November 23, 2017 

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Correspondence from the President of OAU


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 By Michael Miller

11/07/2017  1:46PM

Hi Faithful Readers:

The crew continues our plan to get-to-the-bottom of Sixteen to One.When the third quarter ended, we were ahead of schedule; however a series of non-mining setbacks puts us a little behind now.

A review the recent annual report explains why I'm posting the letter below. Searching for not just someone but the right someone is a high priority. Like the miners always say, if you don't turn over the rocks, you won't find the gold.

September 19, 2017
Bloomberg Philanthropies
25 East 78th Street
New York, NY 10075

Dear Mister Bloomberg,

That you continued gathering people initiated a dozen years ago by the Clinton Foundation, inspires me to write you today. If this letter is destined to reach you, your staff must know somethings about me and why I chose to write to you. I read where your event aims to bring policymakers, CEOs and powerful people together to address pressing issues of the day. Introducing you to Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. and to me is aimed at mutual desires.

I doubt that the Bloomberg Global Business Forum drew any attendees with my points of view about gold, its relationship to our security, prosperity, currency and United States production/ mining. Since being a California gold miner ( 1974), living in the remote California gold belt and running the oldest American, public- operating, gold mining corporation, my beliefs regarding the global seriousness of this thousands years old industry should be in the fore front of people you know.

Gold has its share of wacky admirers and detractors. I am neither. I am in a small and elite industry, one that actually mines the stuff in the United States. With global movements continuing today regarding petrodollars, dollars, yuan and a few other currencies, those with an abundance of wealth and an interest in maintaining the strength of our economic influences will be wise to ponder our small but influential industry. I seek the opportunity to exchange views.

Enclosed is the current annual report for Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. Our website’s purpose remains the same as it was over twenty years ago: the dissemination of information. You will find enough mine and corporate history to judge our importance in furthering the pursuits expressed in your global business forum. I invite you and your appointees or business associates to visit the Sixteen to One mine in the Sierra Nevada, California gold belt. Please contact me with questions or for additional information about our operation in California.

Michael M. Miller
Phone number: (530) 287-3223
 By Michael Miller

09/29/2017  2:47PM

Thanks for your memory of my speculations or wishes. We were walking on the 1500 level by June; shareholders were invited to travel down the 49 winze to the 1300 level and travel north to the Ballroom. Many made the trip. From the 1300 level all could see the lights on the 1500 level. Miners were walking on the 1500 level but the stairs and hand rails were under construction. They are in great working condition now. All of us have traveled the 1700 level for inspection.

I doubt we will see the 2200 level this year. Our crew members experienced some medical set backs (not mining associated)which slowed progress. The water is below the 1700 level. We have work to do on this level going north to Tightner Shaft due to rock slides from old big deal but time consuming. I'm proud of the effort of the crew and their desire to progress downward.
 By karld

09/29/2017  9:49AM

How is the mine doing the past few months? (quote from May 22nd, below) "...we will be walking on the 1500 level by June, the 1700 level station will be renovated by August and the 2200 level will be dry by December."



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