August 5, 2020 



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 By Michael Miller

02/11/2012  2:39PM

This story is fraught with questionable statements. The land owner appears as stupid as the phony gold miners on TV, who are working in Alaska. The unidentified authorities in El Dorado seem arrogant in saying this is one of the most blatantly illegal gold mining operations ever seen in California. Another unidentified authority believes the property yields up to three ounces per ton. This is a regulatory hype to gain something (don’t know what) and is a blatantly irresponsible statement for an authority to make. The unidentified nearby resident’s statement of finding “plenty of gold flakes and nuggets weighing up to an ounce” must be related to a point in time. Did this happen in the 1970’s when the modern gold rush began? I doubt that no one is finding plenty of nuggets today or when the landowner lost his mind and began mining. Yes, today even a gravel operation must conform to Surface Mining Reclamation Act regulations if the size of the operation meets the threshold. He screwed up.

I hate to see the press treat this as if Mr. Hardsty (owner) is a gold miner. The mining industry has an uphill battle for educating the public about the benefits of natural resource extraction and its effect on the environment. I would like to ask the chief investigator, who is quoted that “the amount of gold they can pull out of there is astronomical” if he would put his credentials behind those words. Wow, a miner could use his statement to support financing the project (security laws, etc.), provide some blue collar jobs, increase our GDP and create a positive cash flow for the El Dorado community.

Maybe the last line of the story is the meat and potatoes of this whole story. “All the people up here are paranoid about it.” Fear and ignorance continues to run rampant in AP stories like this. If the “people up here” knew about a serious gold mining or gravel classification project coming to their community or more subdivisions, home construction, shopping malls and other city type industries, they may choose to do what a few planners realize. A well-conceived and managed gold mine/gravel plant may be a superior choice to protect the quality of life of California.

My industry finds it difficult to attract AP reporters or other news or story writers to dig into the issues of natural extraction in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountain gold belt. These want-to-be sensational stories are the ones that reach the newspapers, tabloids or internet. Truth, like gold, lies at the bottom.
 By gfxgold

02/10/2012  5:50PM

Here is one of the websites with the story.
 By Rick

02/10/2012  5:25PM

Today, listening to the news flagship in Sacramento, AM 1530, I caught a glimpse of a story headlined as "gold mine president shut down for opperating without a permit" and fined $990K....and by the time I got to the radio close enough to hear, the story was almost then I wasn't able to take notes.

No, it wasn't us.

I didn't take notes of who or where, but is was someone local on some local river branch...shut down and cited for "opportating an illegal gold mine."

Did anyone else hear about this? Was it dredging? Was it a hard rock venture?

I'd love to hear the back story and investigation that led to it....Mike? Any clue?
 By bluejay

02/06/2012  4:56PM

The county Sheriff is the law and he must be supported to defend our rights.

Check out more to believe it can be done:

Check out the titled interview: "Ron Paul Will Get Nowhere at this point."
 By Big Al

02/05/2012  9:31PM

The little guys are rallying, check out Western Mining Alliance
 By bluejay

02/03/2012  10:19AM

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

~ Thomas Jefferson ~
 By bluejay

01/30/2012  8:16AM

Sunday, January 29, 2012

From King World News,
Gerald Celente speaks his mind:
 By bluejay

01/30/2012  8:16AM

Sunday, January 29, 2012

From King World News,
Gerald Celente speaks his mind:
 By bluejay

01/27/2012  6:01PM

January 27, 2012

TORONTO — The Honourable Joe Oliver, Minister of Natural Resources, spoke today to the Economic Club of Canada about the importance of Canada's natural resource sectors to economic growth and stability. The Minister noted the importance of an efficient regulatory environment to Canada’s ability to attract investment.

An excerpt from that speech:

"The natural resource sectors underpin Canada’s economy. In 2010, the energy, mining and minerals processing, and forest sectors contributed $140 billion to Canada’s gross domestic product. These sectors employed over 760,000 Canadians in communities throughout Canada, including remote and Aboriginal communities. Last year, Ontario’s natural resource industries employed a total of 276,000 people"

Sacramento's status quo mentality concerning the State's untapped resources is as stupid as it gets.
 By bluejay

01/25/2012  12:25PM

"The recent incident with Senator Paul being detained by TSA guards who specialize in harassing 6 year old little girls, is just the tip of the iceberg. The American tourist Trade has suffered a loss of $600 billion and should exceed $1 trillion very soon – the entire cost of the Iraq War. So while our Backroom Bureaucratic Dictatorship cannot sleep at night unless a TSA guard looks under your bed at night, they are systematically destroying the economy and world trade. Those 19 guys and a camel accomplished more than taking down the World Trade Center – they discovered the real way to destroy Western economies – unleash the Backroom Bureaucratic Dictatorship and they will take down society faster than Superman."

Martin Armstrong 1-25-12
 By bluejay

01/23/2012  8:48PM


"Gold Still Attracking Investors Despite Recent Declines" - Sacramento Business Journal


Yes, still investing in gold, especially on declines, is the proven way to go.

First, Mike in the article gives us a great deal more smarts than the writer: you have to be careful with mining companies, especially with all the fraud in forcing them lower with naked short selling.

If you desire to be really educated go to and invest some of your precious time at:




Basing your decisions upon the media is a "real loser."

What the article doesn't educate you on is, where the great percentages lie for your future security(or profits) versus your continuing loss of purchasing power along with the continuing debasement of our currency against gold. The story failed to acknowledge the biggest factor is gold's continuing expected rise and that is China.

I see China currently in the market as buyers for about the next five weeks or so and then they will sell some lower to control its advancing too fast, all within their long term plan of accumulating it in a slow and methodical manner to where it represents 10% of their current official reserves. With available information, China has today in the excess of 1% of gold in their reserves.

