January 23, 2020 

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 By Michael Miller

12/11/2018  10:26AM

At least four timber harvest plans were completed on our properties in Alleghany, about every twenty years. The harvester marks the trees under direction of thinning for sustainable harvests. A plan is under construction for a harvest this spring (depending on weather and ground conditions).

Four years ago I sponsored an understory reduction effort in the community. It must happen again in 2019. The crippling forest fires are a result of forty five years of mismanagement by federal foresters. Sincere but wrongful pressures have been placed on the regulators, politicians and the logging industry.

Letís have some forest improvement week ends next year in Alleghany. The help will really be appreciated since Alleghany is surrounded by national forest land. Clearing understory and cutting the low branches of the trees are labor intensive hand work but very satisfying. May 2019 will be the beginning. Everyone: mark your calendar and lend a hand. Alleghany, the last working gold mining camp in California is worth saving.
 By cw3343

12/10/2018  5:28PM

Does the mine plan to harvest any timber next year? Did you log this year (or in the past)?

I certainly hope it does not happen, but if a fire came through...
 By cw3343

08/29/2018  4:55PM

This has nothing to do with the 16 to 1, but still very interesting.

I just read a great new book, called "The Bonanza King" by Gregory Crouch. It tells the story of John Mackay, and his silver mines in the Virginia City/Carson City areas, Nevada. The author goes into great detail describing the various silver mines there. The numbers were staggering, and it is truly amazing what they were able to do back then. (one mine used 52 cords of wood per MONTH, and 200,000 feet of timbers!!) Many mining techniques used to this day were invented in these Comstock Lode area mines.

I highly recommend the book for anyone interested in underground mining techniques and history.



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