November 27, 2021 



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 By bluejay

11/21/2021  2:21PM

From Martin Armstrong

He(Our President) is doing the same in Syria ordering strikes to create a war with Russia without any authority from Congress. At least 30 people from Capitol Hill, both Democrat, and Republican, sent a letter to Biden calling his actions on everything UNCONSTITUTIONAL and has circumvented Congress entirely!

The United States has been Invaded. This is no BS.

The Schwab Consortium Has Seized Control of the White House
 By bluejay

09/18/2021  8:23PM

“There are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations”

James Madison
 By bluejay

09/16/2021  11:56PM

Greenwald: Pelosi Making Millions Trading on Companies She Regulates.

Why look for gold when you can be a politician And trade on inside information. Nancy Pelosi is the third highest paid government employee while she trades some big tech stocks
that she regulates making millions in the process. The millions she is worth were made trading the stocks while she was suppose to be representing in the Congress her constituents.
 By blueBasket

09/14/2021  8:34PM

Hi All,
With the rampant inflation possibility coming to life again, I am expecting the spot price of gold to go up.
however looking at the chart, I don't think its going to go up right away
 By bluejay

07/29/2021  6:17PM

The pending final debt crisis is being kept on life support by the Fed. Europe is in worst shape than we are with the majority of their bank reserves supporting their creditability by holding the World's reserve currency, the U.S, Dollar. The European Central Bank is the only buyer of their States new debt with buyers scarce who are looking for a return.

I the final days of our current country's upset the Fed has only one main choice to keep the economy alive and that is to flood the system with newly printed Federal Reserve Notes. This is the same as handing out crack to a drug addict.

One only has to go back to the early beginning of the debt experiment which began in the European City of Mainz to grasp how it all ends. Mainz is the best example.

Martin Armstrong 2010

"Mainz as the birthplace of printing in Western Europe - Johannes Gutenberg who had invented movable type for printing about 1440 and this period had been known as the Age of "Golden Mainz" fueled largely by debt and the food times.

Mainz the best example from history of common graves in which empires , nations, and cities are buried demonstrating that DEBT alone can destroy a government.

To have funded the city's Golden Age and its freedom, it was building a national debt with perpetual deficits year after year. The debt crisis the was brewing was truly massive. From the outside looking in, Mainz was the symbol of wealth. It was the envy of all and it appears to be the land of milk and honey.

However, in 1411, the cracks in the looking-glass began to appear. The debt crisis was multiplying like a virus in a lab dish. Taxes were now rising and a political upheaval was in motion. The payments on its debt reached a crisis point and 48% of the expenditure now went to interest to roll the debt.

In 1411, there was a popular uprising that now forbade the sale of say any more debt without the consent of the trade guilds. Yet, the financial conditions continued to worsen. By 1436-1437, about 75% of the total city expenditure was now being consumed by interest.

Interest rates began to rise as there were subtle fears that Mainz might not be able to pay its debts. Te interest debts climbed to find buyers for their debt. Te interest rates jumped from 3% to 5% during the 1430.

By 1444, the total debt of the city of Mainz had now reached 373,184 golden. The amount of money owed was truly staggering for the city. In 1448, the city tried to sell just 21,000 golden to rollover debt coming due. There was NO BID!

The crisis that hit showed that 60% of its debt was held by people outside of the city - foreign debt holders. The city was forced to default and the fun just began. Because of this high external debt, the city lost its independence. Mainz was now seized and placed under an imperial ban by the Holy Roman Empire. The Pope excommunicated the city for being a borrower under the Sin of usury.

Te rich fled the city which began prior to the bankruptcy. They held their capital and wealth outside of Mainz just as capital remains offshore today because of taxes. Deserted by the rich, the city became impoverished, it was captured and then set on fire for retribution."

Whatever has been introduced to the public via the newscasters is a smokescreen to what is really happening. A very clever world PR firm is directing the administration as well as the rest of the world countries and their party to deflect the beginning of the coming collapse. When you really start to feel it, to the day and month is extremely difficult to forecast.

