October 17, 2021 



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 By oakrockranch

01/09/2009  11:12AM

All good ideas Rick. I am in agreement with keeping a presence on eBay for the mine. at least have something running every other week or so. I was happy about the one sale on eBay and the interest in the specimens in general. I was on the otherhand quite surprised the RM piece didn't sell. That piece felt to me to have a higher perceived value and was unique in its offering of part art and part gold. Also, as for reserves, I too have found that running anything with a reserve tends to scare off bidders. Personally, I would have listed these without any reserve and started the bidding at $1. The trick to eBay is to start a "frenzy" and attract attention to the auction by a high percentage of bidders. A low starting price and no reserve gets everyone in the game thinking they will win the piece for a song. When in reality, when all is said and done, there are usually a couple bidders who will run it up to levels higher than expected. Granted, there is always the risk of the auction "dying" during the last day and the item selling for less, but I'd say 90% of the time I have been pleased with the results.

Listing the whopper is another tactic that could generate great interest in the mine. I'll have to look into the cost of doing it though as eBay charges fairly high fees for expensive listings. I'm all for it though if the cost of parading such a fine example warrants the fees. I can discus this with MM off line. Getting in with the Bonhams folks is another good idea. The whopper would surely steel the show even if it didn't sell. BUt there again, I don't know what their "seller fees" are for taking on such a mammoth item worth over a million.
 By Rick

01/09/2009  10:44AM

It's time to head up a new topic. Ground-swell interest is building for all things gold, and OAu's two recent offerings on eBay is a good start, yet only that. Maximum exposure for interest in the mine requires more than an occasional sale. We've watched the two eBay items this past week, one selling and one not.

I have a new suggestion: listing specimens on eBay should continue, but if there is to be a "reserve" let's instead consider listing them with a starting bid that would be that reserve amount. It shows valuation from the start and eliminates the questions of what the mine figures is the correct scale for specimen gold.

If the point is exposure and not necessarily the sale, then let's go BIG. List something so spectacular and high-end that people look at it for the novelty effect. Put the Whopper up for an outrageous price for that matter....people would talk for sure.

The recent Bonhams and Butterfield auction centered upon spectaular gold-quartz specimens from an old famous private collection of Original Sixteen to One pieces...I knew I'd want reference so I purchased a catalogue (beautiful 250+ page glossy color publication) and received the "prices realized" document after the auction closed. Very enlightening. The cover photo and presumed highlight of the auction was a 35.4 ozt crystalline specimen estimated at $100,000-$120,000; it didn't sell but everyone sure knew about it.

The highlight and surprise sale was item #1293, a 36.7 ozt slickensides piece that although estimated at $60,000-$70,000 did meet a reserve and sold for $52,500.

The point I'm making isn't necessarily the sale price or the estimated prices, but the exposure the whole concept received.

The mine should consider these avenues: (1) keep the eBay interest going, listing items on a weekly basis, perhaps a few with sacrafice "no-reserve-low-starting-bid" (which in my experience usually sell for higher amounts than those with reserves anyway), and then put up a MAXIMUM EXPOSURE item with an outrageous starting bid simply for show...after all, if it sells, the mine would be ahead of the game; (2) enter specimens into the next Bonhams natural history auction with the same objective; (3) remember the objective:

Obtain interest in working capital to go mining for the next generation of spectacular specimens through maximum exposure, while recognizing that the romantic past can and will repeat itself. that
 By Hans Kummerow

01/06/2009  1:10AM

I'm away from my desk for a few days. After I return back home I shall try and find out how gold-quartz slabs could be channelled into the jewelry trade over here in Europe.

Europe has a very positive attitude towards the incoming new President. Under US and California Law - would it be legally possible to mint some sort of gold-silver medal to commemorate the inauguration of the first black US-President on January 20, 2009? Such a medal could probably be marketed above daily metal market prices over here in Europe.

