January 17, 2021 

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Correspondence from the President of OAU


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 By David I

01/16/2021  12:11PM

I recommend that you drill and drill some more, chase the quartz seems and drill for width.
 By Michael Miller

12/31/2020  12:57PM

Over 7,000 clicks on our new facebook.com website. Three are mine. Our satellite internet service doesn’t respond well with facebook. Mr. Bradbury handles the information, mostly photographs. The FORUM is more difficult for me that the FORUM on www.origsix.com. With practice, I’ll figure the new site.

Life is okay in Alleghany and at the mine.; even though, our future days have some adventures planned which I will share with you. Even though our crew is marginalized due to restrictions in California, improvements on the mine site are crawling along the right path.

I’ve had time to study our underground with a slower pace to reflect on the gold mined, the subtleties of this heavy industrial work that brought the gold to the surface. Geologists have no method to predict how many ounces remain. Recorded history accounts for 1.2 to 1.5 million ounces. My belief: the figure is closer to 2 million ounces (based on an expanded historical study). No matter, the old timers didn’t get it all. We proved this the past thirty years.

So how many ounces remain where deposited 120+ million years ago? The mine maps have a story to tell. Stay tuned because we are hungry miners. My personal new year resolution is one word, simple and suitable for all: RESOLVE.
 By Michael Miller

09/16/2020  3:59PM

Dear Shareholders,

The 109th Shareholder Annual Meeting held today was called to order at 9:30am. Last year’s minutes were discussed. Chris Smith motioned for its acceptance. Motion passed. Quorum was present. President Miller presented the current directors names for reelection, seconded by shareholder Clark. No other names were presented. Motion passed.

Events during the past year were discussed, guided by the background of histories in the Annual Report. The Annual Report is now available on original16to1.com in both high and low resolution. Click on Newsletter.

During the question and answer period President Miller mentioned that shareholders suggested adding the word “GOLD” to our name. It could bring more notice to internet searchers looking for gold. The idea has merit. No one in attendance wanted to relinquish our “Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc.” historic name.

Miller raises a topic for discussion: How Gold Dreamers get involved financially with us? Stock with warrants, sophisticated partnerships and forward gold sales were identified as financial incentives plus numerous non-financial points. The group was familiar with 2018, Federal legislation “Opportunity Zone Development”. This became the preferred inducement. It has the highest returns for both parties and is the most secured.

A question to Miller was: How will you find qualified people or how will they find you? ANSWER: Shareholders with an idea were given copies of the 2019 Annual Report to show people they knew who were financially capable and interested in a gold opportunity. Miller said he printed extra copies and is preparing a list of people or businesses with an invitation to come to the mine. The meeting adjourned at 10:43am.

For shareholders that passed on driving to beautiful Alleghany, we miss you. This was the best way to proceed. I thank you for your loyalty, interest and well wishes. Consider participating with questions, comments or profound statements on both of our websites. I read them, participate and enjoy the time. The world is in a dramatic bull market. Our efforts are moving in the right direction for solid returns to you and me as shareholders.

If you are reading this and are not a shareholder, check Schwab.com with our symbol: OSTO Last sale was a paltry $0.25 a share. If you benefit with money to replace your shares, make a market and set your sell price. Better yet, spread the word with people qualified to exchange their dollars for gold.
Respectfully submitted



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