Money is pouring into the American stock market from all the money the Fed is creating along with all the money abroad that is looking for a safe harbor. Gold and silver will do fine going ahead but where will the real big money end up with everything on the verge of collapse? It has been heard that the hedge funds are buying houses like crazy,
 By bluejay

07/29/2021  4:21PM

Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

re: Outrageous Tyrants

"First, they ignore you."

"Then they laugh at you."

"Third, they then fight you"

"And fourth, then and only then can you defeat them"

"The government of the United States has ignored the warnings of a debt crisis. They then tried to call anyone pointing out the crisis as a nut case and laughed at them. When the "nuts" gain credibility, they then are accused of something to imprison them. And then and only then, does the inevitable unfold."
 By bluejay

07/22/2021  6:51AM

Martin Armstrong

We should be bracing for impact, because the abuse of governments in this attempt to redesign the world economy with “Build Back Better” will lead to serious disruptions economically. We will see a decline in economic growth and a rise in civil unrest globally, which in some countries will lead to revolution and the increasing risk of a world war after 2024.
 By bluejay

07/15/2021  4:19PM

Glenn Greenwald: Nancy Pelosi Making Millions Trading Stocks of Companies She Regulates
From Glenn Greenwald’s Substack:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is the sixth-richest member of Congress, according to the most recent financial disclosure statements filed in 2019. As the California Democrat has risen through party ranks and obtained more and more political power, her personal wealth has risen right along with it. Pelosi “has seen her wealth increase to nearly $115 million from $41 million in 2004,” reports the transparency non-profit group Open Secrets. Even by the standards of wealth that define that legislative body — “more than half of those in Congress are millionaires” — the wealth and lifestyle of the long-time liberal politician and most powerful lawmaker in Washington are lavish.
 By bluejay

07/11/2021  8:33PM

Quotes from Bill Holder from on a recent interview on

“It is the everything bubble. Everything is in a bubble. What they have done is create the most leveraged system in the history of history. I hate to say this, and I have not said this publicly, but I view this as a depopulation event. . . . The vaccine is part of it, but the big depopulation event is crashing markets and crashing the credit markets. People are not going to be able to go to their Walmart or their local grocery store or wherever because goods are not going to be available. If you live in the city, God help you because I have no idea how you are going to survive.”
 By bluejay

06/23/2021  12:00PM

There have been many submitted comments in various sections of the Forum that attempt to illustrate that we as people and shareholders are in the sights of strong global forces that want to control us, take away our property and wealth and enslave us.

Their first significant step was to intimidate us concerning our health. It's all BS, taking vitamin D3 and high quality vitamin C regularly feeds our immune systems and according to Clif High protects us up to 90% from invading pathogens, one is suspected to be the Covid shots.

These people are the World's financial elite. You probably can guess who they are. Most important about these people is theirt concern of losing power from a financial implosion. Their sickness in the end shows no respect for the World's inhabitants, the World's ignorant. Now with the prospect of World's financial system breaking down because of excessive debts and the appearing cracks becoming more common, they choose to use our wealth in the future to pay for the excessive lending and creating of large amounts of fiat in keeping heir industries profit producing at our expense.

As mentioned, these forces will fail according to Martin Armstrong's computer, Socrates. This computer was programmed by the brilliant Martin. Sometime back the government wanted it because of its accuracy. On December 11, 1991 the former Soviet Union collapse. Weeks before this, Armstrong's computer predicted this event while our government had no clue. Martin was jailed for maybe 8 years on trumped up charges as he refused to give the government access. Later he was released by a Supreme Court mandate.

Daily efforts are being made to take control of us with mind control and orders from above.

Below is a recent commentary from Martin Armstrong who supports the people.


