October 17, 2021 



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 By bluejay

09/04/2011  12:46AM

Retired in silence the glorious past producers continue to await the magical unknown gold price that will rejuvenate the District which is needed to surpass the heavy negative factor of regulation.

For the moment, mindless career politicians continue to rape and squeeze the companies and people of California. In order to start mining, near curent gold prices, these immoral vampires will have to be purged.
 By Michael Miller

09/02/2011  3:27PM

Dear REAP (see below),

A modest mining man has the answers to your questions, many of which are scattered throughout this FORUM in almost every topic on the FORUM and headings listed to your left. Let’s begin with the first question, “What has been the response to this situation in Sierra County?” Growing interest based on phone calls, traffic in the mining areas and correspondences.

In California the response seems to be wonderment as to why the hills aren’t alive with the sounds of music from air compressors and happy workers; however everyone is scared away by the threat of lawsuits or time delay in beginning production.

No signs of new investment can be found. Every now and then people with an interest materialize. None have conducted a thorough inquiry.

Varied and detailed development plans based on history, geology and the present are published on this web site, well thought out and designed to “Get as much product to market as fast as possible”. Others may have plans also.

Significant consolidations of mines in the Alleghany Mining District occurred. Large companies fail to recognize the benefits from investment in small vein, underground, high-grade gold mines. Frankly, these operations are not suited for their corporate style.

Ah, the culture of “Crystal Ball” exercises about gold, a favorite or up-and-coming pastime of those who mine, those who wish and those who dream; sometime (rarely) someone does all three. You ask about the future structure of mining in the county. The structure will be similar to those that have taken place for 150 years: one company dominates (that company has changed over time); partnerships will form (General and Limited); associations may give it a try (most will fail); stock promotion companies will sneak into the county (most will fail); some really smart businessmen with the spirit and understanding risk/reward ventures may make an important contact and conduct his or her “due diligence”. (This would be refreshing.)

However, California has festering inside its governmental bowels some misinformed career employees that continue on a path of destruction for gold mining and other natural resource extraction industries. They are succeeding, which frightens away one of three ingredients for success in mining gold. The Central Valley water board staff currently leads a list that has hurt Californians much more than people realize. Tied for second are the “Attorney General” staff and the staff of the department of conservation.. They have swarmed like flies on shit. Instead they should be embracing all serious programs to utilize California’s splendid natural resources. They could be swarming like bees on honey. All Californians would reap the benefits of Sierra County’s gold.

I do not have a crystal ball to gaze into and see the future. I do run a gold mining company. I know that the future of Sierra County, California and the United States is understanding the past in tandem with predicting the future. Gold’s historical truth in social and cultural evolutions is undeniable. Like gold, truth lies at the bottom. One company may overcome the obstacles in Sierra County and California. It has an unusual name, Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. I have a personal stake in its welfare and treatment. A litigious government, working to selectively enforce and selectively prosecute any person or entity is at work in Sierra County to destroy this company. The drivers work in Sacramento. Their actions hurt every person in America except those who financially benefit from the present prosecutions.

“Many reasons may be assigned for the amazing economic development of the United States. The abundance of our national resources, the freedom of our political institutions, and the character of our population have all undoubtedly contributed. But in my judgment the greatest factor has been the fact that by the happenstance of good fortune there was created here in America the largest area in the world in which there were no barriers to the exchange of goods and ideas.” Gold helped bring about this happenstance of good fortune.
 By martin newkom

09/02/2011  10:18AM

Back in the days when Bernard
Baruch was a stockholder things
were a lot easier going with capital a lot easier to come by. Mr. Baruch was always a "dead serious" investor and gold was rather cheap. Now with the price very high in the sky we have to wade thru some unbelievable opposition. But
with the assurance that we have
an unbelievable "lode" under our feet there is only one choice: "Go for it Boys".

09/02/2011  9:54AM

Gold is rising like a Saturn 5 rocket on its way to the moon! The rocket fuel: the global economy, debt, financial and currency problems will be with us for the long term. In addition, buying by central banks, frightened investors, and flight from fiat currencies is predicted to increase, or at least remain stable in the near time. This will keep demand strong, at least for now. In this kind of an environment, which could change quickly by political will or investor preference, traditional Competitive Strategy says “Get as much product to market as fast as possible”. What has been the response to this situation by gold mining companies in Sierra County, or California in general? Are there significant new investments being made or planned for exploration, development, maintenance, and Especially for bringing dormant mines with significant, potential, back online? Consolidation through acquisition, merger, and joint venture is often the favorite Corporate Strategy in an industry in which current asset prices are low and potential is high, but which might change quickly. Do we expect there to be consolidation in mines and mining companies in the County? Are there any indications for M&A, or that major investments are being considered by larger financially stable companies in smaller pocket and dormant mines? In brief, what might be the future structure of mining in the County? Anybody have an opinion or a "Crystal Ball"?
 By martin newkom

