August 18, 2018 

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Correspondence from the President of OAU


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 By Michael Miller

08/16/2018  1:44PM

A shift in the too long held environmental belief that man must not work the forest but leave it alone is gaining steam. All the fires in California and other states support why the under-story in our forests must be attacked with vigor and common sense. Sierra County is a prime place to take positive action and a new approach to funding is working.

I send an east coast writer the following letter. No reply. Check out a plan called O-zone investment. It is getting a bad rap by some like Mr. Kuttner

August 1, 2018
Dear Mr. Kuttner,

What a surprise to open and read your August 1, 2018 article, “About that Capital Gains Scam!” Yesterday, a longtime pal (Stanford grad, three years older than you and two years older than I) called to tell me about a fresh program that would be great for Sierra County and California in general. He cited a Forbes article and said he would mail the article to me. Yes, I found that Sierra County was included in the nationwide qualifying locations. A google search led to the opportunity zone concept, and how it would work. I was very excited because money in all forms is absent from Sierra County.

Three presidents you rubbed up against would likely back this plan: Woodrow Wilson, John Kennedy and Jimmy Carter. I want you to also revisit the proposal, provide constructive input and help move it along. My economic views resemble yours, liberal and progressive; both mirror our sentiments and convictions; however we arrived there on diverse paths.

I’m a fifth generation Californian, born and raised in Sacramento. My schooling ended with a BA from UCSB class of ’64. After graduating, I designed, built and ran a college hangout, selling more beer between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Our room with six coin operated pool tables was going all the time. The volleyball court was unique; so were the rock-n roll bands, fully clothed collegiate go-go dancers, affordable food and old time movies. My economics major was tempered with sociology and geography minors. Thankfully, the only real values that helped me throughout my business life were very simple and understandable: laws of supply & demand, dynamics of scale, laws of diminishing return.

Five years saturated my brain and I wanted out of dealing with the public. In 1974, with a desire to return to Northern California, I stumbled into a dinosaur like opportunity: gold mining in the high Sierra Mountain Range. After much study (helped when our federal government lifted the restrictions on gold price and ownership) I decided to give it five years. That was in 1975. I’m still an underground gold miner, running the oldest US gold corporation.

My only purpose in writing you is to gain your ear on this very progressive idea floating around Congress. My background, experience and training in high use of capital are in natural resources. America needs domestic resource production and it needs a new industry based for the blue collar youth. Capital moving into forest restoration and related areas is a progressive thought that the three presidents mentioned before would support. If our current President did the same, the benefits from supporting well selected opportunity zone make my heart beat faster. It very well will do the same for you. If not, please tell me you got my note. Thanks.

Michael Meister Miller, President
Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc.
(530) 287-3223
 By Michael Miller

05/11/2018  11:40AM

With a growing interest in gold, I’m spending time compiling Sixteen to One data from old records and hours of work. Geologists and others are looking for mining opportunities and information. The letter below isn’t one for those interests; however, I snorted after reading parts of it. Bill Murphy is Chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee. He exposes the manipulations within the precious metal industry. I saw this letter and the line, “The public will get another hosing in a couple of years as others pedal their stories” came true.

March 23, 2009
Dear Bill,

We spoke when you were looking for plaintiffs in your lawsuit against Blanchard. I said okay, but I guess our company was not needed. I would have been proud to be a party to your exposure of fraud or collusion.

I still am President and now our company has become both the oldest U.S. gold mining corporation and the longest producer of gold in North America. It has not been an easy trip. Nevertheless, I look forward to every day and am positive that gold has a solid future for another decade or so.

I tried to participate in Le Metropole Café. It was very unsuccessful. I notified you by e-mail at least three times over the past eighteen months of the troubles but heard nothing back. I had signed up for a trial membership. It was a technical disaster that never got solved. For a year or longer after signing up, I continue to get e-mail notifications from Le Metropole, but I have no password or ability to open them. I wrote explanations to your web master to give me a real trial or stop sending these worthless e-mails but nothing happened. Will you look into it, please?

The gold sector is different from thirty/twenty years ago. Events will not duplicate. Interest has waned. My involvement dates to 1974. As a real gold producer, a junior at that, I see very few articles about how to evaluate the small companies. I don’t find the articles about the large companies that compelling either. (I broke bread with past presidents of three of the big companies and rubbed elbows with many small company executives.) Right now I have little hope for true improvement in the Big Guys, the analysts, promoters or newsletter writers. The public will get another hosing in a couple of years as others pedal their stories. The past has hurt those who actually take the risks of gold mining, something the owners and management of Sixteen to One mine have done in the last three centuries. You have a tool to help the real gold miners and a naive public. I would like to learn more about Le Metropole Café and perhaps become an educator, not to shamelessly promote but to combat ignorance.

If you have the time, please give me a call, check out the FORUM on our web site or if you have no time or interest, please tell your web master to quit sending me emails that I cannot access. Hope the best for you and your publication.

Sincerely, Michael M. Miller
 By Michael Miller

03/23/2018  1:46PM

Our office (Alleghany) lost all satellite internet service for two weeks less one day, today when it resumed. Northern California rural areas, the extreme rural spots like Alleghany do not have cell phone as well. The cause was the inaccurate disconnection from our provider, Hughesnet discontinued our address not the address it was ordered to turn off. A technician is necessary to make the reconnect on site.
Rae, Edda and I spent hours, many hours communication with voices all over the world to get it fixed to no avail. Among zero emails our website was silent.

I was in a grocery market in Oroville when its computer service went down. What a scene! Shoppers waited with full and partially filled baskets. The cash registers would not work. After about twenty minutes waiting everyone left and left our baskets. I was in the bank one time when its computers went down. Adios dinero!

Can you imagine the scene when this happens on a larger scale: no money exchange, no purchase of gas or food, a ruckus on every roadway.

Thank you for staying informed about our business in California’s greatest goldfield. We are somewhat backlogged and will knock away at keeping you UP TO DATE.



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