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Gag, Gun orders: D.A. O’Sullivan’s Farewell Shot


Sierra County is regionally famous for its turnover of District Attorneys. And any observer will admit we’ve had some doozies over the years. But the current batch (yes, we now have several) take the cake.


Sierra County’s nominal District Attorney, Sharon O’Sullivan, is a lame duck; the voters opting last March not to re-hire her. We suspect this turn of events left a fairly bad taste in Ms. O’Sullivan’s mouth. So, as a parting “gift” at the county, she has ceded her responsibilities to a private, corporate gang of legal thugs owing allegiance only to state bureaucracies.


Need proof? Call up the corporation and ask about one of their Sierra County cases. They’ll refuse to talk to you. Why should they? They don’t work for you. A private executive signs their paychecks.


You can tell they’re not real D.A.’s: a real D.A. takes an oath to support and defend the Constitution. We cannot imagine anyone committed to justice, having take such an oath, would wade into Sierra County and begin stripping her citizens of their tights, particularly those recognized by the first and second amendments to the U.S. Constitution.


These freelancing lawyers are not of, by and for the people: they are afraid of the people, afraid of their rights, afraid of guns, afraid of newspapers, afraid of free speech.


Confronted by a courtroom full of interested citizens, these prosecutors immediately procured a gag order, giving them a legal excuse to hide their deeds from “the people” they pretend to represent.


The gag order also prevents the accused from talking about his experience in confronting the power of the state as wielded by corporate lawyers. Presumably, he can’t even seek donations to a potential legal defense fund: he is forbidden to speak about the legal problems confronting him.


And he cannot defend his home nor property as most in Sierra County do. As a condition of bail, in contradiction of recommendations by Sierra County’s Sheriff, and Probation Department, he was forced to turn in each and every firearm he owns.


The crime in question, the Probation Department pointed out, was not a violent one.


But these freeloading bounty hunters are standing by the libel and lies written by one of their former investigators on corporate letterhead, describing a fantasy “confrontation,” observed by our own county civil servants who flatly contradict the investigator’s imagination.


Presumably they are attempting to paint the defendant as a crazed madman; after all, he carries a gun.


Won’t these button down carpetbaggers be surprised when they find out just how may of the rest of us do, too?


All this shall eventually pass, we hope, come January, Sierra County will swear in yet another District Attorney. Then the ball will be in his presumably responsible and responsive hands and we can ask honest questions, expecting honest answers, with no one hiding or suffocating behind a gag order.


We certainly expect a real D.A. will not make the sacrifice of the rights recognized by the second amendment a condition to be afforded the protection required by others.


Don Russell

Editor Mountain Messenger

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