43
Gold/Silver Ratio 54.43
Gold/XAU Ratio 4.55

It's confirmed, the bullion banks were responsible for last week's weakness in gold. Dan Norcini of jsmineset.com has evaluated the CFTC data released today and has applied it to the Gold(COMEX) - Commitment of Traders 2004 - 2007 chart and has made the following comments:

"Notice something unusual about this chart(the chart can be seen at jsmineset.com) - look at the commercial short position - not their net short position but the outright short position being held by the bullion banks - it actually INCREASED in spite of the $42 plunge in price on Monday followed by the $16 drop in price on Tuesday. Both of these days are reported in the release of today's CFTC data."

"This occured in spite of very sizeable fund long liquidation(over 13,000 to be exact). This is a very clear indication that the gold price was FORCED down by the bullion banks-there are only two occasions that I can recall in the past few years in which a price plunge of this magnitude have seen an INCREASE in the commercial short position."

"On both occasions, it was evident that these players were deliberately attempting to force the price down. Normally, they lift or reduce the number of shorts on price downdrafts."

"It is interesting to note that that the ENTIRE decrease in the commercial net short position therefore came about because of very large end user buying by the other commercials."

The Wall Street Journal inferred in its Monday morning edition that gold can't even keep up with inflation? No wonder, with the henchmen bullion banks hammering it lower each time it starts a good run.

Why was the order given for Monday morning? Would it have anything to do with the stock market closing down hard for last week and especially on Friday?

Would it have anything to with the Financial Accounting Standards Board implementing rule #157 for the coming Thursday(November 15, 2007)?

This rule expands disclosing about the use of fair value to measure assets and liabilities.

This rule is basically the Board's establishing a measurement framework to expand disclosures associated with fair value measurements.

Rule #157 will force all financial institutions and other companies to call a spade a spade concerning financial instruments and their real value. The real value is the price these assets can be sold for into a willing market.

Unfortunately, many instruments like OTC derivatives have no market. Will these institutions mark them to zero? Their accountants might not but the auditors certainly will if they treasure their licenses.

There is a coming shock that will be felt by everyone, sooner or later. When people get the message, they will flock to gold, bullion banks or no bullion banks.

Somewhere down the road, physical gold buyers will have to square up with the short sellers. The big question is, where are the bullion banks going to get it from then? You can't be selling paper gold on the COMEX until the end of time.
 By bluejay

11/11/2007  9:33PM

Gold $816.80
Silver $15.10
Gold/Silver Ratio 54.09
Gold/XAU Ratio 4.35(Ahead of the shares opening in 9 1/2 hours)

How ironic!

Just finished speaking of the difference in the current price of gold and its
anticipated advance ahead to its inflation adjusted real price and the following was just picked up as a preview of tomorrow's Wall Street Journal's article, "Gold Record Is A Distant Prospect."

Monday November 12. 2007

by Melanie Burton

"Gold made headlines last week by flirting with its 1980 peak price, but the precious metal remains far short of its inflation-adjusted record--and probably won't see it soon."

Ok, this is the start of evidently a massive concerted effort by the anti-gold establishment to beat back the price of gold. They have never before used this type of justification to support the idea to the public that gold is so bad off it cant't even keep up with inflation like the stock market has over past years.

Expect all their forces, probably the bullion banks have started already selling tonight in the Asian markets with more coming tomorrow, to be directed fiercely against gold with a blast from their controlled media and their hired gun mouth pieces.

My wife just asked me the other day, "why haven't we heard anything on the major news networks about all the strength in gold that I have been listening to from you lately?"

Guess what? They were instructed not to mention it. That tells me one thing, someone is really worried that gold is up so much.

It should be an interesting week for gold, probably lower.

I remember quoting the Boston Globe a few years back or so saying, gold is poised to sell off and is a bad investment. Since their brilliant comment gold has more than doubled.

 By bluejay

11/11/2007  8:12PM

Gold $823.40
Silver $15.18
Gold/Silver Ratio 54.24
Gold/XAU Ratio 4.41

Gold is taking a little break tonight selling off $8.70 to $823.40.

On the last advancing streak gold went into the general area of $838.00 or abouts. The current weakness is just the start of another buying opportunity.

Jim Sinclair buys gold during reactions each $10 lower and hasn't been wrong since 2002 when gold bottomed at the $250 area. What does that tell you?

The only timing mistake you can make following the plan is not buying gold on the extreme low of this breathing period of weakness.

Today, I listened to an interview at Agoracom.com with Jean-Francois Tardif of Sprott Management in Toronto. He says that $200 oil is coming and higher later to $300 and $400 are possibilities.

It is, simply, just a matter of increasing demand and shrinking supply. Casey Research has an informative article at kitco.com concerning this matter.

With expected continuing higher prices for energy, it's just another excuse for gold to continue to advance.

Combining higher oil prices with the simmering pot of toxic OTC derivatives and the case for making gold the currency of choice is well on its way.