"Putin did an interview where he revealed what he thought about Lenin’s entire Communist movement. He made it very clear that Lenin was NOT a statesman but just a Bolshevik Revolutionary. Putin also revealed his disagreement with the Great Reset, which is following the same mistake of Lenin. This interview has been removed by YouTube. The ONLY possible reason to remove it is that the West is following Marx, and Putin warned that was NOT the correct path for governments to follow. This action by YouTube implies that they are acting in the best interest of a totalitarian form of government and not what the United States enshrined in the Constitution.

They have removed people who talk about COVID or the vaccine. But this is far worse. This reveals that they are on board with a far more significant agenda — the destruction of all our freedom and a new world of totalitarianism. I would NEVER have thought their cancel agenda would go that far. But to remove the video of a head of state because he said Lenin was not a statesman is just unbelievable."
 By Michael Miller

06/15/2021  12:20PM

Bluejay has mention Comstock Mining in past entries. I became a shareholder before his comments and decided to add the following today.

Comstock Mining is for real. It understands its location (Virginia City Nevada). While its creative and highly geologists put 21st Century tools for a fresh view of the Comstock silver and gold deposits it owns, management has successfully structured the company onto different but related paths. I know because as a shareholder, I attended the annual shareholder meeting on June 3, 2021. I am impressed!

Check back here for instruction on viewing the President’s address to those 50 attending and 65 on ZOOM feed. Corrado De Gasperis, President, opened the meeting with the most complete and thoughtful analysis of current sustainability claims in the market place, green climate talk, and on-goings in this Central Western Nevada area (Tesla is nearby). He next documented our Company’s activity, plans and goals with facts and evidence. For me, it was thrilling to hear and absorb. I believe Comstock will achieve its goals.

Comstock has a lithium recycling project that leads all others in actual producing lithium. (2021). Lithium and additional rare minerals must be available to manufacture all the electric, futuristic products. This group of Directors realizes it has become more than a silver miner, an old fashioned business that requires cash and time.

I only know what’s in the public domain and choose to write about Comstock because it is exciting and undervalued: (, Today the stock trades below $4.00. Like our small undervalued mining company, the more you discover about a company, blah, blah, blah.

Life is good.
 By bluejay

06/14/2021  2:58PM

From the Internationally respected Martin Armstrong,

"The dark forces are gathering on the horizon. This is their solution to deal with the debt crisis. I am sorry so many do not really understand what is taking place and they think this is all a conspiracy theory.

Those in power have been told the end is near both for debt and capitalism lacking "equality and climate change. This is a very sinister plot that is just more clever than Hitler, Napoleon, or Stalin. They really think that the failure of Marxism was the fact that they did not subject the entire world to Communism"

The 'they' are the wold's rich and powerful. Their little worker bees are the ones waving the flag, BUILD BACK BETTER. You know who they are.

No one has been heard using these words but it is strongly suspected that
this Covid shot propaganda was created to reduce future debt obligations like pension funds, MediCare and Social Security in our country. This is serious. Careers are being destroyed everyday by doctors who are questioning what the Federal government and State governors are telling us, why we should trust them with our health.

For people who really want to be educated aside from the false believed premise that our media is telling us the truth, you should listen to what Clif High has to say about vaccinations on Greg Hunter's

Mr High is believed to be a very special person who has waded through successfully three bouts of personal cancer.
 By bluejay

06/02/2021  1:46PM

Shocking move today against some hedge funds that dared to short the low priced AMC Entertainment(AMC).

AMC is up $34.89 at the last price of $66.93.

What a classic short squeeze!

Short squeezes have been mentioned here as all shareholders should be aware of their existence as being an extreme example of what can go wrong when a company's stock is targeted to be attacked and the attack fails. In the case of AMC shareholders what happens next for them as their wealth is significantly expanded?

At these prices, aside from some fundamental news that supports this high price is, sell some and keep an eye the rest.
Remember the Yuba Gold example that was given in another section. Once the extreme upward pressure tires it may b all down hill for the share prices.

What's never being seen in print or on any video in detail is what this supposed secret group of miscreants do to destroy other's wealth in the form of stock manipulation.