08/30/2011  9:25AM

Right on, Bluejay. By the way
A.P. Gianini was not born in Italy
He was born in San Jose, Calif.
MY wife's grandma knew the wife
as a customer in the store her
family had in San Francisco.
 By bluejay

08/29/2011  8:17PM

Hi Martin

This is what I know, according to a man, Bob Chapman, that claims he's 98% right with his projections and facts:

"The Bank of America has become a dumping ground for toxic debt the past three years. The Bank of America is upside-down to the tune of $500 billion."

The sad thought is, I'm sure, that this mess wouldn't have happened under Mr. Giannini.
 By martin newkom

08/27/2011  2:21PM

In 1927 there was a "run" on the
Santa Rosa CA. Bank of America.
The branch listed 3mil in de-
posits but only had 300,000 to
pay out. Cash had to be brought in
from San Francisco and Healdsburg
to cover the demand.
every body that requested their funds got paid. A.P Gianinni was
the President of the Bank then,
what would he do now and any
 By bluejay

08/26/2011  10:39PM

My grandfather retired from Wall Street as a partner in a brokerage house and moved his family to West Hollywood, California in 1923. He later bought into the local Sherman Bank and became its vice president.

On the day of the famous run on the banks in 1929, employees put aside cash that the owners had on deposit. When my grandfather arrived at the bank, wading through lines of people seeking their money, he was told his deposited funds were safe. It was at that time he ordered employees to unsegregate his share and make it available.

Knowing the man my grandfather was and knowing how bankers operate these days leaves little to be desired of them. In addition, it is beyond my imagination why anyone would rent their money to the banksters for the going rate of 1% when the current inflation rate is 11.2% according to John Williams of Shaddowstats.com of Oakland, California.

Below are some of today's related comments from Martin Armstrong:

"I wrote in the Rise & Fall of the Euro an example of DIRECT intervention rather than INDIRECT that would mitigate the decline and would have helped to actually stabilize the economy and real estate markets.

As always, we benefit only the lobbyists and the expense of the economy as a whole. “In the US Mortgage Crisis, government ONLY concerned itself with the bankers, and not the borrowers. Lending money to the bankers FAILED to restart the economy because it was one-sided. The solution would have been easy.

Revalue all property, shave 25% off the mortgage price, use the funds to accomplish that end, which would have left the majority of people in their homes reducing the supply of real estate coming to market, and thus stabilize the two ends and the economy.

The political solution was motivated ONLY by the bankers and this created the propaganda of “too big to fail” implying that they somehow were more important than the economy.”
 By David I

08/24/2011  4:45AM

Martin Armstrong's statement is an anthem in its self. It is good to here the cry out for the soul of freedom so eloquently stated.
 By bluejay

08/24/2011  12:26AM

Martin Atrmstrong laments:

Our once great societies constructed out of wilderness dominated by nature, sprung to life and were crowned with the golden roofs of a temple of Liberty. That temple is now overthrown, the gold and noble morals have been pillaged, the wheel of fortune has indeed accomplished her revolution, and the sacred ground upon which so many statesmen had espoused such noble goals of Liberty and Justice for All, is but once again disfigured with decay of politics and corruption as tyranny rises from the ashes.

Capitol Hill, formerly the envy of nations, the citadel of Freedom on earth, the defender of human rights; illustrated by the stupendous footsteps of so many great minds encapsulated in Jefferson’s words “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” This breathtaking achievement of man’s struggle to be free, the pinnacle of accomplishment, how is it fallen!

This spectacular triumph of hope over experience, how is it possible to now crouch in the shadow of such greatness, gobbling over the spoils of the people like casting lots for what remains after death. How changed are the inspirations that moved a people to stand tall and assert Liberty and Justice for All? How disfigured the structural design of a nation obliterated by the theories of Karl Marx concealed by a mountain of rules and procedures incapable of improving upon the simple Ten Commandments.

