December 14, 2018 

To the Editor - Dan O'Neill

Over the past months the Union has reported allegations raised against Original Sixteen to One Mine and its’ employees: water pollution, unsafe second exit and felony criminal behavior. All are allegations and hot topics.


Your story on January 24, 2003, about the arraignment held in response to a Sierra County Grand Jury indictment, failed to convey the arraignment of Michael Miller, Jonathan Farrell and Original Sixteen to One Mine. If a reporter had been present, the article would have been informative instead of meatless.

Everyone pleads not guilty at the first arraignment. Even a bank robber, caught inside the bank with the money in his hand, will plead not guilty. Of course the accused at this hearing would plead not guilty, but why was no reporter present? These charges are very controversial and have received much press, including front page of the Los Angeles Times.

Your reporter would have learned that serious and factual evidence was presented to the court rebutting the indictment. A vigilante group of Sacramento lawyers arrived in rural Sierra County to file charges against the defendants in July 2002. Evidence that these privately employed prosecutors ignored exculpatory evidence, there own evidence, and misled the Sierra County grand jury was entered. A reporter would have witnessed the reactions of everyone including the judge and concluded that the prosecutors may have willfully and knowingly misled the court. No judge will allow this behavior nor should they. Eye-brows were raised. Our company and two outstanding members of the region have been vilified through the actions of the non-profit California District Attorneys Association, who were conspicuously absent from the courtroom.

Your readers, the parties and all the shareholders in the area deserve professional reporting if the Union deems the topic of interest in the first place. Please initiate some reporting and do what mines do, DIG DEEP.

Dan O’Neill


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