June 17, 2018 



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01/04/2007  9:52PM

Well., anonymous, Scoop has a answer to your question.

Three men were offered a training program. One left the first day. Two completed the forty-hour program. One started the next week. The other asked for and was granted a week delay to arrange affairs. The guy who started, worked two days and asked for a half day off to take care of some business. He hasn’t been back. The other guy never showed up again. No phone calls, nothing. Can’t fire someone who never started. Word from Ian and Mike is that it wasn’t the job; they just picked the wrong guys. Interviews can be misleading.

Scoop’s opinion: the drive was too much. Better luck with people who live closer to mine.
 By martin newkom

01/01/2007  10:00AM

According to the Idaho Maryland
website there are 44 permitted
mines in Calif. including our
16to1. The Alleghany district has produced 50+ mill.dollars over the years
 By anonymous

01/01/2007  9:10AM

Hope your search found some good new hands? Whats new underground?
Any gold? Thanks for the neat webpage you have. 16 to 1 has been a big part of history for this area.
 By Rick

12/30/2006  7:28PM

Since the volitile topics that have occupied this forum venue for the last six years have come to a volitile rest (AKA court appeals and junk and crap and stuff and junk and crap, although we know the truth, always have...thanks Mike), then this is an appropriate time to introduce the distinction of a Gold Star to the 1621 for survival, for perseverence, for continued success busting rock in the good fight leading to good leads, for the picture above and David's graces and insight with the saw, for the dream of keeping this going.

I also offer the topic title as a suggested name for the new shaft, the new potential discovery over there north of the Tightener.

The other reason I'm writing was prompted by a call from a dear friend who mentioned that I hadn't recently written to this forum with the passion that drove me so hard in the past few years. The reason is quite simple: the bad guys are in retreat, and I don't see a need to challenge them right now where they need a hot poker in the ribs, not wasting the poker. It's said that when an idiot (or and entity) makes an ass of themselves, watch and let them speak. When silence ensues, they'll most likely make a bigger ass of themselves. So, we watch and see a bigger ass soon.

Brevity, (silence in this case), is the sole of wit.

Here's to Gold Stars!
 By martin newkom

12/04/2006  8:58PM

thank goodness we have a 'whiz'
of a pres. and underground/mine
mgr. (ian) to run the "sixteen"
they are also the epidimy of
entrepeneurship. cheers!!
 By Tanky

11/26/2006  8:15AM

Dang! I forgot to add Timmy Stanley, Sorry Tim!
 By Tanky

11/26/2006  4:13AM

The month was August
and my word it was hot
On the bench
black was that rock.
Ernie and Tom
Scotty McDermitt
Robinson , Ian, Joe Bishop the money we earned it.
Days pay was this hole
and I was there on the tramp.
a bunk at the Eagle
brass and a lamp.
The compressers were lousey
you needed both just to muck.
That Eimco 22 Card Cars
came from Ely by truck.
That soft summer evening
the heat from the day.
the sound of the creek
for all to display.
the old rail and junk
from the mining long gone.
quartz by the mile
just washed along.
The sound of all nature
drounded by man
the timing of fuze
a slow muffled blam !
Bang went each shot
pulling each time
no bootlegs here
starting this mine.
 By Tanky

11/26/2006  3:55AM

That actress looks alot better than you Ernie
 By Tanky

11/26/2006  3:38AM

The summer was hot and the fall was to bloom.
I was down at West Point
felling the gloom.
The Blazing Star mill
was a thing of the past
The Plymouth mine dump
just couldn't last.
So I headed up north
fair Aleghany
To the 16 to 1
that Lucky Chance baby.
To help with the water
and the bench and the drift
this stoped out hole
raise cut and lift.
Tom Hogan shot the bench
and I collerd the drift
Conner McClucky
that Canadian stiff.
We portalled in
stood posts and the caps
and the 16 again finally had a brand new mine map.
we drove in a ways
and I partnered with Ernie
a thin looking lad
they handled with dirty.
Now I drilled on the right
Ernie the left.
Serpentine slip
we didn't detect.
the barring was light
we set up to drill
Jackleg and steel
a new ground to kill.
we fired those hammers
and they sang their song.
the air slacked rock
turned on us just wrong.
the back started to peel
a slab came on down.
hit Ernie just right
and spun him around.
tore up his hand
to the bone was bleeding.
bandages scattered
not the ones I was a needing.
We wrapped up his hands
and sent him to town.
stiches remind
you better bar down.
He was gone to the doctor
and a perscription filling.
the bigger rock missed him
so I went back to my drilling.
 By Michael Miller

