November 27, 2021 

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Clips from Alleghany


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 By fredmcain

09/22/2021  7:54AM


I have been watching and keeping tabs on the Jet Stream forecasts from "Weatherstreet". If they're accurate at all, it looks like RAIN next week. In fact, you might even get a soaker in Alleghany.

So say a prayer and keep your fingers crossed !

07/22/2021  2:01PM

Scoop is back in Alleghany with pen, paper and hard hat. Did you get the news that Sierra County District Attorney dismissed the criminal charges from testimony by two disgruntled ex-miners (Sauer and Chico) A third party encouraged them to fabricate a story. Sierra County Sheriff Mike Fisher bought it and sold it to Sierra Superior Court Judge Yvette Durant, who issued a search warrant for the mine. Why?? Mike, get this info out to the public.

About 50 regulators swarmed into Alleghany: five or more packed side arms and rifles. Alleghany got frightened, thinking it was a pot raid. Instead just another unnecessary interference. Talk in Alleghany remembered the Ruby Ridge incident. The miners were pulled from the underground were calm but confused. No shots were fired. Whew!

PG&E electric shut offs are frequent for line replacements. The new multi-million dollar sub-station needs protection. Like all of California surface waters are disappearing. Maybe the mine can sell its underground storage of water.

Speaking of water. In June California renewed the water permit for another five years with less reporting. Congratulations to the State staff and the gold miners. Rainbow trout are visible swimming about in Kanaka Creek at discharge point. Sixteen to One water is free from any environmental harm.

02/12/2021  6:56AM

You gotta Great fresh story and picture of a to-be-named gold specimen. Really, go take a look and Name that Rock



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