October 17, 2021 



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 By bluejay

05/07/2020  6:23PM

Interesting comments on Dr. Judy Mikovits concerning protecting our health,

Search on youtube, Dr. Judy Mikovits censored on YouTube
 By bluejay

05/06/2020  5:47PM

Sorry, the Dr. Judy Mikovits' interview by Patrick Bet-David has been edited and broken down into other parts eliminating
what was intended to be heard.

The Roundtable four part interviews between Dr. Buttar and Dr. Mikovits may have been removed as well.

Keep searching this two people on youtube, you may discover important information affecting you and your family.

If this proves unsuccessful, Dr. Mikovits has a recent published book that explained it all before it gets pulled off shelves.

The name of the book is, "Plague of Corruption, Restoring Faith in The Promise of Science."
 By bluejay

05/06/2020  5:15PM


Good thinking.

We are faced with the greatest threat, for the sake of profits or just plainly the need for power, against our health at any time in our lives.

We all could benefit with the pulling back of the vail covering truth hidden by the billionaire controlled media and their paid minions.

Lesson #1

Get on YouTube and search Dr. Judy Mikovits' interview by Patrick Bet-David.

Lesson #2

Go to YouTube again and search Roundtable !, 2, 3 and 4 with Dr. Battar and Dr. Mikovits.
 By Michael Miller

04/30/2020  10:50AM

Bluejay, your observations are based on historical facts regarding social believers uniting to support a long and ongoing movement wishing to change our fundamental social (economic, political, geographic, philosophical) structures. I recognized this fifty years ago; the movement may not be a conspiracy rather a collective juggernaut driven by like-minded individuals. My life long attraction to books (great variety of topics) provides the truths. People are too different and careful about whom they associate with and trust to carry on conspiracies. While conspiracies may be loosely applied in recognizing the current social behaviors, a cabal will prove an effective way to alter its plan, divert it or even suppress it. Game on!

I know you accept important changes back to 1914 with President Wilson and his twists in monetary practice. I know from your many past entries on the FORUM, the unions between Europeans, Americans and others “want to be instrumental in social change”. My introduction to US politics began during my first presidential vote, 1964. with Johnson v Goldwater. Another monetary realization blossomed about seven years after I chose the Libertarian party over republican and democratic.

Philosophical, warfare strategy, human greed, fear or power cemented the lesson that has been used for centuries: infiltrate and destroy from within. Ridiculous libertarian beliefs infected and destroyed a deep established platform for a libertarian. The party was infiltrated and yes, it was destroyed from within.

You entry below is why I’m writing you now. You stimulated my beliefs and those of people I know or casual contacts. A diverse, powerful body has infiltrated and is active in America, confusing those true Americans like Google, YouTube, Zuckerman from Facebook and other well-known like-minded supporters. I’m recommending a book, recommended to me years ago. I still pick it up often. It is “The Hundred-Year Marathon” published in 2015, authored by Michael Pillsbury. The Wall Street Journal praised its content: “China’s ambition to become the world’s dominate power has been there all along, virtually burned into the country’s cultural DNA and hiding, as (Pillsbury) says in plain sight…The author is correct to assert that China constitutes ,by far, the biggest national challenge to America’s position in the world.”
 By bluejay

04/29/2020  5:08PM

Right to bare arms? Right to free speech? What do they want next? Someone’s agenda is to make us poor with the shutdown. Aside from what they are telling us, I say BS.

You just have to do some research into Fang Chu-tau a medical researcher from the National Taiwan University about what the World Health Organization is telling us.

Our free speech is being compromised by Google, YouTube and Zuckerman from FaceBook. Anytime a comment is made on social media concerning the suspect WHO it is being removed. What’s going on here?
 By bluejay

03/12/2020  10:37AM

The fear factor in the stock market is overwhelming. The unknown factor is how much of it is justified? There are really too many unknowns and no one has the experience in dealing with how people will exactly react to the recent news of a pandemic gripping the world.

There is good news. To my knowledge, my OAU holdings are safe and Alleghany may turn out to be the best place to live, especially if you are older.