Since we are shareholders we, possibly, could find ourselves in someones sights some day. In the case of our company, it could never happen as the bandits need good sized trading volume to get their phantom short sales off and our volume is extremely low.

Other shares that have mentioned for being under attack by these hedge fund miscreants that have been noticed and reported here are Gamestop and Comstock Mining, both are firmer today along with AMC.

Being long a security that has been identified with having an unrealistic, with a strong possibility, amount of undelivered shares against sales can be fun and rewarding like what is happening in AMC's shares today.

It has already has been disclosed that bluejay has a position in Comstock Mining. The reason for this is that it strongly appears that more shares have been sold to buyers than have been issued by the company. In the case of GameStop, it also appears to have a heavy outstanding short position problem for the sellers.

The Millennials have been taking charge of righting injustice in the securities market and are a much better support for investors than the regulators who are in some cases just paid off whores.

One just has to look at the drug cartel and what they get away with(killing people) in plain sight of so-called regulators. Where is the leadership these days in morally dealing with these regulator whores? Why is Fauci, the US health czar, still receiving a government check after being caught seriously lying to a U.S. Senator?
 By bluejay

05/27/2021  1:51PM

A recent discovery of Whitney Webb an investigative reporter has brought attention to how fast technology is moving and how a select group of elites, in her words, are planning to use it against us.

On a recent conversation with Whitney, RFK. Jr. speaks with her. The title of the interview is, "RFK, Jr. Interviews Investigative Journalist Whitney Webb on the ‘Deliberate Coverup’ of Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein’s Relationship + More." The interview is available on the Defenders website.

The "+more" is so much more extremely important than the two mentioned and should be listened to by everyone who has an interest in knowing what lies ahead for them and their families so, possibly, they can develop choices.
 By bluejay

05/27/2021  10:56AM

Correction from below submitted article.

re: Why are COVID deaths and reactions being massively hidden from the public?


Why are COVID deaths and adverse reactions from the COVID shots being massively hidden from the public?
 By bluejay

05/26/2021  2:35PM

Hedge Fund Shorts Continue To Bleed

Some of the hedge funds who are part of the 20% declared shorting in AMC Entertainment(AMC) may be losing their jobs. This is due to the fact that its shares are continuing to explode following the mention of this possibility yesterday from what appeared to be a gathering of bullish sentiment based on its recent trading behavior.

The moral of this reckless shorting with the public's money is, don't sell what you do not own. When someone shorts a stock it can go to infinity against you and pull you into bankruptcy court but if you only buy a stock, there is a limit you can lose.

GameStop(GME) is also higher today.

Lastly, mentioned yesterday Comstock Mining(LODE), is lower with weaker precious metal share prices along with its backing down from apparent resistance
on the chart at the 50 day moving average at $4.11 today.

The share price of one of our distant mining neighbors in Virginia City to a major extent is being controlled by some hedge funds it is suspected who can not today replace shorted shares.

How is it known to be the case? Comstock has approximately 47 million shares issued and in the hands of various stakeholders. One day, as mentioned here this February, in the very early days of the month nearly 300 million shares traded. The shares normal trading volume never came close to this activity. So were traders trading it back and forth all day or were some shares sold that never existed? Most probably, the later.

Over half of the issued shares are in the hands of the public, maybe 24 or so million. Did they all sell on that early February day? Most probably, not. Reported shares not being delivered are known by the clearing corp. for various trading centers. Are they accurately reported? No. The only entities that really know, if they care to know, anything for sure is where stock certificates are traded, matching and confirming purchases and sales the clearing corp, and of course, the transfer agent.

From past experience naked shorting, without borrowing certificates, and not standing for delivery by some Canadian brokers was always out of control by the "want to be" price manipulators which really represented a real "wild west show." These price pirates forced shares lower without even owning them. Shorting shares might be viewed in the overall picture as making sense in the future as a potential buyer is represented by the selling of borrowed securities to stabilize any unforeseen big selloffs but naked shorting, this is a crime.