Martin Armstrong states that gold closing above $1680.10 this Friday will be important if gold phases out of its current broad resting period and starts a new short term move higher within its continuing bull market or begins weakness.

While Armstrong remains slightly bearish over the short term, I believe the odds of the trend turning higher by passing $1680.10 and closing above it by Friday are slightly better than Martin currently feels based on his studies. I guess we'll just have to wait for this pivotal weekly period to pass to see if gold goes into a new up phase or surrenders by continuing lower within its current resting period from the above $1900 highs.
 By bluejay

01/23/2012  5:51AM

World industrial demand for silver could reach a record 665.9 million ounces in 2015 versus 487.4 million in 2010, according to a Gold Fields Mineral Services (GFMS) study for The Silver Institute, released in early April(2011).
 By Rick

01/21/2012  5:43PM

This is a grand Forum. Often stellar visionary entries are trumped to the next one to chime this case, mine. Sorry about that...

MIKE!! (And please alert Scoop along the way).... let's consider a new Forum format to keep essential news and posts in a parallel area, so that your posts don't get replaced by the next one to come along. We all want to comment, and it is difficult sometimes knowing that what should be on top of the Forum page disappears and gets replaced.
 By Michael Miller

01/21/2012  3:17PM

Regarding how best to keep our state parks going, check topic Empire Strikes Back for another view. One thing we all will agree...keep 'em open and in great condition.
 By David I

01/20/2012  2:24AM

Leaseing out State parks to private management is a good idea.
The federal government has been doing it for years.
As for the Pension funding only new employees of the state could recieve a new pension plan, as the existing pension system is locked into the present employee benifit plan by law, and they would always be grand fathered in for the benifits they have earned.
 By bluejay

01/19/2012  10:31PM


"The longer we postpone political-economic reform, the worse the problem is becoming. We are standing on the edge here about to commit suicide. We cannot hunt down everyone for taxes. That will reduce the VELOCITY of money and cause the hoarding of wealth instigating an economic implosion. We must STOP this insane policy of let's just worry about today with no long-term planning. For unless we address this problem soon, there will be no tomorrow to worry about.

When Rome fell-the Romans were still laughing. As Sinatra's hit song, Send in the Clowns so poignantly stated, don't bother-they are already here. This is what the Sovereign Debt Crisis is all about."

Martin Armstrong
 By bluejay

01/18/2012  6:24PM

Rick knows what he's talking about in the entry below.

The State's servants, all of them, don't have the guts to take a reduced eventual payout on their penions. Ever since the glory days of the go-go dot-coms when the servants all jacked up their pensions, no moves yet have been made for restructuring with the current economy.


Just received today's comments from a State Senator over the possible privatizing of our parks. Are these fools going to sell everything, possibly, even to foreign interests to protect their pensions? Jerry Brown took away their State cell phones and we're still in a mess. Jerty needs to cut into the funding of those lucrative pensions. We hear about what Goldman Sachs did to Greece to cripple it but truth be told, California is in worse shape than Greece as we are just not told about it.

Dear Constituents,

The State has begun the process to privatize our parks!

The State Public Works Board and the California Department of Parks and Recreation want to solicit proposals from private organizations, including for–profits, to operate concessions (campgrounds, food services, etc.) at many of the state parks slated for closure. The proposal would allow for–profit and private organizations to operate concessions at eleven state parks–six in our district (Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, Russian Gulch State Park, Hendy Woods State Park, Westport Union Landing State Park, Austin Creek State Recreation Area and Standish–Hickey State Park) –with very low returns to the state. These agreements would undercut current negotiations with local non–profits to sign agreements to operate many of these parks – agreements that depend on the revenues that concessions would bring.

Not only does this proposal undermine local efforts to keep parks open, it’s questionable if low rents paid to the state will be sufficient to economically sustain our parks. I see these concession agreements as a major step toward privatization of our state parks.

There are two things you can do to stop this ill–conceived proposal:

1. Join me in speaking out against this plan at the State Public Works Board meeting at 10 am, Thursday, January 19 in Sacramento. The meeting will be held in the State Capitol building, Room 3191.

2. Answer this brief survey so that I can share your positions: Click Here for the Survey

Noreen Evans
California State Senator
Second Senatorial District
 By Rick

01/18/2012  4:10PM

If the Water Board were really after environmental results, ask the simple question: how would the water in Kanaka Creek change if their fraudulent attempts actually came to fruition?

The water wouldn't change, can't change, and never will change because the Water Board and all their cronies can't play God well enough to actually affect anything. I've repeatedly pointed out, in fact pointed out in front of the California Regional Water Quality Control Board in person, that ambient levels as measured have been consistent long before the Original Sizteen to One Mine ever existed, upstream as well as downstream.

They know this, and refuse to admit it. It is criminal.

Imagine this: we're paying (as tax-payers) for these A-holes.
 By bluejay

01/18/2012  10:57AM

The Water Board is no more than a paper pushing band of administrative goofballs. With our environment under attack by the oil and gas, these guys do little of anything productive but stick it to us to pay their salaries and support their pensions with no intact recognition of intelligence or fair play.

When Jason Burke explained the facts of life to them they just acted stupid and arrogant and got away with it. This is a common theme among the servants of the State of California. These servants at the Board are just environmental racketeers. If their heart and souls were really in protecting the environment they should all get a real job and donate their free time to cleaning up the real offenders, the oil and gas industry of the State. The following linked article clearly states what's happening to our in-the-round water supplies.

Waste Water(From the oil and gas industry): America's Hidden 60 Million Barrel A Day Industry
 By bluejay

01/13/2012  8:45PM

Visit and check out Jim Sinclair's thoughts on who really owns your gold stocks,

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