December 14, 2018 

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 By dickdavis

12/14/2016  7:06AM

Great time to support the Gold Museum, buy a Colorful 2017 Calendar and write a tax deductible check.

Calendars are a perfect way to send "Happy New Year" greeting to friends.

Maybe Rae can put up a sample photo of the 2017 calendar...?

Best wishes to all and for a Bonanza Strike in 2017,

Dick Davis
 By martin newkom

12/04/2010  2:39PM

In my travels I have come across
two interesting items:
A former miner at the 16-1 now
lives in Yuba City. Name witheld.
I have a copy of the membership
list for masonic lodge at Alleghany, Forest Lodge, 1882.
Only one family name recognized:
 By jamiehout

11/28/2010  5:51PM

Like to do Museum day some time



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