It is suspected Janet Yellen put pressure on the clearing corp for AMC Entertainment and GameStop's undelivered shares not to be reported with the actual amount outstanding for fear of upsetting markets for it would be difficult to acquire them normally as Millennials might reorganize again and lower the hammer on all of them.

Today's Millennials iare highly educated with a good sense of right and wrong who are aware of how Wall Street has been encouraged and allowed to steal from the public. These hedge fund shorting organizations have been targeted for hurting the common investor with their price suppression schemes in some various low priced shares and especially in silver.

These price manipulating hedge funds are small potatoes compared to the Covid sponsored creeps.

As many hard working small business owners are being destroyed by these freaks the Tech and Pharma heads are adding billions to their wealth.

The populace is being herded into their house pens with the end result of gigantic profits for home delivery services along with the endless profits for companies involved with the steaming of big screen entertainment.and computer obsession and the added consumption of junk food spiked with glyphosate toxicity.

The uninformed public has never been manipulated or stolen from in such a massive rape ever before in world history.

Does anyone know or ever heard of the missing trillions that have been stolen by an un-named few? Mark Skidmore a teaching PHD professor from Michigan State University says there is missing from government records a very large amount of trillion's of dollars. Search Solari or for Mr. Skidmore's presentations. Don't search the regular media, IT AIN'T THERE.

People are having an extremely difficult time coping with this lock down scenario along with all related restrictions and isolation, you are not alone.

You must mentally prepare yourselves for the Global Warming lockdowns and the coming of increased climate taxation.

Global Warming? This is the second cooked up scheme to reduce your wealth and to take everything from you that you have ever considered normal in your whole life.

And the shot:

The Defender magazine from Children's Health Defense reports today "18 Connecticut teens hospitalized for Heart Problems After COVID Vaccines."

Joke of the day:

From RFK JR.'s Children's Health Defense,

"$3 Billion of Taxpayer Money to Be Used on Ad Campaign to Increase Vaccine Uptake."

Zogby Poll:

"38% of Americans Infuriated After Fauci Admits Nearly Half of NIH Staff Refused Vaccine."

Bill Gates's doctor says Gates refused letting his children get vaccinated. huh?

Sorry this went on but it began with manipulation.

Just consider, are you in the cross hairs of some rich freaks who want to take control of your life?

Another question:

How many people have been killed by drug companies over the past 100 years?

Another one:

Why is the government not speaking of ways to treat the so-called COVID virus and only speaking about your taking an unproved experimental drug?

Why are COVID deaths and reactions being massively hidden from the public?

Are we being culled?
 By bluejay

05/25/2021  10:43AM

Backfiring Manipulations

Remember early February when the squeeze was put on the hedge fund manipulators in regards to GameStop and AMC Entertainment? Remember the Millennials success to squeeze the big short interest in these two issues making the hedge funds bleed? Do you remember the big Pow-Wow called by Janet Yellen following the hemorrhaging and all the crying by these fund managers?

For a better understanding of what some of these hedge do, they suppress the value of a company's low priced shares to force them out of business for profit and idle their workers and cause financial hardship for their families. When some of the hedge fund managers don't get their way they wail like crying babies and scream foul.

Well, it appears not all the short positions were covered and many continue to be outstanding as both GME and AMC are slowly coming back to life this morning going into the black after consolidations. Will we hear from Janet again?

The Millennials being successful in frightening the shorts next went after the New York banker's big short interest in silver. Just a few days later silver stocks ignited, some really heated up. The low priced ones became boiling hot. One mentioned issue here was Comstock Mining. There were a few days when this company's traded shares were far in the excess of their issued shares. Where did all these shares come from?

What happened here is that the order given to crush buying interest in silver shares went way too far concerning the reality of issued shares and what buyers really wanted. One day Comstock Mining may have traded near to 300,000,000 shares, maybe 6 times greater than their physically issued shares.