11/08/2006  12:41PM

Our present and future mining plans are moving north along the strike of the vein system we own. Very strong gold showings exist on the 2200-foot level and 2400-foot level in the south; however the cost of mining these locations and the necessary “dead” work renders them impractical at this time. We have not given up on these known pay shoots, which were mapped between 1994 and 1996.

We prepared a short summary of tertiary gravel that applies to our Red Star claims and offer it to you in “The Mine” section of our web site. Mining the tertiary gravel is a bonus worth serious consideration once the old dead river is accessible.
 By Michael Miller

11/07/2006  4:13PM

Please read and study the article about the Red Star Exploration Program. It is written by Ray Wittkopp, posted today on the web site. Click on the topic “The Mine” listed on the left side index of home page . Article at top of page.
 By martin newkom

11/02/2006  12:56PM

Since that mine was incorperated in Nevada you need to consult the: Nev. Corp. Commissioner the Nevada Secy. of State and your Stock Broker. The Company may have been merged with another one or it may have changed its name or it may have gone out of business. good luck
 By Dick Davis

11/01/2006  3:27PM

Dear Buzz,

I believe the State of California, Department of Corporations, in Sacramento, is the place to go.

If not, ask a stockbroker.

Best regards,

 By Buzz

11/01/2006  9:28AM

I have an old stock certificate issued by the Gold Zone Mining Corportation, incorporated in Nevada on January 10, 1951. I've reasearched but haven't been able to find anything on this mine/company. If anyone has any information or tips on researching, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

07/18/2006  3:44PM

Time to reduce number of topics: bn 125 (no one could answer your questions. try internet search); mineralminer (try again); Rick (always an interesting view with your endangered species analogy). How to get to Red Star moved to From Sixteen to One Archives. Hi Mike moved to Ideal Time for Facts.
 By Rick

07/16/2006  8:54PM

(Anyone familiar with my contributions, please read enough to see the relativity of this entry, and then dive in, as Mike Miller suggests in the immediate topic below.) Anyone tuning in for the first time, checking in on the subject title, will get an eye-full.

In a nut shell, the power in government lies in the heartstrings of the ill-informed. Case in point: the Endanged Species Act has been now more miss-used than ever to usurp private property rights across the nation, at the very expense of the endanged species themselves as well as all Americans while doing nothing to protect the alleged endangerment. Allow me to sum this up in one sentence, that all informed biologists will agree upon:

We teach evolution, but fail to let it happen, all on the basis of a false protectionist posture adopted by a majority of political factions who see a political objective.

Let me elaborate, (and relate to our current CDAA obstacle:)

I gaurantee that the mosquito in my yard, or the fly inside my house, or the rat in my grain barrel, or the sqirrel in my almonds, or the Federal rat in my pocket are all endangered. Should we protect them, based on the "PC" notion that something endangered is something worth protecting?

All of this biology talk flies directly in the face of Darwinian theory of evoliution. The model of evolution (taught publically, and erroneously, completely mischaracterized by definition,) is the emergence of a new species through the complete (COMPLETE, PLANET WIDE, NOT JUST IN SOME INCONVENIENT BACKYARD OR LEVEE OR PRETTY PLACE!!!) disappearance of that species. In other words, yes, the mosquito on my arm, and yes, the beetle in my elderberry tree may move next-door, are endangered in my yard, but certainly not worth making First Team in politics resulting in regional facism. We all know they exist just right over there.

How does this relate to the CDAA?

My first hand vision of why The Original Sixteen to One Mine, and Mike Miller and Jonathon ever became ensnared in the injustice and subsequent entrapment by the CDAA (and applauded pursuit of justice by the immediately above aforementioned)is an exact analogy: let a myth persist, and no-one challenges the premis. In this situation, the mask that the CDAA has worn, one that Gale Filter recently in the last few attempts to derail harmless freedom, one that has been one of environmental-protectionism evolved into worker- protectionism evolved into a criminal willy-nilly anti-Constitutional posture that no-one dares challenge, becomes an evidentual fraud until someone fights back.

