December 11, 2018 

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Risk Management Strategies


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 By Michael Miller

01/10/2018  4:06PM

David I, whoop y, you are still checking the FORUM. I was inundated with paperwork in December, which has continued and took a break from the FORUM. Thanks for your participation. I plan to get back on a schedule to keep shareholders, gold minded people and curious others up to date on how 2018, looks for Sixteen to One.

My major concern regarding a dollar backed currency with gold is who will be fixing the ratio of dollars to ounces of gold. Most of the deep gold minded people believe that the “price” of gold continues manipulated. It could be those who want a lower spot price (buyers) or those who want a higher price (sellers) or those who want equity balance. I prefer the market to set prices; however an ounce of gold becomes out of reach for most of us at $10,000 an ounce. What will be our choices?

In 1974, my choice was to find the gold and participate in my expected price increase that way. My economics and business beliefs are simple: supply and demand; law of diminishing returns; dynamics of scale; and for gold ownership as close to the metal as possible. I dredged. I mined some. I took over one of the finest companies with honest gold in the ground. Here we are.

What I see after forty three years is a very exciting future with the only concern is the dynamics of scale. The odds, as Sixteen to One sits today, foretell a struggle (as if we haven’t had twenty plus years of struggle)are not-in-our-favor. To eliminate the struggle (too small an operation) is achievable in multiple ways. My job is to find others who want to join our struggle to overcome this issue. I will.

Paper work, via ridiculous wrongful regulatory behaviors, is reduced to one source. Soon I can tell you about which agency seems better and which agency continues to break the law. Any guesses? Gold business which is out of my influence or control (spot price) is fun to think about but whatever I can influence to improve gold mining in the United States of America and especially with our Company, I will pursue vigorously. Anyone want to join us?
 By David I

01/06/2018  1:42AM

Happy new year. There is some consideration being thought about by the Trump administration about returning America to a partial gold standard with the price of gold set at $10,000 per ounce. This would be a boon for your industry. Also a very important legal consideration is being viewed by the US supreme Court regarding a Mr. Brandon Rinehart's case against the California Supreme Court to reverse the decision of the California indicating that the mining right of the 1872 Mining Act is limited to holding a claim, and not the right to mine the claim. This case was submitted to the US Supreme Court 01/05/ 2018 for review by the US Supreme Court to here the Case.
 By Michael Miller

01/05/2018  10:24AM

The following report caught my interest. While Americans are buying Bitcoins, Germans recently brought 53,780 gold bars to their home country. Nice move! Story follows.

Deutsche Boerse says Germans continue to invest heavily in gold, with holdings of its gold-backed security reaching a new all-time high in 2017. The German marketplace exchange organizer reported (January 3) that the holdings of Xetra-Gold reached an all-time high of 175.04 tons of gold at the end of 2017, up significantly from 117.59 tons at the end of 2016.

Out of all commodities traded on the Xetra Stock Exchange, Xetra-Gold was the highest-performing security with order book turnover around 2.86 billion euros in 2017. Xetra-Gold has been around for a decade, having first been introduced in 2007, and last year the gold price ended up about 13 percent. “The increase is mainly due to the high demand from institutional investors” said Deutsche Boerse Managing Director Michael König. “However, more and more asset managers, family offices and private investors are showing interest in gold as an asset class.” For each unit certificate, 1 gram of gold is deposited in the central safe deposit for German securities in Frankfurt.

The World Gold Council (WGC) notes that Germany’s gold investment market has “boomed” in the last 10 years. The WGC explains that concerned investors turned to gold to protect their wealth in the face of “successive financial crisis and loose monetary policy.” German investors bought more gold per person in 2016 than investors in China and India, two other countries known for being gold powerhouses. Reasons given by purchasers were investment and retirement.

Germany’s central bank completed the transfer of US$27.9 billion worth of gold bars held by France’s central bank and the Federal Reserve in New York. The 53,780 bars were brought back to Frankfurt three years ahead of schedule in a move intended to build public “trust and confidence.”



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