September 20, 2018 

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Stock exchange listing


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 By fredmcain

04/20/2018  9:37AM

What really blows my mind is that the reference to OSTO on Yahoo!Finance is giving the company an amazing 5.26 P/E ratio. In most cases, a P/E ratio that low would send a strong "buy" signal.

Yahoo! is also giving the company a total market value of $1.434 million. Huh? The tools and equipment at the mine are probably worth twice that. What about the real estate? What about standing timber? Do we own that? If so, I figure the company, even if liquidated must be worth at $10-20 million and that's a WILD guess.

Then there's the fact that there is probably $50 BILLION of remaining gold reserves under that mountain.

What does all this mean? I think that at 10-12¢ a share, this security is a real steal. You might even call it a real gold mine. (Bad pun, I know).

Unfortunately, our stock is so thinly traded that it's hard to buy shares in it and it seems to be becoming increasingly more difficult. I have had open orders in my Vangaurd IRA account for months but don't seem to be picking anything up. One guy (who is also on this forum) told me in a private e-mail that brokers and finance houses no longer want to mess around with so-called "penny stocks" and the computers aren't picking them up. To buy or sell someone has to actually call around the old-fashioned way and people just aren't doing that anymore. Too bad. :(

Fred M. Cain,
Shareholder from Indiana.
 By karld

10/03/2017  8:19AM

My new purchase is only 1000 shares, at a cost of $64.95, including commission. Not worth paying for a certificate! I don't know who bought the othet 17K shares. (9000 more shares were just traded today, at 8 cents. It wasn't me!)
 By Michael Miller

10/02/2017  4:56PM

Thank you for responding. I also have a Schwab account with Sixteen to One shares but most of my shares are with certificates in my possession. How did you execute the order? I will buy the remaining 17,000 shares at six cents with a big smile on my face.

What was the commission?

I'll place the order and also ask for a certificate. It really shouldn't be very expensive, maybe $40.00. This is no joke. If you want to write me instead of using the FORUM, my email address

Please answer at your very earliest convenience. The $1,020 is hot to trot to the seller.



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