How to scan photos and documents for our collection

Photos should be scanned at a minimum of 1200 DPI as either a jpeg or tiff document and put on a CD. Documents (not photographs) can be scanned at a lower DPI and also can be put on a CD or they can be copied on a copy machine. 


Please include any information you have about the photos or documents. If there is writing on the backs of the photos please copy or scan the backs as well. If you use a service (such as a copy service) to do this you can send us your receipt for re-imbursement provided that the scans are high-resolution as instructed above and the subject matter is relevant.

If you are not able to scan your photos and want to keep the originals, no problem! We will be happy to scan them for you and we will even return the originals to you with a CD copy of the scans at no charge. Please call 530-287-3330 or email to make arrangements.

Mail your discs or copies to Underground Gold Miners Museum, P.O. Box 907, Alleghany, CA 95910

Thank you for helping us preserve the history of Alleghany!

2018 Underground Gold Miners Museum
356 Main Street
Alleghany, CA 95910
Phone: 530-287-3330