And the media hype around inauguration would create an ideal surrounding to collect orders - payable upon delivery.
 By Michael Miller

01/05/2009  11:49PM

Try going to a chat room where entries are kept chronologically. I lose all sense of continuity. If the Forum grew to 100 or more topics, the task of reading them or participating in a topic is like having a library without an index file, hard to keep reference material friendly. A decision was made to keep about 20 topics active, which is what we are doing. If no one adds to a topic, like the miners prayers, it may go into the misc. file.

We do our best to keep a sense of balance within the entries and rarely edit a writer's entry. Actually the misc. is an interesting file to reread once in a while. The Forum had 30 topics. It looked like more would be coming in. Something had to be done. You will find very few Forums where a new reader can easily access old entries. We are always open to constructive suggestions for improvement. Please remember the stated intent of this Forum. Glad you care enough to write.
 By oakrockranch

01/04/2009  1:16PM

Thanks for your support Bluejay, as well as from other parties. I too think it is the right step to "expose" the company and its assets. Albeit a small one on eBay, with repetition we could be on to something. Even a simple step of directing consumers to origsix.com in the text is a benefit of running these auctions. You never know who may see these and drill deeper to discover what the 16 to 1 has to offer.

A future step would be to prepare some on line banner ads on "gold" sites that would provide a direct link to the 16 to 1. With the addition of a new landing page that explains in layman's terms just what is happening and what opportunities exist for investors.

Bluejay's idea of grading gold specimens is quite sound in theory. I'll contact PCGS to see if they would be interested in such a service. I think having a third party grade each specimen would bring a whole new level of confidence in buying on line. I see so many crappy pieces of arsenopyrite or other "low-grade" examples on eBay that have been cleverly photographed to appear more golden, hoping to attract innocent buyers. If we introduced a solid grading profile that indicated purity, weight, etc we'd be far better than any other specimen merchant, and thus garner the highest prices and repeat customers.
 By bluejay

01/04/2009  12:32PM

I think Rick has hit the nail on the head by using the word, EXPOSURE.

What the company has been lacking is positive exposure and what we have with oakrockranch's efforts aided by his 100% perfect reputation as voted on by eBay users along with his masterful marketing efforts is a great start in improving the company's exposure to some degree.

It's an exciting beginning plus it's also an important step in the right direction.

What we have as shareholders is the ownership of possibly the best high grade gold exploration targets in the world. If we continue to market our potential with our past produced products it may very well help to stir up some interest for some outside investment capital.

I know issuing certificates of authenticity to origin of the offered specimens is a benefit to marketing but how about a grading service putting their stamp of authenticity on the specimens concerning eye appeal and rarity or whatever?

There is an outstanding grading service presently operating in Newport Beach, California by the name PCGS. Originally they were a coin grader and they are currently the most respected one in the industry. I have noticed that they are doing other collectibles lately and wonder if oakrockranch might consider contacting them to see if they have ever thought about grading specimens or would even consider entering the graded specimen field?

Wouldn't it be positive for the company to have their specimens graded by a reputable grading service and eliminate all the unknowns that a prospective might have which might tend to make that person reluctant as a buyer?

PCGS's graded coins have eliminated all the unknowns concerning condition, rarity and authenticity and as a result they are bought and sold usually sight unseen. They trade like stock certificates would on stock exchanges and in the OTC markets.

