July 15, 2018 

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 By karld

02/08/2018  10:44AM

$2.5M including alot of equipment! https://sacramento.craigslist.org/for/d/25-mil-gold-mine-fully/6462863240.html
 By Michael Miller

07/12/2017  11:41AM

Irwin has a substantial mining history. Perhaps it started building equipment used in the California gold mines but today the size of the equipment I see on the website is larger than rail equipment typical in California high-grade operations operating or planned. A ten to thirty ton ore car could be efficient over long haulage underground but it will come at a very excessive and unwise cost: heavier rail, wider passageways and high energy locomotives.

Perhaps an engineer will suggest this equipment to a new project where no use of old workings is under consideration. The down time and expense of retro fitting old workings is not advisable.

The Sixteen uses one ton and two ton ore cars in different applications and the use is very practical. The locomotive pulling the two ton runs well on the 20 pound track and is much larger than the trammers in use now. I will keep an open eye for any Irwin equipment used in the past.
 By fredmcain

07/12/2017  4:42AM


I was "Googling" for "underground mining cars" and stumbled across a website for the Irwin Car Company. Has anyone on our group heard of them?

I wonder who is buying this equipment and how many people are using it. I sent them an e-mail but have yet to get a response. I hate to take up too much of their time since I obviously won't be buying any of it!

I was wondering, is this something that the Original 16 to 1 Mine could use? Looks expensive, though. :(

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Fred M. Cain



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