Look upon what remains. A shapeless fragment or moral virtue colossal in size consuming the resources of the people until all property is controlled by the state by regulation leaving title only in name to reside in the meager hands of the people. The great halls within which true representatives of the people once assembled to enact their laws and elect their magistrates, is now hopelessly insolvent, incapable of defending the people or the nation against the change in fortune and circumstance, leaving only monuments and edifices, that were founded with such great hope for eternity, awaiting their fate to lie prostrate, naked, and broken, like those of every civilization that has raised itself from the ground grasping at the chance for culture and progress only to (be) found buried by the sands of time in ruin waiting only in silence to reveal to future generations what a stupendous relic of human folly lays here a victim of its self-inflicted injuries over the course of time and fortune.
 By bluejay

08/13/2011  10:16AM

Squeeze The People

The money we paid into the Social Security and Medicare trusts has been stolen by the politicians. Not only did they nab our money but they jerked around the value of our monthly payments by reporting bogus CPI figures. Who really knows the final outcome corcerning any benefits "at all" coming to us from the current Ponzi scheme that replaced these Trusts. It appears that fighting wars on foreign soil is more important than taking care of our senior citizens.

One just has to google the Vatican Bank foreign accounts 2010 to learn that U.S. politicians have millions on deposit there. That's the real Litmus test that could explain where some of our Social Security and Medicare withholdings from our paychecks ended up. It is provable that the source of these millions was the U.S. Treasury.

Some of Bob Chapman's comments from today's Saturday International Forecaster:

That fact that Moody’s and Fitch have not downgraded US debt is significant. It tells us S&P did what they did to force large cuts in Social Security and Medicare, because Congress has refused to do so. S&P has said you either cut much more of these two programs or we will downgrade you again in November.

It is hard to image that S&P, an appendage of Wall Street, banking and corporate America, can hold a gun to the head of the US government. That is possible because those who control S&P control the government and our very lives.

That is S&P’s role in this subtle attempt to deprive American workers of what is justly theirs and is what they have paid for. S&P does not mention that all the funds, revenues, deposited since June of 1935, and in the case of Medicare since 1969, have been misappropriated and stolen.

It is the legal job of government to now issue debt to fill those trusts so that they can function and complete their jobs, not to cut the benefits. It has been the work of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Peterson Foundation to destroy Social Security and Medicare, as we have known it for years.

It is no secret; just access what they have said and what they have done to bring this about. What S&P has done to force this issue is being trumpeted that it doesn’t matter what S&P says – it will be business as usual.

We understand why S&P had done what it has done and it should not affect the rating of US debt. Those who believe this and that US Treasuries are a governmental gold standard are sadly mistaken. Just look at the performance of gold – you have your answer. US debt is not worth the paper it is written on and that gold is the only currency – not the dollar or any other fiat currency.
 By bluejay

08/12/2011  7:51PM

The politicians in Sacramento are no different than our representatives in Washington.

Martin Armstrong voices his opinions recently on who is creating the National mess for all of us:

The new European ban on (legal) short-selling is pure insanity. It is doing the same thing politicians do with every crash that fails and they actually expect a different result. It also highlights our problem that nobody even bothers to look at what has been tried before.

We cannot hope to advance as a society with stupid management of the economy by people who are clueless.

So hold on to whatever you can grab. The politicians are out to just destroy society once again and picking up a simple history book is just too much trouble. I can predict with 100% accuracy what they will do next because they follow the same script each time like a rat in a maze that can smell the cheese.

They NEVER learn about anything. They are like a mentally defective person who keeps putting their finger in the flame of a candle incapable of understanding that the flame burns. And this is what democracy is all about?
 By bluejay

08/11/2011  2:10PM

Martin Armstrong's recent comments on U.S. debt:

Nobody seems to analyze the interest expenditures. You can’t cut the interest costs without defaulting on the debt! In the end, we will default because there is no intelligent life residing in Washington. We will default because there is NO intent to ever pay off anything and right now each and every taxpayer’s share of the national debt is almost $130,000. HELLO! Is anybody home?

The rhetoric that America always pays its debt is not true! They forgot about the default on the Continental Currency before the US dollar. America is not above everyone else and will be thrust into default as buyers of debt shift from public to private assets towards the end of the cycle (NOT NOW). Certainly, there is no hope of paying off the debt. We ran out of magic beans to climb to a new world and the last I looked, there was no manna falling from heaven.
 By bluejay

08/03/2011  9:20AM

Being a politician has always been a license to practice stupidity and arrogance. The bankster's along with the lobbyist's handouts have become such a powerful drug for them that they conveniently forgot who elected them and whose future is in their hands.

Martin Armstrong says:

"If there is any love left among the political ranks for your country, society, and your children, it is time we stop the bullshit and objectively sit down before we lose the chairs as well. I know this is futile to wish for such things because politicians will not act until the crisis appears. In this case, that may be just too damn late. Politicians simply cannot see beyond the rhetoric because this is not about saving the country, but about maintaining power. We cannot cut spending and balance a budget while leaving the entire debt structure off the discussion table. So prepare for what is on the horizon."
 By bluejay

08/01/2011  9:35PM


Mike won't give in to these serial bullies and it has become personal. "Those who can, do. Those that can't, bully." From, Bully Online.