Just heard a lady who has contracted Coronavirus in NYC was here last week in Las Vegas at the Mirage Hotel and Casino Resort. So, it will just be a matter of time until this virus spreads here.

It's known the virus does not like heat. Well, with temperatures expected in the 100's starting possibly as early as June, we may have to wait until then for it to pack up and leave.

I'm stocked with colloidal silver, natural vitamin "C" powder and elderberry tincture. I'm taking a little bit each day as a preventive and staying at home with my wife and our dog. We are having most everything brought to the house. Thank goodness for Amazon, FEDEX, UPS and the Post Office.

It was heard that a branch of Bank of America here had a $10,000 limit on cash withdrawals and if you want more, you would have to order it ahead of time.

The stores apparently are seeing a buying stampede here with people looking for first, bottled water and toilet paper.
 By bluejay

03/09/2020  11:39PM

The Dow today was off 2000 points sinking below suspected support from a 500 day average at around 26,000, closing at 23,851.02.

Fear is grabbing the public as this new Coronavirus has been identified by Francis Boyle as an escaped weaponized virus from a lab in China. This event of indirectly reported news has stirred up the investing public. Also, over the weekend talks between Russia and Saudi Arabia broke down in an attempt to cut back oil production to lessen crude oils recent weakness.

Most disturbing to the public is remarks by a few respected people that the world infection rate may reach 83% with a combined 15% mortality rate. This would appear that the media is not reporting the real news.

So, the Dow will most likely remain unstable as this apparently correct new information sinks in.

Martin Armstrong states that this market is just testing support and infers that the bull trend is still in place, agreed here.

Next support is in place from the 1000 day average on the Dow at about 23,450.

On a personal note, I keep elderberry tincture in my medicine cabinet. This is a known flu killer.

If the flu bug enters your mouth, drinking some water every 15 minutes will wash it down to your stomach where stomach acid will kill it. Do not drink cold water. Room temperature to warm water does a better job in getting it down to your stomach.

Good luck in taking care of yourselves.
 By fredmcain

03/05/2020  10:15AM

Blue Jay,

I largely agree. I try to turn out market turmoil like this because I've lived through so many bad stock markets that I've grown numb. Long term, stocks always bounce back and the old "ceiling" eventually becomes the new "floor". This too shall pass !

Sadly, the news for investors trying to buy OUR stock, is not so good. (See my latest post below in our "stock" thread).

Fred M. Cain
 By bluejay

03/05/2020  9:34AM

Stock market got you down lately?

SARS hit in November of 2002, market goes down 20% and recovers.

At the start of 2019 market drops 18.5% from about 27,000 to about 22,000.

Now another strain of a SARS type flu hits and the market has dropped about another 20% from above 29,000 to under 25,000.

It is suspected 26,000 will generally hold the market in place while it regains its footing and another 20% flash drop in this continuing bull market will go into the record books.

If history repeats itself this is, indeed, what one could expect.
 By Michael Miller

12/11/2018  10:26AM

At least four timber harvest plans were completed on our properties in Alleghany, about every twenty years. The harvester marks the trees under direction of thinning for sustainable harvests. A plan is under construction for a harvest this spring (depending on weather and ground conditions).

Four years ago I sponsored an understory reduction effort in the community. It must happen again in 2019. The crippling forest fires are a result of forty five years of mismanagement by federal foresters. Sincere but wrongful pressures have been placed on the regulators, politicians and the logging industry.

Let’s have some forest improvement week ends next year in Alleghany. The help will really be appreciated since Alleghany is surrounded by national forest land. Clearing understory and cutting the low branches of the trees are labor intensive hand work but very satisfying. May 2019 will be the beginning. Everyone: mark your calendar and lend a hand. Alleghany, the last working gold mining camp in California is worth saving.
 By cw3343

12/10/2018  5:28PM

Does the mine plan to harvest any timber next year? Did you log this year (or in the past)?

