November 22, 2017 

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Gold Enters Major Bull Market


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05/04/2017  10:48AM

Global gold demand in Q1 2017 was 1,034.5t, 18% below the exceptional Q1 2016, which was the strongest ever first quarter. Solid inflows into ETFs were nevertheless a fraction of last year’s near-record inflows, and slower central bank demand also contributed to the year-on-year drop. Bar and coin investment, however, was healthy at 289.8t (+9% while demand firmed slightly in both the jewelry and technology sectors.

Not surprisingly, Germany and UK led EFT inflows. USA was a distant third. Much of the investment in gold bars growth came from China, where retail investment was up 30%, breaching 100t for only the fourth time on record.

Indian jewelry demand jumped 16% from last year’s exceptionally low level as market conditions improved after a very tough 2016. Pent-up demand from the closing weeks of 2016 was gradually released as liquidity improved
 By bluejay

02/07/2017  8:11AM

The gold share sector has turned around along with gold, both turning weekly bullish.
The probabilities of the current strength continuing for an unknown matter of weeks is very good.

It is suspected that when the 50 day moving average line on many gold stock charts, a technical condition known as the "kiss of death" crossed below their 200 day moving average lines many professional traders sold these shares short. Part of the strength in the sector is attributed to these folks buying back these shorted shares at a loss.

Predicting lower gold prices in lieu of the sector's strength doesn't appear at the moment to be prudent, along with gold recently turning weekly bullish. Lower gold prices, if they come, will have to wait for another day.
 By bluejay

12/29/2016  6:22AM

Hi Mike

I am to a large degree a market technician.

The current slide in the gold shares appears to be ending for the short term. In regards to gold, this is a more tricky subject. The respected Martin Armstrong is calling for a lower metal price. This would mean a continuation of the current intermediate down phase, if his opinion pans out.

I continue to see gold in a major bull market with downside possibilities to the 800 area.

I see a shift coming into the gold shares and away from the metal.

The extreme for gold on the upside now is around 3000.

At the moment, I am following Barrick Gold to support my increasing relative strength opinion for the sector.

Disclosure: I do not hold Barrick shares. Most of the families assets are in gold and silver coins and specimens.



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