Maybe Hans might have some ideas on possible ways in marketing our jewelry and specimens in Europe. Ever since Hans has joined in on the forum my spirits concerning the company have been lifted.
 By gfxgold

01/03/2009  11:53PM

I find most 16 to 1 gold specimens by using advanced search and typing, Alleghany California. Not that I'm looking for gold specimens. I look for anything to do with Alleghany.
If you're looking for the best category to list specimens, look at what everybody else is doing and do it, too. Use every possible descriptive word that you can in the title, just in case someone is only searching titles and not the descriptions. I think if someone is serious about finding a good specimen on ebay, they will find it!!!
I see that the same three bidders are after the two specimens that are listed.
Maybe I should list a specimen from the Osceola and see what happens.
 By oakrockranch

01/03/2009  1:44PM

Good points on the listing categories Rick, although every segment does add more cost to the auctions themselves. I'll consider that next time around. The good news is I just looked again this morning, and item #150318914223 has already met reserve. Thanks for watching. :-)
 By Rick

01/03/2009  9:47AM

It took awhile to find the specimens in my normal catagory searches. I usually look under "gold specimen" or "gold quartz" where most listing are found. After using the advanced search method and entering the item number I found them.

I suggest expanding the listing catagories to include both "gold specimen" and "gold quartz" in addition to the current "precious metals." We'd get a much broader and complete base attention.

Excellent photos and presentation!!!! Now let's use all our resources to achieve maximum exposure.
 By oakrockranch

01/02/2009  10:17AM

Just letting you all know, I have posted two auctions of the specimens Michael sent me. They are running live on eBay right now and can be found under the following item numbers: 150318914223 and 150318914539. Get the word out and let's bid up these beauties!
 By bluejay

12/31/2008  11:21AM

Question for the board.

Which of our properties have liens against them, naming the contra parties and the amounts?
 By ztuz

11/14/2008  3:18PM

For the second year My job as a helper was more intense than just Tramming and Mucking. My duties now included drilling and blasting. Since I was skinny my tasks also include exploring old tunnels that we would blast into. Most were full of water. It was eerie walking in a tunnel that no one had been in for a hundred years. There would be candles and empty bottles floating in the water. It was quite exciting.
During the second year I was given the job as a helper to a diamond core driller (Frank Henerson) tending chuck. One vein that stood out was later assayed out to 800 ounces to the ton. I donít know why but we never pursued it.I was 17 so I was not consulted on that one.
 By ztuz

11/14/2008  3:00PM

Originally I was going to be at the Brown Bear for two weeks with my Father.
When we were packing to go home I said that I would like to stay at the mine for the summer.
We asked the President of the company. If I could stay and he said I was a good worker and that it would not be a problem.
For the first year I was given the job of trammer.My daily job consited of shoveling a ton of ore into the ore cars and then pushing out to the dump. I averaged twenty tons a day. I worked for a year at that job. After a year of observing and helping Paul Contini the Forman I was promoted to Helper. By that time the company had bought a train engine and they hired my Brother to drive it.
It was kind of strange living in Deadwood. Most weekends the other guys that lived there with me would leave and I would be alone. It gave me a lot of time to explore the area. It was really spooky being there alone .
 By oakrockranch

11/14/2008  11:21AM

Mike - Here's an interesting web site for a "man-made" gold in quartz material. This was news to me to discover some folks in Arizona are infusing 18KT gold (and other metals) into natural quartz fissures utilizing a hydro thermal heat pressure process. The result isn't the quality of 16-to-1's natural beauty, but considering the lack of slabs available, this is probably selling alright to jewelers. Interesting stuff and worth looking into for reference. Paste the link below into your browser.

 By Beirut Papa

11/13/2008  11:04AM

Hello Gentlemen,

I have the chance coming this december to share some information to the TAPS team of the television show Ghost Hunters about paranormal events and locations here in california. I would like to share some of my personal experiences with them about some strange things that happend at the office (gym) during my time in Alleghany. Also, I would like to gather some information and personal stories from those that wish to share them so that I may share with the TAPS team and hopefully be able to trigger an intrest with them about the 16 to 1.