Bullying happens quite frequently with career politicians and their appointees when one proves them wrong. Ever see the motion picture, Wag The Dog with Robert DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman? Politicians will always divert attention away from what they don't want people to really focus on, their short comings.

In the case of the Water Board: They won't take responsibility for their mistakes and in turn attack our company with their misinterpretation of the little rule book with their continuing Jekyll and Hyde nature as it suits them.

The government folks have taken on an aggressive posture to cover-up their past and continuing ineptness as a representative of the people just to save face along with their jobs.

"All cruelty springs from weakness"
(Seneca, 4BC-AD65)
 By martin newkom

08/01/2011  5:36PM

I dont understand something: If
A. Teichert and son can mine it
is said,can mine enough gold from
their rock quarry east of the
big belt that connects it with
their Perkins rock plant, to now
meet the payroll for the whole
company, and not experience any
flack from the "do gooders",why
is the Sixteen under so much of
a siege from the regulatories
is it just because we are so onery and refuse to make payoffs
a maybe others do, or what is iT? It IS Hard to understand.
 By bluejay

08/01/2011  1:48PM

The Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution is the part of the United States Bill of Rights that protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

 By bluejay

07/30/2011  11:03AM

Some of Bob Chapman's thoughts today from the International Forecaster.

A game of chicken is being run in Washington by two groups of politicians run and owned by the same group of people behind the scenes. They all want enabling debt extension with a small touch of austerity. They want a deal that has the legs to keep the economy going until after the next election. The most important thing they want is a reduction in Social Security and Medicare, so those funds can be used to reduce debt and fund the military industrial complex.

They also want starvation and the inability to buy drugs by the elderly to hasten their demise. That means less Social Security and Medicare spending. In two years we will also have the Obamacare death panels, where massive elimination will be put into motion. There is nothing the Illuminists despise worse than useless eaters. There is ample evidence that these elitists, by their own words, want to reduce world population by 60% to 90%, dependent on which of these persons you listen too. Last week Ted Turner opted for 90% on CNN.

That is what the fight regarding debt extension is all about. The only forthright and honest person in Congress to call it the way it is, is Ron Paul. He says the bill sanctions the status quo and that it is impossible to balance the budget without cutting military, Medicare and Social Security spending and that is impossible. The debt limit will be raised, but we fervently hope without Social Security and Medicare cuts.

You have to understand your adversaries. These people in Congress are almost all paid whores and the people who control them with money are insane. If you can grasp that you can understand what really this is all about. Watch carefully which members won’t allow military cuts and which want to cut SS and Medicare and then you will have identified the enemy.
 By bluejay

07/22/2011  3:59PM

The following comments are from Martin Armstrong in today's article from http://www.martinarmstrong.org entitled "We Print Bonds - Not Money."

We are indeed putting lipstick and a dress on the pig and pretending this is the New Year Baby. So put your glasses on and open your eyes. Trust me. It is still a pig. Sleep with one eye wide open. Use some common sense. The SYSTEM of debt is collapsing.

This is not unique to any one country, for everyone is going down the drain. We are NOT printing money! It is much worse. We are printing money in the form of BONDS that pay interest ensuring the greatest transfer of wealth export in the history of the world. The “Greenback” issues were far more than not gold backed.

They couldn’t afford the interest and so they stopped paying it. Hello! Sound familiar? The interest is killing us. You can chop every program and people will starve on the streets. But guess what! The debt will keep growing until you stop this insane game of borrowing perpetually. Common Sense would be something to pray for.
 By bluejay

07/19/2011  7:55PM

Sutter Gold Mining Inc

2011-07-14 09:18 ET - News Release

Mr. James Crombie reports


Sutter Gold Mining Inc. has closed an agreement with RMB Australia Holdings (RMBAH) wherein RMBAH will provide a secured prepaid gold facility to Sutter in the amount of $20-million (U.S.) (see press release dated June 22, 2011). The final delivery price is $941.50 per ounce, resulting in total consideration of $1,318.67 per ounce for the 53,027 ounces of gold committed for the facility over the mine plan. This plan is presented in the company's National Instrument 43-101-compliant preliminary economic assessment for the Lincoln project (see press release dated May 4, 2011). Sutter has made its first draw under the facility, repaying its existing debt and financing the first month of the 12-month development schedule for the Lincoln project, as announced in its June 22, 2011, press release.

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