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Collection Photos: Various items

Photos of more items in the  collection that was offered as whole without success in 2008.

Items are now priced individually. 



Gold in Quartz

9.42 OZT


Item # 1249-950626-421

Found off the 2233 Level in 1995

Price $19,800 OBO



Very rare to find Mariposite and Gold together.

The green is mariposite which gets its color from chrome.

7.3 OZT

80x 70x 30mm

Item #1740

Price: $3,200 OBO



Drill hole

51.94 OZT


Item #1711

Price: $79,500 OBO



Drill hole (back)

51.94 OZT



Crystalline Gold and Quartz

.87 OZT


Item #1634

Price: $1,650 OBO



Ebony box and Gold Ingot

Box Item #1080 Price: $2,000

Ingot Not for Sale



Crystal Trio (Gold, Quartz and Pyrite Crystals)

16.57 OZT

106x57x70 mm

Item #1550-001226-742

Price: $27,000 OBO




Crystal Cave

109.78 OZT

50x130x10 mm

Item # 1606-011219-755

Price: $7,600 OBO



Gold in Quartz Breccia

28.34 OZT

130x90x50 mm

Item #1619

Price: $1,400 OBO




Flashy 2

18.17 OZT



Price: $17,400 OBO

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Catalogs will be printed around June 11, 2009.


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