August 5, 2020 



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 By bluejay

08/19/2013  9:57AM

Politicians are clueless and their policies are more like strip-mining. They are destroying the economy right down to the foundation and fail to grasp that they keep raising taxes to support unfunded liabilities for state workers. This is destroying the productive sector of the economy to fund the sector that produces nothing to increase the national wealth.

Martin Armstrong
 By bluejay

08/02/2013  7:48AM

The Major U.S. Banks Are Financial Hoods

Jim Sinclair’s Commentary(

The most endangered species on the planet is the pensioner and to become a pensioner.

Banksters help cull the geezers.

Swaps Probe Finds Banks Manipulated Rate at Expense of Retirees
By Matthew Leising – Aug 2, 2013 2:00 AM ET

U.S. investigators have uncovered evidence that banks reaped millions of dollars in trading profits at the expense of companies and pension funds by manipulating a benchmark for interest-rate derivatives.

Recorded telephone calls and e-mails reviewed by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission show that traders at Wall Street banks instructed ICAP Plc brokers in Jersey City, New Jersey, to buy or sell as many interest-rate swaps as necessary to move the benchmark rate, known as ISDAfix, to a predetermined level, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.

By rigging the measure, the banks stood to profit on separate derivatives trades they had with clients who were seeking to hedge against moves in interest rates. Banks sought to change the value of the swaps because the ISDAfix rate sets prices for the other derivatives, which are used by firms from the California Public Employees’ Retirement System to Pacific Investment Management Co., said the person, who asked not to be identified because the details aren’t public.
 By bluejay

07/29/2013  10:48PM

U.S. Gold Mine Output Falls 5% In April – USGS
By Kitco News
Monday July 29, 2013 12:11 PM
(Kitco News) -U.S. gold mine output was 17,600 kilograms in April, the U.S. Geological Survey said Monday.

April output was 5% under March production of 18,500 kgs. April output was also modestly below year-ago production of 17,800 kgs.

The average daily production rate in April was 587 kgs of gold, USGS said. This compares to March’s average daily rate of 596 kgs, the April 2012 average daily rate of 593 kgs, and the 2012 average of 639 kgs.

For more information, see:
 By bluejay

07/29/2013  3:09PM

Spain Taxing Sunlight
Posted by Martin Armstrong

Spain’s Secretary of State for Energy, Alberto Nadal, has signed a draft royal decree taxing energy derived from photoelectric cells. If they can’t derive taxes from utilities, what the hell – tax the sun. Next comes a tax on clean air to breath to live. They already tax food.

Governments are having difficulty coming up with debt payments. All this is heading our way and is just a matter of time before new and expanded taxes become our obligations.

Squeeze the people.
 By bluejay

07/28/2013  9:04PM
 By bluejay

07/28/2013  9:03PM

Jim Sinclair has been warning of a big government money grab coming soon.

Visit his website to get the particulars.
 By bluejay

07/23/2013  8:39AM

People do not appreciate how economic shocks are always followed by economic reforms. The rise in taxes and the global G20 effort to seize everything and imprison people who have offshore accounts was instigated by Hollande of France. At this stage during the government implosion is being caused by those in power who cannot see that they are the PROBLEM. Hollande is typical of someone who has mental disorder found in children known as Oppositional Defiant Disorder whereby they blame others for their own mistakes. This is our general crisis in which we find ourselves. Those in power will destroy the world economy convinced that if they could just get their hands on every piece of wealth, then their faulty ideas would succeed.

Martin Armstrong
 By bluejay

07/22/2013  10:51AM

WWII Shipwreck Gives Up 61 Tons From Atlantic Seabed

By Sonja Elmquist - Jul 22, 2013 8:46 AM MT

Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc. (OMEX), a deep-sea salvage company, said it retrieved more than 61 tons of silver bullion this month from a World War II shipwreck nearly three miles (4.8 kilometers) below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.
Odyssey recovered 1,574 silver ingots weighing a total of about 1.8 million ounces from the SS Gairsoppa, the Tampa, Florida-based company said in a statement today. The 412-foot (126-meter) British cargo ship was torpedoed by a German U-boat in February 1941, Odyssey said on its website.
Enlarge image

Forty-eight tons of silver bullion has been recovered from the SS Gairsoppa and returned to the British government, Odyssey Marine, Inc. announced on July 18, 2012. The record-breaking operation has so far produced the heaviest and deepest recovery of precious metals from a shipwreck.

Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc. Remotely Operated Vehicle pilots navigate the advanced robotics used to recover silver bars from the SS Gairsoppa shipwreck site, which lies approximately 4,700 meters deep in the North Atlantic, in this handout photo on July 2, 2012. Source: Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc.

Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc. uses advanced robotics to recover silver from the SS Gairsoppa shipwreck site, in this handout photo on July 8, 2012. Source: Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc. via Bloomberg
The metal was worth about $630,000 when the Gairsoppa was sunk and about $36 million at today’s prices. Odyssey has recovered a total of 2,792 ingots from the wreck, about 99 percent of the insured silver reported to be aboard when the vessel sank.

“We have accomplished a world-record recovery at a depth never achieved before,” Odyssey Chief Operating Officer Mark Gordon said in the statement.
 By bluejay

07/20/2013  11:38AM

July 19, 2013

I listened carefully to yesterday’s Bernanke speech. He seemed ill at ease and almost stumbling. I truly believe that Bernanke is confused and even frightened by the results of all his manipulations. But what he’s most confused about is the poor results he’s been getting from both the economy and the markets. Bernanke appears to me to be a man trapped and confused by his own unorthodox tactics. Bernanke wanted to be a hero when he stepped in during 2009 to halt the panic in the markets. Now I believe he wishes that he had never tried to turn the markets during 2009. The consequences of his actions turned out to be worse and far more confusing than anything Bernanke imagined.
–Richard Russell July 18, 2013
 By bluejay

07/18/2013  1:20PM

JP Morgan Is Reportedly Getting Ready To Settle For $1 Billion For Manipulating Energy Markets
Steven Perlberg Jul. 17, 2013, 4:41 PM

U.S. regulators and J.P. Morgan Chase are close to a monster settlement over allegations that the banking giant tampered with electricity markets in California and the Midwest, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Ok J.P. Morgan got caught but where are the refunds to California residents?
 By bluejay

07/13/2013  9:29AM

Years ago the media prided itself on reporting and journalism. Today they are puppets for their masters. Don’t forget that if you boil it down, almost 90% of the media is ultimately owned by just 6 major corporations. You get to hear what they want you to hear.

Rob Reiner - The International Forecaster
 By bluejay

07/12/2013  5:39PM

Great News

Posted on July 11, 2013 by Martin Armstrong

There are a group of Senators who want to bring back Glass-Steagall separating commercial banks from investment banks. That was removed by Goldman Sachs’ Robert Rubin under Bill Clinton.

Nevertheless, the Fed is already advising banks that they will not insure losses on the trading side. The Fed has been advising banks they will only cover commercial banking deposits and loans period! Trading losses will be on them.

Glass-Steagall is coming back if they like it or not. The banks are not going to be handed blank checks anymore so the future will be strikingly different.
 By bluejay

07/12/2013  2:26PM

Wayne Root supports workers.
 By bluejay

07/12/2013  2:04PM

According to Wayne Root in an interview on stated:

In the first 90 days of 2013 the Obama administration added 6,118 new rules and regulations.

If you break rules and regulations you get fined. It's a real money maker for the government. These types of aggressive government actions are exactly the same that Rome's government cast on its citizens prior to its collapse.
 By bluejay

07/12/2013  11:04AM

According to Wikipedia:

Capitalism is an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital assets and goods. In a capitalist economy, investors are free to buy, sell, produce, and distribute goods and services with at most limited government control, at prices determined primarily by a competition for profit in a free market.[1][2][3] Central elements of capitalism include capital accumulation, competitive markets, and a price system.

"With at most limited government control"

It's quite apparent government these days is seeking more and more control. Or should it be said that big bankers are grabbing our wealth through their financial schemes supported by their paid shills?

Our free market system has been invaded by hack regulators not voted in by the people but put in place by our so-called representatives.

