October 17, 2021 



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 By TheFoolofFoolsDay2

10/29/2003  9:37PM

Lets ponder something...

What is safer?

the coordinates of the dynamite beemed from a secure palm device to a secure satellite to a secure server in the doj server farm or....

The sheriff that has the location of our dynamite on a memo in his office in a file cabinent with a cam lock? Not to mention how many people have access to said file cabinent and with or without the keys to open it.

Who is to say all that info isn't stored in a database on a computer in cali anyways? Anyone wanna take a bet on that?

Oh well, its the same mentality people have about paying bills online they would rather send a check in an envelope that everyone knows is a payment and put it in an unsecure mailbox outside their house to have the mailman who may or may not have it always secured deliver it to the sorter which may or may not take your check to get it mailed to another mailman to put it in another unsecure box or B)pay online with secure encryption to another computer with secured encryption behind a firewall and not to mention your probably paying on a visa debit card which your only liable to 50 bucks of unathorized charges by federal law?

Tough choice.

So Mike do you bank online at all? What is the big deal about letting the government know where the dynamite is anyways and what is your guarantee when the authority when back to her truck she didn't just put it in anyways?

Sometimes finding the real battles in life are half the battle.. IMHO, you shoulda just let it go.. BIG DEAL!
 By minermike

10/01/2003  10:56PM

Does anyone out there know of where we can get parts for G/D slushers We need some stuff for our old 5 cyl beast. I have had no luck on the net. I know there is a bunch of them out there. Let me know what ya have. --Mike Nolen
Mockingbird Mine
Midpines Ca.
 By Wombat16to1

10/01/2003  4:40AM

Hello All,

I'm a new member, registering as "Wombat16to1" (John) [it told me that plain old "wombat" name was already taken here ~ is there another wombat here?]. Allow me to introduce myself and interests. I am a geologist in Australia, and also one who has gone back to university for extra degrees, studying Social Sciences, with a view to entering consultancy work in Earth AND Social Science arena (or anything to do with either if work is scarse).

I have a piece of student assignment research to do, which will last into 2004. The topic is: "THE PLACE OF GEOLOGY AND MINING IN SOCIETY".

I feel the Mother Lode country is an excellent place to study this, and Californian gold history also has a great deal in common with the Australian goldfields as I'm sure most people realise.

If anyone has views about the (changing nature) of the place of geology and mining in society please send me views, material or URL references to john.mail@ozemail.com.au or to PO Box 264, Summer Hill, NSW 2130.

Cheers for now … John
 By Oak

08/12/2003  1:43PM

Ditto - the more news about the mine and what is going on would be a very positive step towards keeping us all informed about our investment.
 By gfxgold

08/11/2003  11:00PM

Thanks for changing the current picture in the "Photo Album". It's good to see that "Normal", everyday life still goes on at the 16 to 1. Let's get those camera's clicking. I'm sure everyone would like to see 16 to 1 "Life", above or below ground.
 By gfxgold

07/31/2003  11:23PM

www.kitco.com has an interesting article about the current price of gold. "African strike deadline, weaker U.S. Dollar drives gold higher". Go to: http://www.kitco.com/ind/egs/jul282003.html
 By emile

07/04/2003  1:18PM

I have been doing research on an
old stock certificate. I can't find any information.
Can anyone shed any information on what happened to California Comstock gold mine? I believe its dated 1937. Make my day!
 By kokrobity

06/11/2003  7:42AM

 By kc7ich

05/24/2003  10:42AM

we'd like to invite everyone to come and see our mining park. we have many exhibits and interesting things to see. check out our site at www.tonopahnevada.com for pix and info.
 By bluejay

02/28/2003  4:19PM

First, if it's for real you have to quietly asertain whose property it is on. If it's on your, do you own the mineral rights? If it's in nugget form or in dust it can be extracted easier than if it were a lode deposit or a potential open pit operation which will be expensive in time and money. Also, what mining regulations govern potential removal in the area of the suspected find. In addition, the chemical make-up of the potential ore may be too complex to economically separate.

The mine office, I'm sure, would not mind assisting with a few of your potential questions.
 By universe

02/28/2003  1:44PM

I have found some gold
in my homeland and I don't
know what to do.
 By finnegan

02/19/2003  11:31AM

Congratulations on Court victory!
 By lynwood

02/01/2003  10:08PM

Ore...Concentrates...the tiny spects of gold.

While Gordon is correct regarding the purity of quartz ore, wall rock or vein material with specific gravity greater than 2.7 and less than 19.3 [sp for fine gold] will combine upon ignition. Blasting the ore at the face is the cheapest way to breakdown ore for further classification and concentration.

And MikeG :...A pint's a pound, the world around.

