July 2, 2020 

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Correspondence from the President of OAU


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 By Michael Miller

04/08/2020  11:51AM

MSHA Western District Office
James Peck, District Manager
991 Nut Tree Road
Vacaville, CA 95687

Dear James Peck,

Please take notice that the Sixteen to One mine operation is suspended. Last date of employment was March 13, 2020. We recognize the positions stated and sought by President Trump with his administration and Governor Newsom with his administration. We support them. It is impossible for our crew to maintain the distance between each other and perform as a miner. We join the soldiers who fight to beat this enemy.

I am impressed with my fellow Californiansí behavior in public in our region. I am very proud of my fellow Californiansí approach to this life threatening virus. The danger potential seems to change daily; however our crew will wait it out and win this war. We realize the battle may last until June.

A hard copy of this letter will be posted to the district office today as well as this email to you.

Regards to all MSHA employees. Our crew wants your crew to be as safe and careful as we pledged to be during this war.

Michael M. Miller
April 8, 2020
Cc: Troy Van Wey (field manager)
 By dickdavis

04/04/2020  12:39AM

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Go to Gallery...it's a great ride.
 By dickdavis

04/04/2020  12:24AM

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That worked.



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