Never discard the money angle, nor the politics and fuzzy payback zone in that bed. Never discard the politics. Never forget that when true evolution happens, despite some human attempts to take credit and manipulate it to death, it takes the unworthy down. Never forget the truth that after all, truth prevails.

Gale Filter, CDAA, and all of you who don't think for yourselves and believe us out here to be stupid gremlin followers of PC crap, you're all a blatant fraud mechanism that's breaking down, and fortunately and finally, there are voices on the benches who won't carry your water. Never mess with the backbone that built your bench.

As for the Endangered Species connection with this entry: allowing evolution to happen, watch Gale Filter's association within the CDAA to become the reason, and by rightful dis-association, to become the reason this case gets settled in favor of the wronged.

Let's watch...and if only they'd teach their true model of evolution, (not to exclude the alternative, but while it's being done...) when the weak will finally be
replaced, will the sharks in politics go home?
 By bn12595

07/15/2006  9:53AM

I would like to find out more about my CS Card Iron Works Mine Car. Does anyone know if this company still exists?
Thank you so much for the help.
 By bn12595

07/15/2006  9:52AM

I would like to find out more about my Denver Rock Drill. Does anyone know if this company still exists?
Thank you so much for the help.
 By mineralminer

06/17/2006  7:35PM

I live in Colorado Springs and I like to go prospecting for gold. I know that there many people out there that like prospecting but I do not know anyone near me... so I figured that there might some on this forum that lives close to Colorado Springs and might be my prospecting partner. Anyone interested in being my prospecting partnercan email me telling me where they live, their name, email address and phone number. and maybe we can meet sometime. My name is William Leverett. My email is prospector26@gmail.com
 By Michael Miller

06/10/2006  11:40AM

Hi, and thanks for the recent input. Since this thread has drifted from the name of this topic, it is headed for the broad Miscellaneous topic. I’ll add a few remarks and encourage you to raise questions or offer comments before Kyle moves it along on Monday. (I read the Gold Enters Major Bull Market regularly and look forward to the writers’ comments, which is a reason to keep it pure.)

The underground workings are always in a state of decay or caving. Gravity works twenty-four hours a day. Timber rots the moment it is installed (which is the reason we have gone to steel in areas that we want open for a long time). It is hard to put a dollar amount on the caving. It is the result of a diminished maintenance program, which is a direct result of our inability to raise working capital. One can readily trace this back to the specious criminal charges filed by Gayle Filter and his band of private lawyers. Damages.

A popular action was put forth by several of my trusted consultants and shareholders to allow the water to rise to the 1500 level. It was discussed three years ago, as we grew shorter and shorter on money to work the lower levels. Yes, there is high-grade gold showing in six places on the 2200-foot level and the 2400-foot level. It will still be there when we decide to go after it. I was the reluctant one in turning the power off on the lower pump. In hindsight, it may have been a good move in 2003.

As our operation shrunk in manpower, we were forced to find gold targets in the upper levels of the mine. This we did, successfully mining a good pocket in July 2004. We have found another productive target not far below the 800-foot level. So, saving electricity and conserving manpower has paid off. I am not worried or concerned about the water level. The hardest part of dewatering old mine workings is doing it for the first time. Lowering the water again has never been as difficult as it was the first time for many reasons. When we pump again it will be with a system built for the specifics of the situation (properly sized pumps and discharge lines and support machinery). I remain hopeful that miners will develop the high-grade pocket north of the Tightner Shaft on the 2700-foot level, a target we failed to access in 2001-2002. If we go for it again, it will succeed because of the work we previously did and the knowledge we gained from our first attempt. There are numerous high-grade gold targets that are identified in the Sixteen to One. Each has a price tag and a potential. We have publicly named our next major target, sinking the Red Star Shaft. One study of the geology and the layout tells the why this was chosen. All evidence points to a gold bonanza greater than any yet mined. Do you know any gold seekers? If so, please have them call me.

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