Now recently the big man just wrote an executive order giving him complete power over the nation's communication systems. Will there be another executive order written describing what we can and can not say on Face Book and through our e-mails even though the NSA is recording EVERYTHING and storing it on their computers?

This is not "limited government control."

The bottom line is all this information is being collected for blackmail for greater control over the common folk. Hoover at the FBI blackmailed many in government with their collected information. Imagine what it will be like with all those computers NSA is proposing to house in their new very large facility currently under construction in Utah?

The people are bound to show their disgust with the growing presence of a third party come election time 2016.

Weighing in on our company, we would be much better off today if the capitalistic theory would have been respected by government:

1- Capital accumulation - How much time and money did that law breaking pack of independent attorneys steal from shareholders when they were let out of their cages?

2- Competitive markets - Loving gold and mining has been severely disturbed by the added expense of having to react to accusers and regulators in shrinking our profit margins or just sinking us into the red most of the time.

3- Price system - Oh Gee whiz, how have we ever survived with the central banks of the world leaning on and suppressing the price of our final product?

The system by which all these players are controlling us is not free enterprise and most certainly, not true capitalism.
 By Michael Miller

07/12/2013  10:12AM

 By bluejay

07/06/2013  3:11AM

Achieving Independence
By James Corbett
It's the day after the day after Independence Day. Sadly, for many Americans this means that the fireworks have all been set off, the hot dogs have all been grilled and eaten, the hangover fog has started to lift, and it's time to carry on with business as usual in the great American Empire. Another year of working as a cog in the great corporate machine of America's increasingly fascistic system. Another year of being openly surveyed, spied on, and tracked by the NSA. Another year of inflating bills and mounting debt as the talking heads crow about an “economic recovery.” Another year of food stamps and Obamacare, NDAA arrests and police brutality, quantitative easing, social dissolution, and racial tension. Another year before anyone bothers to once again give lip service to the great American tradition of independence that has long since been abandoned in favor of “national security” and “social welfare.” The founding fathers must be spinning in their graves.
 By bluejay

07/04/2013  12:23PM

The 4th of July

In 1775, people in New England began fighting the British for their independence. On July 2, 1776, the Congress secretly voted for independence from Great Britain. The Declaration of Independence was first published two days later on July 4, 1776. The first public reading of the Declaration of Independence was on July 8, 1776. Delegates began to sign the Declaration of Independence on August 2, 1776.

Prior to this historic event, the King of England was severely taxing the colonies. In addition, the people of the colonies had few rights especially when British soldiers wanted entry into their homes.

What is really different today? a small elite group operating behind the curtain is doing the same thing. Their front is the Wall Street banks and, or course, those in power.Today there is growing restlessness with the people flavored with constant quoting from our Founding Fathers who entended much more for us than we have today. And then we have Homeland Security, who have amassed large supplies of bullets and armored vehicles.

Not to forget, the warrantless intrusions into our personal financial information, our emails and private? phone conversations now being stored for what?

I'm not celebrating the 4th this year as I fear the likes of the English are back.

Something doesn't smell right.
 By bluejay

06/26/2013  8:27AM

Squeeze The People
 By bluejay

06/25/2013  2:01PM

Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

The most endangered species on the planet is the pensioner

California on the Brink: Pension Crisis About to Get Worse
By Elizabeth MacDonald
Published June 12, 2013

A growing number of key California cities are a lot worse off than previously thought, thanks to new changes coming in the way state and local governments must account for their pension costs.

The pension changes from Moody’s, and separately the Governmental Accounting Standards Board, scheduled for this month, could result in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Azusa and Inglewood joining fiscally troubled Stockton and San Bernardino, among others, as severe credit risks. It’s all largely due to soaring employee retirement costs, according to new analysis based on the methodology by Bob Williams and his team at State Budget Solution (SBS), a non-partisan organization that studies state budget crises.

The new rules could nearly double California’s unfunded liabilities to $328.6 billion. Moreover, California cities that have already filed for bankruptcy protection, like Stockton and Vallejo, will fall deeper into the red.

Officials in these California cities did not return calls for comment.

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