I certainly hope it does not happen, but if a fire came through...
 By cw3343

08/29/2018  4:55PM

This has nothing to do with the 16 to 1, but still very interesting.

I just read a great new book, called "The Bonanza King" by Gregory Crouch. It tells the story of John Mackay, and his silver mines in the Virginia City/Carson City areas, Nevada. The author goes into great detail describing the various silver mines there. The numbers were staggering, and it is truly amazing what they were able to do back then. (one mine used 52 cords of wood per MONTH, and 200,000 feet of timbers!!) Many mining techniques used to this day were invented in these Comstock Lode area mines.

I highly recommend the book for anyone interested in underground mining techniques and history.
 By karld

02/08/2018  10:44AM

$2.5M including alot of equipment! https://sacramento.craigslist.org/for/d/25-mil-gold-mine-fully/6462863240.html
 By Michael Miller

07/12/2017  11:41AM

Irwin has a substantial mining history. Perhaps it started building equipment used in the California gold mines but today the size of the equipment I see on the website is larger than rail equipment typical in California high-grade operations operating or planned. A ten to thirty ton ore car could be efficient over long haulage underground but it will come at a very excessive and unwise cost: heavier rail, wider passageways and high energy locomotives.

Perhaps an engineer will suggest this equipment to a new project where no use of old workings is under consideration. The down time and expense of retro fitting old workings is not advisable.

The Sixteen uses one ton and two ton ore cars in different applications and the use is very practical. The locomotive pulling the two ton runs well on the 20 pound track and is much larger than the trammers in use now. I will keep an open eye for any Irwin equipment used in the past.
 By fredmcain

07/12/2017  4:42AM


I was "Googling" for "underground mining cars" and stumbled across a website for the Irwin Car Company. Has anyone on our group heard of them?

I wonder who is buying this equipment and how many people are using it. I sent them an e-mail but have yet to get a response. I hate to take up too much of their time since I obviously won't be buying any of it!

I was wondering, is this something that the Original 16 to 1 Mine could use? Looks expensive, though. :(

Copy and paste this URL to your browser for more information:


Fred M. Cain

03/28/2017  12:42PM

Please send an email to original1621@gmail.com to receive a formatted copy of the 10-K
 By Hans Kummerow

09/28/2016  5:45AM

The German Bundesbank is currently shifting appr. 1000 tons of gold from US vaults to a newly built German vault.

While they are at it they might want to by your one ton of gold too. All gold from the US is being melted down and recast to make sure there are no tungsten cores or other little unplesant surprises.

Please send your offer to Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt, Germany. They are a very serious and reliable buyer. And after the deal is completed please send my commision to Origsix. I donate it.
 By Michael Miller

09/27/2016  12:21AM

Below is a first time entry from someone most likely a scam. I leave it because these great buys have been offered to me for over thirty years. All are scams, so BEWARE. I can sell gold any time atr spot price... no penalties. I'm reasonable positive that all or most other gold producers can do the same. So, Global Refine Miners, why will you sell a Kg of 22karat gold for $25,000 when I can sell it for $39,432.89? Ain't life grand!
 By brianharold

09/25/2016  12:39AM

we have available in stock good quantity of gold ready for export and searching for overseas partners or buyers. Our gold is 22+ carats 95% to 98.5% purity , since we are the head of local village miners we want only serious and reliable buyers to contact us. We are ready to give commission to anyone who connects us with reliable buyers. The gold will be accompanied with the follow documents
AU Gold Dore Bars,Nuggets,Gold Dust.
98.4% Purity
22+ carats
25,000$ Per Kg
980kgs Available Now.
Mr Brian harold (CEO)
Email : grantswell0@gmail.com
 By bluejay

06/16/2016  11:56PM

From Martin Armstrong:

Governments are targeting safe-deposit boxes to look for cash that is hiding from taxation. HSBC, a U.K. bank, is now moving against claimed financial crimes by altering conditions for safe-deposit boxes. This is becoming a global trend. Anything of value that is stored in a safe-deposit box is now considered money laundering. Governments want their taxes and all the laws are changing to ensure they get their money.

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