October 17, 2021 

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Gold Enters Major Bull Market


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 By bluejay

09/02/2021  12:49PM

From Martin Armstrong

Let me explain something. What I have pointed out about gold is that it DOES NOT rally merely because of inflation or the rise in debt. It will rally when we are looking at the collapse in confidence. The central banks have no desire to raise for their own budget will blow apart. The Fed is restrained by the ECB and the rest of the central banks pleading with the Fed on their knees NOT to raise rates.

Do not get confused about comments from the central banks that they will not raise rates. CBs only can regulate the short-term. The long-term rates are set by the market. That is why they even do Quantitative Easing – they buy in the long-term debt trying to reduce those rates because they cannot control them.

Therefore, it really does not matter what they say. That is the Press spinning it because they have nothing else to say and they have always promoted propaganda with the markets relative to interest rates. They kept preaching the market would decline because the Fed was raising rates. Well, step back and close your ears to what the press says and the talking heads you hear on TV who do not know the first thing about markets. Interest rates ran up from 2016 throughout Trump’s 4 years. They only dropped like a stone due to the COVID manipulation. The market rallied with higher rates – it crashed with lower rates – OMG!

Gold will NOT rally due to debt levels, QE, or any other BS scenario. Gold rallies due to CONFIDENCE collapsing. This is what we are dealing with the failure of central banks and the collapse in Keynesian Economics. This is why they are endorsing the Great Reset because CBs cannot raise interest rates and they have destroyed the bond market in Europe while wiping out their pension funds because they also decreed these funds MUST invest in government debt. They have destroyed the economy and that is why they are using COVID as a military tactic.
Therefore, what I am saying about gold is that it rises when CONFIDENCE collapses, not the rise and fall of QE and interest rates in the normal course of business. We must look to the general public. When they wake up and realize that there is no way this COVID nonsense will ever end because they are deliberately using it to seize the economy and transform it into this Great Reset where governments will no longer borrow money – just print. They intent to default on all public debt and replace even pensions with Guaranteed Basic Income. They are moving toward these end goals step by step so the people do not realize what is taking place.

For now, there is still the short-term risk that the dollar rises because Europe has utterly been destroyed and Schwab is in full control. Every strategic person in a key position is also on his board at the WEF.
 By bluejay

07/19/2021  4:39PM

Gold $1812.20. Off $0.40
Silver $ 25.15 Off $0.01

The Federal Reserve, as long as they have the mandate to make Federal Reserve Notes, commonly called money, they can push gold and silver around to where it suits them which they commonly do.

It is believed with their excessive manipulations in the COMEX, paper market, they are acting no different than what J.P. Morgan does which honest regulators caught and punished them for. Take a guess, how much money did Morgan make concomitantly acting as agent for the Federal Reserve in their continual efforts to financially hurt the gold and silver oriented investors and the operating companies?

Did they make 400 to 500 billion? Oh yeah, when they were caught rigging markets did anyone go to jail, NO. What happened to them? They had to caugh up a tiny portion of their profits and got their hand slapped. Oh yeah, J.P. Morgan is a shareholder of the Federal Reserve. You didn't know that? They are all crooks and the government it appears is in the same club. And guess what? We ain't in it!

So, you can throw the cycles and charts in the trashcan as long as they have the power. Unfortunately for us all, these people will continue to rob us unless something changes.

Gerald Celeste recently said that during the early days of the Colonies being established along with the English thinking that they owned all the newly disembarked people, some of them verbally did not agree. Oh, they had there acts of resentment, but only very few of them did, maybe 5%. The other 95% just wanted to keep the changing colors of the status quo. When the 5% grew to 15% we went to war with the English. And the other 85%, they may have helped in some small manner but really they just did nothing.

So count on the Federal Reserve not to be challenged in any meaningful away by massive public outcries, it just won't happen until the food stops being put on the table like what happen in the French Revolution. Back then the people were pushed to their limits with all the government corruption and stealing until the politicians all lost their heads,

The only future for gold and silver is when most people lose confidence in the government and then start pulling off the grid. Digital currency or credits in a master computer will trap us from getting off the grid later as there will be controls that people haven't even thought of yet.

The Great Reset has been planned for many years and is now in full force. We are in the middle of the most profound event in human history. For the 85% their future looks dismal. Following full bore recommendations of the government and some States people have not yet discovered what they have signed up for nor are they in the least interested.

The thought has appeared that gold and silver above ground in coin form may be the way to go for some part of your wealth. According to some scientists and informed professionals it appears the available work force will shrink thus hampering future availability of miners and explorers and thus putting a crimp in the future earnings coming from the mining sector.

Today the biggest unreported hordes of gold are in the hands of the Russians and the Chinese.They love it when the Federal Reserve paper slams gold thus affecting world prices in some manner as they are both buying it at deeply discounted prices.

The Dollar is being held up because there isn't anything around today, as currencies go, that is any better. When the Dollar goes, and it will, they will all become worthless. And those holding the gold and silver will be part of the future. As far as, maybe, the world's 85% go, well it just doesn't look good for them in more ways than one.
 By bluejay

06/20/2021  10:56PM

Just finished listening to an interview of Willem Middelkoop. Willem states that since early last month some pension funds are selling some of their bond positions and putting half in gold and other investments.
He goes on continuing to state more hedge funds are adding gold.

The boys at the Fed see this and have acted last weeks by paper banging gold straight down for about $100. Willem states within the next two years gold will be introduced back in the international monetary system in some form.

We are seeing history being made as the Fed seems to be losing its grip on its ability to control world gold prices with its move of desperation last week.

Willem further states that the way to play an upcoming move on gold in the 1000's of dollars is to buy gold as cheaply as possible in the ground.

With the massive push to get the unsuspecting public shot up by the drug dealers, conflicting commentaries of where the origin of the phantom flu came from, the current US administration's introducing the subject of aliens, growing conflict in the US Congress, defunding the police, lockups, vaccine passports and other weird things happening to an unsuspecting public in which they are slowly losing their civil rights under this general scenario when the golden opportunity to invest in companies with gold in the ground may never again reach such opportunities is as far away from their stressed out minds as one can possibly imagine.

Good men like Dr. Martin Luther King and President Eisenhower would be sickened with what is going on in the US if they were living today.

There are evil forces, including the Fed, that are at work in stealing our wealth and in the end, hoping to reduce our status to slaves.

For the time being we will be able to hold stocks and coins but for how much longer?

Just listened to Governor DeSantis from Florida today announce that many Sheriffs of many counties of his State are responding to his call for deputies to go to Texas and Arizona to help protect our US southern border on an emergency mutual assistance call from the governors of those States.Also, it appears Georgia and South Carolina will also be sending more law enforcement to the troubled border.

The current administration is all consumed with the "Build Back Better" freaks who want to do away with our religions and our Constitution. Many people consider the current administration an embarrassment both domestically and internationally and practicing matters that they are not in agreement with or ever voted for. Opening up the southern border and allowing a massive inflow of drugs into the US is one of them.



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