May 28, 2016 



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 By bluejay

10/19/2015  10:06PM

Will Illinois Be the First State to Go Bankrupt?

Posted on October 20, 2015 by Martin

The state of Illinois is in real trouble. The state employees have been bleeding the state dry and are demanding that they raise taxes so they can get theirs. This is the poster state for government employees expropriating private assets. Illinois must pay $560 million in November and they have said they will have to delay the payment to its pension funds. They will also delay payments due in December. We are on the verge of watching state bankruptcy. Once Illinois goes, others will follow to escape pension payments to former state employees.
 By David I

10/11/2015  9:36PM

There is only one way to stop this rape of the tax payers, to have an initiative preventing such charges. That there will not be any charges for miles driven, nor any other scheme by the state based on milage traveled.
 By dickdavis

10/05/2015  5:06PM

Taxing Per Mile....doesn't sound like a great idea to me....all that paperwork, but here's the info: Getting to OReGO
Diminishing fuel tax returns led Oregon decision-makers back to the drawing board to create a fair, reliable source of revenue to fund transportation projects for all Oregonians. The result is OReGO. Here are the details:

OReGO volunteers will pay a road usage charge for the amount of miles they drive, instead of the fuel tax.
The OReGO road usage charge is set at 1.5 cents per mile.
Volunteers will get a credit on their bill to offset the fuel tax they pay at the pump.
Volunteers will have their choice of secure mileage reporting options offered by OReGO’s private-sector partners.
Volunteers’ personal information will be kept secure and private.
The first phase of OReGO is limited to 5,000 cars and light-duty commercial vehicles.
 By bluejay

10/05/2015  9:59AM

Taxing Per Mile Driven

From: Martin Armstrong

I have warned that states are desperate for money. Now, they are preparing to impose a tax on each mile driven. Oregon now wants to install a GPS “Mileage Tracking Device” in every car. They will also use the global warming scam to justify this tax as if this will have any effect upon altering the climate. It is just an excuse to justify more taxation. You will pay tax on the gasoline and then pay an additional tax per mile. A new double taxation. Eventually, all states will follow this lead.
 By Big Al

09/19/2015  7:24PM

For anyone that wants to attend, there is a Miners meeting at the Stonehouse in Nevada City, starts at 5pm. There will be discorses given on the state of the dredging lawsuits, and everyone is invited to bring equipment for sale if you have some. Big Al
 By Big Al

09/19/2015  7:16PM

Hi Mike, thanks for the information. I am trying to figure out what the 2300 feet of drift that the Forest Service has closed off to us at the Roye - Sum is worth at a ballpark figure. Big Al
 By Michael Miller

09/19/2015  4:51PM

There are numerous conditions affecting any mining. For an average four foot round of drift, the following foot cost is an estimate. It may be greater but is unlikely to be less. Included are: labor for two miners (one a lead miner), explosives, track material, utility supplies, utilities and misc. supplies, equipment sinking fund for broken and repairs, and outside power. There is no dollar allowance for supervision. The per-foot cost is $410.

Now, the location of the heading is critical. How far is the travel to dispose of waste? What are the outside conditions? Where are the supplies and equipment coming from? How far does the crew travel to the mine site and then to the heading? All these influence the cost. I assumed the heading is close to the portal. Also I did not figure ventilation, if required. If ventilation is required the cost will increase substantially.

Mining is not a casual hobby. It is a dangerous and tough business. Crews, like ours, are professional underground gold miners, some of the best in the country. Mike
 By Big Al

09/14/2015  4:03PM

Hi Mike, regarding the thieves, hanging is to good for them, take them down in the mine to water level, and barricade them in with no light for a few days. might change thier perspective on life. I have a question for you, as I need to know what a 5 by 7 drift costs in todays money per foot to construct complete with rail. It is for Gene's and my lawsuit against the Forest Service. Thanks, Big Al and Gene
 By bluejay

08/06/2015  8:14AM

"Property taxes are undemocratic" -Martin Armstrong

More of his thoughts

We do not own our homes; you cannot retire, even after paying off your mortgage, since you still have to pay property taxes. If you do not pay your property taxes, they take your house and throw you out on the street. Property taxes are the most UNDEMOCRATIC tax we have and are a remnant of a totalitarian state. Today, government workers demand funding for their pensions through exploitation of the people.

Government should privatize to eliminate pensions. We have to face the fact: politicians will never efficiently manage anything; they are hopeless. Government departments should privatize simply for real management, and then we would not have this crisis of unfunded pensions that are bankrupting the states. No state is capable of simple fiscal management because they are not competitive. Instead, they abuse their power of taxation to fill in gaps of mismanagement. Taxes clearly alter our lives and it is never for the better at the end of the day.
 By Hans Kummerow

07/30/2015  1:05PM

a strange smell is back in the air in Europe. It is the taste of a major war in Eastern Europe.
 By Michael Miller

06/08/2015  6:41PM

Our mine site was burglarized over the Memorial weekend. We lost about $5,000 in tools and equipment. Our operation was hurt without these tools until I could replace them.

