August 9, 2020 

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Gold Enters Major Bull Market


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 By David I

08/06/2020  9:09PM

Our nation has 3 gold reserves, fort Knox, New York Fed. And what is still left in the ground, below your feet. I suspect that the 16 to one, has at least another million ounces of mine-able gold. Also the Ruby has 250,000 gold resource not yet mined. Knowing the ancient river channel extension from the Ruby multiple cross section of channels that extend north to Haskell Peak. I suspect several more million ounces of gold. The gold resources that still exist in California is the actual back bone of the American dollar.
 By bluejay

08/06/2020  8:32PM cash prices


Silver...$ 29.08

Alasdair Macleod says the Dollar will be destroyed by yearend with the result of gold and silver prices going to infinity.

Mr. Macleod says with all the negative factors being weighed in expect gold futures delivery failures at COMEX.

Mr. Macleod says the current shaky position of the banking system can only be compared to France in 1790 when the Mississippi Bubble brought down the currency and along with it all financial assets. He mentions only the miners and a few companies would survive, all else poof, poof.

Anyone trying to figure whats next for gold and silver after these hefty price advances should read up on the Mississippi Bubble and learn all about the property buying frenzy that took place in the French colonies in North America prior to the popping of that bubble and what followed.

The likes of George Soros and company are out to destroy America and in the process they with their orchestrated expected unrest will be lighting the fire under gold even more.

What this group is attempting to do is clearly explained on the most recent video from by independent journalist Alex Newman.

Keep in mind a personal prediction, gold and silver may not be for sale in the near future.
As Jim Sinclair has said, if you want gold and contact some of the known holders like Russia or China and ask for a market quote expect the response to, How is Gold? $50,000 bid $50,000 asked what do you want to do?

Believe it or not, Jim Sinclair has done the math and that $50,000 figure was figured out by taking into consideration the US gold reserves plus keeping up with the printing presses. If the reserves aren't there and it can be proved by an independent audit that there is missing $21,000,000,000 from the US Treasury, good luck with that $50,000 figure.

Catherine Austin Fitts former assistant to the Secretary of Housing discovered the questioned amount with analysis by Mark Skidmore.
 By bluejay

07/23/2020  2:26PM

Source MarketWatch- continuous contract

Gold $1884.30 UP $19.20
Silver. $ 22.74. UP $ .40

It was a frightening day for the Fed as it appeared gold was on its way to bettering $1900.

The old intraday high was $1917 set on September 5, 2011. On that day the metal closed lower at $1896.50, all-time high close.
Prices supplied by the LBMA in London.

While the country suffers from the release of this weaponized virus, big New York brokerage firms doing the bidding of the Fed are making millions handling instructions via Blackwater, the Fed's agent, in controlling and inflating different markets,

Guessing, I would say the Fed had a plan in effect to hold gold at the $1900 area..Their little peep squeaks like Morgan, Goldman Sachs and such knew of this plan and heavily shorted the senior golds.

If we didn't have a shadow government in pace all these participants would have been in jail long ago or allowed to go bankrupt for front running the public and to boot, using our money and credit. It is still going on today with all these handouts. The more crises, the more handouts obligating our grandchildren to become their slaves attempting to pay back all the stolen money from the Treasury and Fed.

A person would just have to check the profits these firms continuously make as opposed to all the people suffering and the instigators stirring up problems with certain factions of the public so everyone misses the stealing.

The Fed will probably, eventually, have to close its doos just from public protests for all the shady dealings they have been involved in minus full disclosure.

Remember the American people are having their back packs filled with historical debt at the hands of the Fed as all their financial connections fill up their back packs with the people's money. For your information, fearing reprisals from the people eventually, they have their own police force. Remember the French Revolution?

Ron Paul made many attempts to audit the Fed and audit our supposed gold reserves but was always thwarted in his efforts. One of the crooks key words they like to use in keeping hidden their dirty work is, "National Security."

Ever wonder why they want to get rid of our president? Many years ago the Italian Revenue Service went into the Vatican Bank and audited it. What they found was absolutely shocking. President Obama and his family had millions of U.S. Dollars on deposit with that Bank .The problem is obvious, what was the source of all that money?

President Trump stated he would clean up the swamp. It is him that so many in the shadow government are afraid of.

So let the still in existence Fed, play its games and steal the country's money until a patriot steps forward and says, "No More."

The Fed should have been forced by the president at the time around 2008 to let the insolvent Wall Street firms go bankrupt. Instead, evidently, people were paid off to prevent this from happening and now we are all playing a heavy price with all this expanding debt supporting those decisions.

Gold is on the move because of all this expanding debt, plus the unreported $21 trillion, and no NY group of central bankers within the Fed as shareholders will ever be able to permanently stop it. They can play with it by using supposed resistance levels and charts and propaganda but in the end, unknown to them for they are real dummies along with their greedy associates is, GOLD WILL ALWAYS EQUAL DEBT. When the Day of Reckoning arrives out of necessity these stuffed shirts will be running away with their tails between their legs, hopefully, with the Iron Men in hot pursuit.



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