Ofcourse the reason why I writing about this to you guys is because I mainly would like to have the permission to do so. I dont wish to aggravate mike miller or any of the other employees any further then I have from when I was a child by doing this. If anything I think it would make great plublicity if by chance the team can investigate the mine or the office or maybe other property owned by the mine. It's plainly obvious that I cant lock this on myself but since I am meeting with them in december I could hook them up with contact information, documents and maybe establish an intrest with them about the 16 to 1.
 By bluejay

11/11/2008  10:35AM

I suggest the company contact their representative in the House of Representatives after reading Ted Butler's "The Real Story" http://news.silverseek.com/TedButler/1226344970.php by lodging the appropriate complaints.

The article describes with evidence how the silver and gold prices were manipulated lower following the Bear Stearns collapse by JP Morgan Chase, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the U.S. Treasury.

All the paper losses that holders of gold and silver along with their related company holdings have suffered is directly related to the billions that J P Morgan Chase, now a bank, has pocketed for themselves as a result of their collusion with the above named government agencies.

Not only does Mr. Butler mention reduced wealth for investors but also draws direct attention to the hardships inflicted on operating companies receiving a reduced price for their product and thus forcing miners out of work.

Mr. Jim Sinclair at http://www.jsmineset.com is organizing a chamber of mines to combat price manipulation in the shares of precious metals related companies. This is one worthy cause to be proactive in.

Everyone should e-mail their representatives in government and express their outrage based upon this article.
 By greenhorn

11/10/2008  1:34PM

Perhaps surprisingly, companies that bottle spring water often actually get it from springs, and can pay a high price for it at the source. You might be able to find a buyer if the spring water is of high quality, accessible, reliable in supply etc.
 By Michael Miller

11/09/2008  4:27PM

We have pulled from inventory two great items for eBAy: a carving and a natural quartz/gold/crystal beauty (2 1/2 inches by 1 1/2 inches).

Now, let's put our talents together and expose our investment plan to people with investment capital and a hankering for some fun and adventure, not to forget other aspects of financial gain and helping to keep gold mining in America. In California gold is the founding culture. The hard rock miner is almost extinct.

That person or persons are out there. They just do not know we exist in Alleghany.
 By Rick

11/08/2008  4:48PM

And...Oakrockranch, excellent presentation on eBay! I missed you entry offering the photography as well. We are working together here!
 By Rick

11/07/2008  7:51PM


I watch items all the time on eBay to track their placement in the global market.

Anyone can and should visit www.eBay.com and in the search section pull up "gold specimen" or "gold quartz" (without the quotes) to watch the action. Plenty to see. Actually, lots of Orig 16-to-1 specimens commanding top dollar pop up all the time, perhaps kid-rocks or previous purchases.

(About those kid-rocks....how valuation changes with market trends, I'll bet the shop wishes they were still in inventory...another story...and here we're seeing them exposed to an international marketplace.)

Everyone should go look. Bluejay's correct. Suggesting the exposure is larger than imagined is true. The world looks.

Back to home. Mike, I don't mean to put any pressure on this particular angle. So...test the market with some small, tiny offerings. You could test the market and exposure potential with the tiny little pieces recently recovered from the mill-flat pile.

One thing is essential: presentation in photograhy of any offering. (I'll go on record as having a skill at this....ahem (it ain't bragging when it's true)... and gratis offer my time and photo experience if we go this direction.

There is currently an offering on eBay of some crystalline gold from the Diltz mine in Mariposa Co. (total weight about 2-3 pennyweight) and the last bid was $150...and the reason I bring this up is the photography is exceptional, micro-mount. It is a classic example of proper presentation.

So, if the mine does decide to offer / test the market on an auction level presentation, I'm mentioning that presentation needs to be on a level equal to the best of the best. (Check Bohnams auction house to see the most incredible presentation.)

Well, we're moving forward here. Mike...it's important to know, that as a long-time deep-root supporter of the mine, these suggestions aren't meant as any kind of pressure go the eBay route. This entry is only meant get some feedback and further the idea.

After all...the 1621 gold-in-quartz should be seen on line, world-wide, in a risk-free environment.

Chime in, you guys.

When an obviously

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