Yes, the weight of an equal volume of mixed concentrates will weigh about the same at any mesh. The volume may increase or decrease. Miners' Luck with the search. The range of weight of an equal volume is 7.3 to 11.8.
 By MikeG

01/30/2003  5:40PM

I was wondering if anyone here happened to know what the approximate weight of a cubic foot, or yard or any other volume, of concentrated (crushed to maybe 600mesh) ore would be? I realize it is not constant and will be determined by the amount of various minerals, but an average or maybe the heaviest to be expected would help me tremendously. Thanks, MikeG
 By dickdavis40

12/10/2002  5:52PM

Since 16:1 is offering its gold collection for 1.7 million, you might consider: 1) ebay auction with a reserve price (Eminen’s house brought in zillions, and lots of publicity), 2) the old adage “You can sell anything if the commission is right,” might apply, so consider raising the offering price to 2 million and pay a 10% commission. That should get someone’s attention.
 By earthskeeper

11/13/2002  12:39PM

I am writing a paper on hard rock gold mining and would like more information on the x-ray tech. for finding gold in the mines walls.Any help would be greatly appreciated

thanks for any response
 By skitter

04/24/2002  2:17PM

I have some wind fall dougles and other firs which I need to split for timbers, other wise I will have to drag purchases supports down a 1/2 mile trail. I have the power saw,but will need other recommended items such as specfic wedges, mall etc. I also need to the science and specifics of the actual splitting. Some of the wind falls are 10-15 years old, I am not sure if I have any fresh timber. Maybe I could talk the Forest Service into letting me fall a selected tree. The property is not patented but the property has been in the family prior to 1955, actually since 1901. I am still learning so be patient and I would appreciate any and all comments. Thanks. Bob
 By miner49r

04/22/2002  8:28PM

I've been trying to take the 16 to 1 Miner for the day tour for almost 4 years, but this last weekend it finally became a reality. This was truly a dream come true - one that probably started when I was 10 years old, and my parents took my brother and I to Calico Ghost Town in Southern California.
My day started at 08:00 with a trip to the Gold sales dept. For me this was definitely the most 'dangerous' part of the tour!
Then the Mine Manager, Jonathan Farrell, came up to take me down to the upper shop. There I got my belt, and received training on the use of the emergency CO breathing device and a warning on how important this device is to the safety of the miners.
I then got a helmet and light, and it was off into the mine at the 800 level.
Jonathan & I rode the skip down to where Roy was working on the de-watering pumps.
We then went to get a Fin hoe from a very impressive stope, and see the progress on another area that was being opened up.
Then we went down to the 2100 level where the crew was working on opening up/de-watering the shaft down to the 2400 level - Not a job for those with a fear of heights!
All the while we traveled through such beautiful white quartz drifts! And Jonathan's extensive knowledge of the geology & history of the mine proved quite adequate to answer my endless stream of questions!
We met up with Larry, Billy Joe, and Frank for lunch. Frank was tramming out the waste rock, and Billy Joe and Larry were mining up under the historically mined areas of the 600 level. Both have found gold, and are in promising ground.
Larry took me up to his area, showed me where the big gold pockets were found, and gave me an overview of what to do to work safely in that area. Then Larry put me to work running the slusher while he was working with some of the larger boulders. I was just starting to get a feel for the slusher, when I realized that I was bound up on something. Larry signaled for me to stop. Turns out that there was a 4+ ton rock that had decided to impede my progress. Much to my delight, Larry concluded "Gotta Blast"!
My initial match with an 80 series jack-leg pneumatic drill proved to be less than successful. It was probably tough for Larry to tell if I was drilling, or riding a bucking bronc! However, with some coaching from Larry (use the leg to feed, not to control the angle!), the second hole, after Larry started it, went much smoother!
Now it was time to blast! Larry filled the hole with an ammonium nitrate based powder. And Larry even let me light the fuse! Now that was definitely a kick!
We made our way back to the 800 level for the blast. While the smoke cleared, Billy Joe started me on the slusher working his stope. It was a dual drum brake unit, so it was a little different, but also a kick in the pants to operate! Then Larry and I headed back up into his stope to find only small fragments of the troublesome boulder remaining!
We continued slushing until Billy Joe was ready to blast his 6 rounds. Billy Joe let me light the fuse for his blast (I was really beginning to like this part!). Larry, Billy Joe and myself gathered under the steel sets farther down the 800 level.
We were quite secure, but I was still able to feel a slight blast wave from each of the rounds.
That moment was the climax of what had already been a perfect day. I really had a new appreciation for the determination, guts, and raw power that an underground pocket mine like the 16 to 1 requires before it will relinquish any of its well-protected treasure!
I want to take this tour again! I would sure recommend to anyone with an interest in mining, especially historically accurate underground Gold mining, this is a must-take tour.
I am so grateful that the crew at the 16 to 1 let me experience a piece of their world. Now 50 years from now I won't by laying on my deathbed saying "Ya know, I sure wish I'd taken that tour at the 16 to 1".
Thanks to all of you that keep my dream alive every day at the 16 to 1!
 By jehu

04/20/2002  11:20PM

My good friend owns mines south of you around Bagby but has never mined them. i want to encourage him to let me help him start small.Where can i find the equipment to begin small scale hard rock mining such as shoring engineers, mill, z-myte etc.

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