For me a burglary is a personnel attack, especially when some guys steal the tools needed to do your work. It reminded me about days gone by. Growing up I wondered why the cowboys or locals hung a horse thief. A horse 150 years ago could mean life or death to its owners.

Years later on I realized that if some butt head steals your horse, it is grounds to hang him. I feel the same about stealing a man's tools. Your life depends on them.

I am installing a very sophisticated security system. It costs a bunch. It provides information in real time and monitored in real time.

Interestingly, these two thieves turned our electrical power off at the meter. It won't work if there is a next-time trespassers enter our properties. So (and I know that someone reading this FORUM knows these burglar pricks) trespass again on our mining properties and we will hang you.
 By Michael Miller

05/28/2015  10:33AM

Nine miners who were trapped underground in northwestern Quebec have been rescued and are not injured. Mine manager Sylvain Lehoux said that after being trapped for nearly 18 hours, the evacuated miners were exhausted but were able to talk to family members. They were rescued by a tunnelling machine at the Iamgold mine in Preissac in the Abitibi-Temiscamingue region. The miners were trapped after a wall moved because of seismic activity in the area.

Lehoux says the section where the incident happened may not reopen, and a survey will need to be done with consultants and engineers to determine whether the area is safe.

The miners were in good spirits but added they were hungry. One miner was freed earlier in the day and the other eight Tuesday night. The company suspended operations for the day amid the rescue attempts.
It is the second such incident at the mine in four months. In January several miners were also caught in an area not far from the location of Tuesday’s wall collapse. The area is located on what he describes as the Cadillac fault and any movement can definitely cause an earthquake.

IAMGOLD only started commercial production at the mine in July 2014.
 By cw3343

05/26/2015  1:41PM

Thoughts and prayers with the 9 IAMGOLD miners currently trapped in Quebec.
 By fredmcain

04/13/2015  6:20AM


Didn't most of this actually happen last year? I seem to remember finding a press release from Sutter last year stating that the development of this mine was "put on hold" pending the new $1.2 million investment that they can't seem to find.

Fred M. Cain
 By cw3343

04/11/2015  9:09PM

I was perusing some news and noticed another smaller-scale miner (Sutter Gold) in California recently ran into some serious problems:

Sutter Gold Mining Inc. yesterday announced plans to put its California-based Lincoln mine project on care and maintenance. Though the mill has processed about 1,000 tons of stockpiled material, it ultimately failed to get through all the material due to “weakness in the design and installation of the plant thickener.” Milling operations were suspended at the end of February due to the “inability to dewater tailings.” To correct those and other issues, the company requires an estimated additional investment of $1.1 to $1.2 million.

If I remember correctly, Sutter Gold mines in Amador county, and was bankrolled by an Aussie company/investor.

"I guess id it was easy, everyone would be doing it"
 By bluejay

03/16/2015  2:12PM

Government Out of Control

Burgers and Weiners Targeted by EPA
 By udyellis

03/04/2015  11:19AM

Like your website, good stuff especially for keeping up with local mining info.
I am a local (Nevada City) Bullion treader and buyer. I buy from the locals with nuggets, buttons and fines. I refer people to your site from My current site does link to yours and I will continue to do so from my refurbished site hoping to finish in about a month.
 By bluejay

01/27/2015  2:10PM

From Martin Armstrong:

Bureaucrats have Been Corrupt Since the Start

The greatest problem with government is how it consumes capital until it kills the private sector. This has been the course of every government – power corrupts universally. The bureaucracy has also gamed the private sector for personal gain. They currently are exploiting of the people through Civil Asset Forfeiture which is reminiscent of the Roman legions who just began to sack their own cities to pay themselves.

Pictured above are “Fouree Denarii” or Claudius (41-54AD) a member of the Julio-Claudian line just prior to Nero. These are genuine coin dies struck on copper planchets silver plated. The people inside the mint were pocketing the real coins and producing a small quantity of debased coins illegally. This demonstrates that corruption within Rome was systemic and it kept growing. This is like the missing $2 trillion from the Pentagon budget that Rumsfeld promised would be investigated 1 day before 911 attack where the missile or whatever struck the only room in the Pentagon where the evidence was stored. What amazing coincidence.
 By bluejay

01/18/2015  11:42PM

Squeeze The People

Feinstein to pocket $1 Billion Personally
Posted on January 18, 2015 by Martin Armstrong
Feinstein Dianne
Martin Armstrong

Sen. Dianne Feinstein is expected to pocket $1 billion from the Post Office for her family. These people are beyond greedy and they have the audacity to always blame the rich. Just amazing. Maybe the Greek cab drivers are right. Just where the hell do we start when corruption is everywhere?
 By Rick

01/08/2015  4:34PM

It's been a while since I've chimed in, but all's well I trust! Survival rules...nice job! Yes, I'm above ground and the gold is underground, and someday we'll meet in another setting, but not now. Time is tic-toc-tic-toc, but our spirit lives!

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