It's just a matter of time before the public figures out how to save their bacon by owning gold. During an anticipated public buying rush expect gold to close its gap between the real adjusted price for inflation, over $2,000, and the current Fed and Treasury suppressed price.
 By bluejay

11/07/2007  5:53PM


Congratulations, as Sinclair would say, you are spot on!
 By emf

11/07/2007  6:45AM

I'm with Bluejay, Jim Sinclair is a must read. If you are interested in purchasing gold or silver coins there are many sites to do so and and Kitco is one. I however, recommend www.golddealer.com. Check out the SELL and the BUY BACK offers. Kitco has a $50 difference while golddealer is $15.
 By bluejay

11/06/2007  6:54PM

Gold $835.40 last
Silver $15.74
Gold/Silver Index 52.87
Gold/XAU Ratio 4.31

Well folks, the gold bull market is roaring as I type.

The inflation talk has taken a back seat to more serious troubles, namely Pakistan and the continuing melt down of the very under-reported OTC derivatives market.

As I mentioned this advance has all the earmarks of the advance that took place in 1979.

Silver pushed out of a massive consolidation formation earlier today and is now trading at $15.83. This move is significant and opens the gates to the $20.00 to $24.00 area.

The gold stock Indexes continue to to push higher along with gold. The Gold/XAU Ratio is at about 4.30 and is not overextended. You don't have to be concerned until the Index starts moving towards the 3 area.

I again stress that you read Jim Sinclair daily. You need to hear what he is saying! The reason for this is that his http://www.jsmineset.com these days, is one of the few real sources of the truth.

Gold is moving in a perpendicular fashing now and is possibly exposed to any kind of a sell off from here on out which should be temporary when it arrives.

Again, beware of the western central bankers with all their possible propaganda that they could at anytime unleash onto the gold market.

If they create a phony sell off be prepared to stand your ground with your longs and get into position, if possble, to buy right into shakeout.

Do what Jim Sinclair does: Buy gold down every $10 on the chart.
 By Michael Miller

11/06/2007  4:58PM

I did not check the price of gold today and was about to leave the mine office for home. Oh, well, I’ll check to see if it held $800. David keeps a daily record and he entered $822.50. All the participants to this FORUM are probably less surprised than I. Gold’s strength is more than just a currency adjustment. For every transaction (buy/sell price adjustment) someone bets on an increasing price and the other side bets on a decrease. Some paper pushers are caught in a squeeze. Too bad for them and I’ll tell you why later.

Is all this drama taking place on paper or is someone actually buying gold to hold? Are the sellers selling a paper pledge or are they really selling their gold? As a gold producer, the Company is not trading promises on paper. When we sell gold, we take dollars, which we immediately spend. There is an active gold buying market in northern California.

Are all the big forward sales that financed the yet-to-be-mined gold in the ground covered? How are forward sales accounted on a company’s balance sheet? Are they liabilities? Or can a Company write them off as a loss and avoid disclosure? Forward sales just like shorting the market may be influencing this bullion market. How about covering an old forward sale with another at this price? A company could theoretically cover the loss (spread between the old sale and the new sale) and merely move the liability and day of reckoning ahead. If a company (or group of speculators) actually have access to physical gold, it may still hold a catbird position and flood the market with sales. Just how strong is the buying (upside) pressure?

A year ago I posted a thought about the new Dubai gold exchange. Its method of play was unknown; a new face entered the action. I still hold thoughts that gold is the world’s most private and safest storage of wealth. Personally, I’ll stay away from these players but it sure is fun to be involved in the game. Who knows, maybe it really is all about oil.

I recently signed up for a two-week trial for a gold based web site at the suggestion of a shareholder and active gold buyer. I am disappointed in the depth of the participants’ knowledge or behavior. They are still yapping about the things that moved gold and gold stocks twenty plus years ago. Each writer seems to think that the market will react the same today as it did then. It won’t. The fundamentals of mine production are very different as is the technical side of the market. The world’s finances have never been in the current environment.

This is a fun and ultimately very profitable time for Sixteen to One owners. Once I secure working capital, watch or participate and enjoy the ride. My questions are real questions and the answers with any source backup are appreciated. Thank you.
 By bluejay

11/02/2007  9:59PM

The world cash price is available at kitco.com.
 By cw3343

11/02/2007  4:10PM

Where do you get your spot prices? What is the best/easiest/fastest place on the Internet to find the price?

As of 11/2 after close:
I have $807.10 (NY Merc.)
$808.50 (Gold GC/1 Future Delayed)

I agree with your "whole numbers" observation...
 By bluejay

11/02/2007  9:34AM

Gold closed out the week at $806.00.
 By bluejay

11/02/2007  8:46AM

Gold has just surpassed the $800 mark. Last is $803.10.

Don't be surprised to hear from the western central bankers soon.

Usually whole numbers find it difficult, most of the time, to be passed on their first attempt.

Gold's ultimate destination appears to be over $1,650 in the months ahead.
 By bluejay

10/31/2007  1:02PM

Gold's last sale is $796.30 as we approach $800.

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