The related scenario occurred in GameStop(GME) and AMC Entertainment(AMC). It strongly appears today that the almost four months of resting and consolidating has come to an end with the bull pushing and pawing on the door of his pen.

Is there approaching another blood gushing party for those you sell what they do not own? Will this possibility occurring event start off another buying surge in the silver stocks and silver again?

There is no way the massive shorting done on the Comstock stock(LODE) shares ever got squared and the day of reckoning for these Yellen encouraged cohorts looks to be at hand.

The holdings of Comstock Mining are the famous properties that produced millions of ounces of silver from the Virginia City, Nevada area in years past.

In addition, they have a mercury clean up pilot project commencing in the Philippines which can recover gold in the process. It remains to be seen how successful this venture will be. This project has the support from the local government and the UN.

Following the initial run-up in early February past $4 it was unexpectedly announced a few weeks later that the company had secured ownership in a lithium recycler. With an already high short interest in the stock it traded up to about $10 the day following the announcement. Most of the shorting took place around $4 and just below it in the period preceding the disclosure.

What do you suppose will happen to those who sold unsuspecting buyers that which they could not deliver?

Wall Street has in the past has stolen billions of dollars from investors with the banks being part part of that theft. One only has to recall Citibank's interest in Enron to clearly understand what they do. Citibank escaped from the noose when evidence at the SEC against them was conveniently destroyed with the suspicious implosion of building #7 on 9/11.

As a bystander, it is with great pleasure watching this process of wrenching payback.
 By bluejay

05/23/2021  12:04AM

The following comments are from John Williams from tonight's interview at the website of,

So, is the choice inflation or implosion? Williams says, “That’s the choice, and I think we are going to have a combination of both of them. I think we are eventually headed into a hyperinflationary economic collapse. It’s not that we haven’t been in an economic collapse already, we are coming back some now. . . . The Fed has been creating money at a pace that has never been seen before. You are basically up 75% (in money creation) year over year. This is unprecedented. Normally, it might be up 1% or 2% year over year. The exploding money supply will lead to inflation. I am not saying we are going to get to 75% inflation—yet, but you are getting up to the 4% or 5%(CPI) range, and you are soon going to be seeing 10% range year over year. . . . The Fed has lost control of inflation.

Williams stated in the interview that realistic inflation is now at 11%.

Concerning gold and silver, how many more paper promises does the Fed and the New York banks intend on selling into the market until delivery demands overwhelm those baseless promises?

The real market for gold and silver bullion coins is the consensus of offerings prices from the coin stores. A couple of sources used in the past are Ampex out of Oklahoma City and Golddealer out of Englewood, California. Check their prices versus the paper COMEX futures prices.
 By bluejay

05/14/2021  2:17PM

This week markets saw annual U.S. CPI rise 4.2% last month, its most significant increase in 13 years. Meanwhile, Thursday, U.S. producer prices rose 6.2% for the year, the biggest increase on record.
 By bluejay

05/14/2021  1:54PM

From Martin Armstrong

Switzerland Cancels it Currency

I previously warned that Trudeau had a law passed as of January 1st, 2021 he can cancel the currency of Canada. Little by little, those countries who have joined Schwab’s World Economic Forum’s view that paper money must be eliminated and we must have only digital currency so everything is taxed. Now Switzerland, which has been the hedge in Europe against the euro, has without notice canceled its entire run of currency they call the 8th series which includes the 1,00SF note which has been perhaps the #1 large note used in hoarding.

The notes are NO LONGER legal tender and they are giving everyone until October 30th, to deposit them or lose 100%. Of course, moving for a one-world government headed by the UN, canceling all currency, and COVID lockdowns for a virus that may have been manmade, and a death ratio of just 0.028%, all of this is just a conspiracy theory if you try to connect any dots whatsoever. Our role in society is to play the fool. Just shut up, social distance for everyone is a threat with some disease, and stay in your home and just be ruled. Read the fake news and watch fake TV programs that are the new cancel culture. And, btw, have no children. Drink and get drunk is preferable. Responsibility may soon become a crime.

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